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Timeline Nitpicks - The Series & The Movies

Natalie L.
This in one in every episode. It seems that no one in the whole town of Colorado Springs puts cream and/or sugar in their coffee. Either at home or at Grace's they drink coffee black, even when you see sugar or cream somewhere around them. Also they always have fresh fruit, at the cafe especially, all year round

Jennifer M.
This is a nitpick concerning the series as a whole. I thought it was hillarious that Colleen wore the same dresses while she developed from a little girl into a woman and gained quite a few pounds as well. And then when Erika Flores left and Jessica Bowman began, Jessica wore the same clothes that Erika had worn even though she was much thinner than Erika had been. Someone must have done some MAJOR alterations to Colleen's dresses.

I know this is filmed in California, but when it's supposed to be the dead of winter in Colorado, the weather looks beautiful and no one has on anything heavier than a shawl or light overcoat. I guess it didn't snow back then (other than the blizzard in the Pilot!!).

Natalie L.
Jason Leland Adams played Custer all up to Season 3, even the season finale. But, then he magically appears as Preston A.Lodge III in the season premiere of Season 4. Brandon Douglas played Randolph Cummings in the middle of Season 4 ["The Iceman Cometh"] but came as Andrew Cook in the Season Finale of Season 4. Duh! Like we wouldn't notice!

Jennifer M.
Maybe someone can help me with this. What is the deal with the lean-to outhouse on the new homestead? We know it isn't a real bathroom because Mrs. Quinn said it was a latrine, not a sewer system. Wouldn't the stinch from the outhouse come into the house? Furthermore, the outhouse is just a few feet from the kitchen and the waterpump. Isn't that a good way to get dysentary?
Also, Becky's family changed the most of any family I've ever seen. First, she is introduced in "Father's Day" with her mother Harriet, who dies of appendicitis, her father, and two brothers. Then, in "Best Friends" she has no brothers and by "Just One Lullaby", she has a new mother. Later, in "Permanence of Change", MaryAnn, the little girl who is abused, is adopted into their family but is never seen again. Then, in "Last Dance", Becky has brothers again but when she dies a year later only her father comes to her funeral. Furthermore, her name also changed from Houser, to Binder, to finally Bonner.

Has Walks on Cloud been resurrected? Zahn McClarnon, who played Cloud Dancing's son in the first season, came back to life as one of Black Moon's braves early in the sixth season.

Marjorie's husband's name changes from Everett in Return Engagement in season 2, to Edward in Starting Over in season 4, then back to Everett again when Marjorie comes with the WCTU to CS in Lead Me Not in season 6.

"Daniel" is not John Schneider's first role on DQ. In "The Cowboy's Lullaby" Schneider guest stars as "the cowboy."

Jennifer M.
Has anyone ever noticed that Sully has never told any of the kids that he loves them?
Where was Brian's pup between season 1 and season 4? He wasn't seen or spoken of for 2 years.
Why does Cloud Dancing speak perfect English when it is his second language?
In "The Visitor" Robert E had whipping scars on his right side. Later in "The First Circle" he had the letter "V" branded in the same place but his scars had disappeared. In later episodes when he has his shirt off he doesn't have either.

Why on earth does Dr. Mike use the stethoscope on dresses? I know that they cannot show the people naked, but they could be more realistic in these scenes even without showing the people naked.

This is a general gripe about Sully's apparel and eating habits. It may seem that the two have nothing to do with each other, but I can prove otherwise. Sully's shirt is usually unbuttoned nearly to his navel and whenever he eats at a table he hunches over his food. It seems to me that, more often than not, some of his dinner should end up down the front of his chest. Gross!

Jennifer M.
I think it's interesting that during the first half of season 1 there are huge snow shoes hanging on the front door of the homestead. I guess it didn't take them long to realize they wouldn't have much use for show shoes! Also, what ever happened to the immigrants? They all disappeared when Ingrid died. Where did they all go?

The Sweetheart's Dance has always bugged me. It was first held in the epoisode Best Friends, where Mike suspects Sully of having a relationship with Dorothy when he is really learning how to dance. That episode originally aired December 4, 1993. But when the Sweethearts Dance is held in Last Dance it is on September 26, 1996. And this year it will be held in March (or January, if the episode was aired when it was originally supposed to be shown). Perhaps the date of the dance just moves around to fit everybody's schedule? Or maybe the minds of the writers are just growing fuzzy as the years pass? Who knows? I don't even think they've ever decided when Mike's birthday is!

Sarah C.
Colleen was 16 when she started college so she has to be 18 by now. But in the show it says Colleen was born in 1856 and Brian was born in 1859 that would make them 3 years apart in age. Does Brian even look close to 15?

Why do all the families of Colorado Springs always have heaping portions of food on their dinner tables? I can understand why DQ would have a bowl chock full of potatoes (her family is rather large), but why would Robert E's table have a serving that looks just as abnormally large? Grace is serving fewer people. This is demonstrated in "Los Americanos."

Amy W.
Concerning Dr. Mike in the operating room. Have you ever noticed how often her hair is down (sometimes not even pulled back) when she is operating? I have waistlength hair myself, and I'm careful about not getting food in it. It would be much smarter for her to pull it up in a bun (probably more sanitary too.)

Vicki S.
Shouldn't the Bostonians (Michaela, Preston, Andrew, etc.) speak differently than the native townsfolk...I mean beyond simply sounding a bit more refined?

What's irritating in the show is how the writers deal with 'death.' For example, In the first season(s), Sully and Loren were still mourning the loss of Abigail. There was a lot of death this season and to this day we see how Grace deals with her loss, Loren wanting to leave town because of Marjorie. What about Michaela and Sully? We don't see how they dealt with the loss of their child in 'Comfort of Friends' NOTE: The resolution to Mike's miscarriage was shown in "To Have and To Hold", which aired on May 2, 1998.

I don't know much about medicine. Whenever Mike administers chloroform sometimes it puts people to sleep, but other times like with Ingrid and her asthma, she gives the same dose and it only calms Ingrid down. Is there a certain does to bring about the desired effect?

Why is Grace's cafe outside still and doesn't it seem the citizens of the town are very fond of dining outdoors year round? What does Grace do when it snows? And does anybody else find it irritating that Dorothy is offering free papers for people having some misfortune no matter what it is? And whatever happened to Hank's son? He never comes home for the holidays.

Patty C.
I noticed is that Michaela's eldest sister is supposed to be 15 years older than her. Michaela is 35 in the first season. And it is announced that her eldest sister is expecting. So Rebecca is having a baby at age 51?

Suzanne B.
In general (seasons 5&6), why isn't Sully shown more. He is through with the bounty, and there are no more Indians left. Why isn't he shown more?
NOTE: For season six, Joe Lando signed a 7/13 contract for each half of the season, which means that he was only contracted to do seven out of each thirteen episodes, more if he wished. Joe was in a total of 16 episodes out of the 22 that were filmed for the sixth season.

I guess that this is just a general question. I have been wondering this for a while-- Who is Emily? I know who she is, but is she related to any character on the show. I seem to recall her referring to Loren as "Uncle Loren". Can anybody clear this up?

Carrie W.
Have you realized how old Elizabeth Quinn should be? In an early episode, Dr. Mike tells Dorothy that Rebecca was 15 when she was born. In "Where the Heart Is," Elizabeth tells Dr. Mike she was married when she was 20. So, she would have been at least 35 when Dr. Mike was born. We know Dr. Mike is 40 so that means her mom is at least 75! She sure doesn't look like it, but then again, Dr. Mike HAS performed plastic surgery before!

Cheryl F.
Brian had a birthday in "Abduction" (Spring). In "Fathers and Sons" he was said to be ten years old. He had another birthday in Sully's Recovery (Spring). Yet in "For Better Or Worse" he is still claiming to be ten. And in "Fifi's First Christmas," he's still ten. That's at least a span of 18 months.
NOTE: The fact that Brian is ten years old has been brought up in "For Better or Worse", "Halloween III", and "Fifi's First Christmas", thus placing his 10th birthday sometime in the year 1870. The statement that he was ten in "Fathers and Sons", falls into the category of when Mike mentions Colleen is fifteen in "Heroes", yet is still fifteen in "For Better or Worse". So to make another long story short, in the year 1870, Brian is eleven years old. Brian was born in 1859, and Colleen was born in 1856. The birthday celebrated in "The Abduction" should had been Brian's ninth birthday, not his tenth.

I have a question--does anyone know when Colorado Springs was founded? I tried surfing the web for the history of Colorado Springs in order to try to figure out what time of year "Founder's Day" would be. The page I found indicates Colorado Springs was not even founded until 1871, yet the time line for Dr. Quinn indicates the Coopers moved to Colorado Springs in 1858.

At the end of the Pilot, Sully gives Mike a shingle reading "M. Quinn, M.D./Medicine Woman." There's a very clear shot of this shingle again in Baby Outlaws, and it reads, "Dr. Quinn/Medicine Woman." I guess doctor's shingles, along with grave markers, somehow mysteriously change wording in Colorado Springs!

Amanda C.
Why do they never celebrate Matthew's birthday???

In the timeline it says that Abigail died in 1863, but her tombstone says 1865. Her death in 1863 is correct due to the events discussed in "A Washington Affair" (Sully killing a Confederate officer), this has always seemed confusing to me because I'm sure that the stone says 1865

In answer to two questions: Majorie had acquired a veneral disease from her husband. Hank says, "I see them in my girls all the time." Second: Myra made an "X" because she could not write. This is still used today.

Carl and Denise
In an episode where a good friend of Sully's came to stay called "Daniel". I am convinced this was John Schneider alias "Bo Duke" of the Dukes of Hazzard. Is this true?
ANSWER: Yes, John Schnieder was "Bo Duke" on the Dukes of Hazzard.

In regard to one of the nitpicks here, someone said that Hank's son, Zach, never visited. That is true, but there is one Thanksgiving episode where Hank leaves town to visit his son. He tells Jake this because Jake is trying to find someone to spend the holiday with so he can avoid celebrating the holiday with the rest of the town at the Indian Reservation.

First of all about the fact that the same actors are playing diffrent roles. I have another one for you - I can't remember the episode but there was one in which the actor who played 'One Eye' (the one who kiddnaped Dr. Mike), played an Indian on the army reservation where cloud Dancing was. Sully talked to him,and he had both of his eyes, what a miracle. The second thing is about the disease the Andrew had in 'Colleen's Paper'. I can't remember the name of the disease, but it was a contagious one, and deadly. There is no chance that Colleen and Dr. Mike could stand so close to him without getting infected, or that Andrew would recover so quickly. And finally, about the fact that Cloud Dancing can speak English so well. In the first episode he couldn't speak English and Sully had to translate to him what Dr. Mike was saying (when they brought Black Kettle to her in the Pilot).

Olive, Mr. Bray's sister, was part of the series the first season or two and then she mysteriously disappeared for several years before they finally announced she was dead and Matthew inherited her herd of cattle. Don't tell me she could've been on a cattle drive all that time?! And where did Emily ever go off to, anyway?!

In response to Rachel, Emily moved to Denver with her new husband in "Portraits" from season one. After she married him, she got into a wagon that said "just married" and was never seen again!!

I just have a question, I recently saw Erika Flores on an episode of Star Trek. Was that really her?
ANSWER: Yes, that was Erika Flores. She guest-starred in the Star Trek: Next Generation episode called "Diaster".

I want to know how the "hot springs" changed so well over the years. First it was a deep steaming lake that covered Mike to about her shoulders (Running Ghost) and then a lovely mud puddle and pit that needed tubs set up to make it look nice (The Train) then a little rock surrounded area where people could bathe (Halloween three with the arthritis or Matthew and Emma in When You Love Someone) and then Preston's little setup at the hotel (visible when Loren slips in Civil Wars). It was an interesting evolution if you ask me

Tricia M.
Why did Dr. Mike and Sully name their baby girl Katherine? In an earlier episode, Catherine the white girl that was found after and indian massacre came between the couple. Brian even saw them kissing. Catherine breaks them up for a time. Why would they give their baby girl that name?
ANSWER: Katherine Sully was named in honor of Jane Seymour's oldest daughter, Katherine, known as Katie.

I wanted to point out that while Katie may have been named in honor of Jane's daughter, in the episode where she is born Sully says that she is named after his mother.

I think its strange that Matthew doesn't call Dr. Mike "Ma." Especially since in the episode "Crossing the Line" he yells "Ma, Ma!" but then when she gets to him he calls her Dr. Mike again. He always considers her his mother but very rarely calls her "Ma."

As a whole "Dr. Quinn" is inconsistent with reality. The first two episodes were about Dr. Quinn's struggle to be accepted as a single woman taking care of three children, and as a lady doctor. This would have been better as an ongoing process throughout the show. Dr. Quinn should not have been portrayed as the woman who did EVERYTHING first! Women couldn't vote, or hold office, or much of anything at that time. Trying to change the way things were done overnight would have made her a very hated woman!

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Did anyone else notice the inconsistency between the series and the movie. Like, where was Grace and Robert E's baby? (She said in the final ep that she was pregnant.) And since when did Sully know any Spanish? If any of the characters in the movie were to know any Spanish, it should have been Jake (he is married to a Mexican, after all). Anyway, my other thing is this:Where was everyone?! Hang it all...

June C.
I though Katie had blonde hair and blue eyes. Now she has dark hair and eyes. Katie didn't seem to know anything of her Boston Grandmother. Wasn't Grace expecting a baby at the end of the series? What happened to it? I thought Jake was married. He never once mentioned Teresa during the movie.
COMMENT: Katie in "When a Child is Born" and in seasons five and six were played by Megan, Alexandra, and McKenzie Calabrese. Katie in "Revolutions" was played by Kaile Zaretsky. This accounts for the difference in Katie's appearance.

What's up with Sully's hair? In the series it was curly, in the movie it was straight. There was no mention of Matthew in the movie, what happened to him. Is he no longer Sherrif of CS?
ANSWER: Joe Lando cut his hair in April 1998 after the filming of Dr. Quinn's sixth season. A wig was required for the filming of "Revolutions", which is why his hair is different. As for Matthew being sheriff, he quit that job after Sully disappeared at the beginning of season six and Daniel Simon took over that job. It says in "Revolutions" Matthew is out of town for Mike's birthday party.

Mary Ann
What happened to Matthew? They didn't so much mention him! And where was Wolf? He shoujd have been out there helping them find Katie! I wish the movie would have revolved more around the townspeople!
COMMENT: Wolf was seen in several scenes in town during the movie.

What bothered me was the absence of Grace & Robert E's baby and the absence of Teresa! And where did Preston go?

It might be my imagination, but in the scene where Sully gets into bed next to Michaela after Katie has been kidnapped, it looks like Dr. Mike is cuddling up with a Beanie Baby!

This isn't really about the plot, but props. Am I the only one that noticed that, in the scene where Dr. Mike and Sully are laying in bed after "Katie's" funeral, the teddy bear Dr. Mike is holding is a Beanie Baby? That really bugged me for the rest of the movie. Couldn't they have found something less recognizable?

Here's another thing I noticed that I didn't mention before. The movie takes place in 1877. However, when Sully tells Garrett about Katie being missing, he says "Katie's four years old." Shouldn't Katie have been five or six in 1877? If she were four, the year should have been 1875, not 1877.

I know there are a lot of people who will read this and want to start throwing tomatoes (or come after me with something) but here I go: I am a pain in the butt when it comes to knowing new things. So when Michaela said Katie had "stenosis" (yup, that's the spelling according to closed captioning), I had to look it up. I figured as long as I wrote fanfics, I might as well see what Katie had and see what could happen from it. It turns out Katie cannot have stenosis...or at least not the way Michaela described it. Stenosis is actually the closing of passages in the body such as the spine or the arteries. Actually, my mother has a mild case of it since it is the cause of osteo-arthritis. I asked a family doctor what Michaela meant and he said he would have to look it up, he had never heard anything describing what Katie had.

In Revolutions, Mike has surprise birthday party. Horace comes out to the homestead and tells her. If I remember correctly wasn't Horace the one who came out and told Mike that someone was sick. Shouldn't Mike have suspected something? It was almost the same. By the way, why does the whole town throw a surprise party for Dr. Mike and no one else? Also when Dr. Mike examined Robert E he was in pain and then when Grace takes her to the stove Robert E miraculously gets up and follows. I too have a problem with Katie's age. If she was born in 1871 or 1872, how can she be only four in 1877? And whatever happened to the dinner that Brian was cooking?

Sully's fake hair bothered me, and where was Hank?

Michaela was sleeping on the wrong side of the bed. Cloud Dancing was riding with a saddle.Sully spoke Spanish. Mike was holding a Beanie Baby. Katie was 6. The clinic sign was in the wrong place.

Some people have commented on Mike holding a beanie baby when she was in bed with Sully during "Revolutions." Jane was asked in a chat on her official website about this, and she said it was NOT a beanie baby. Now whether this is true or not I don't know, but that's what she said (either she or James said it) - "no beanie babies in Dr. Quinn." Also, apparently Mike and Sully can sleep anywhere - in all the episodes Mike slept near the door - in a few episodes in the last season Sully was by the door, and I saw in the movie he was by the door again. About Mike mentioning the first time Sully getting her out of the corset, she mentioned "bandage scissors were involved." Well, we know the first time this must have happened was on the train after the wedding. In my own mind, Mike had her medical bag on the train and Sully was so anxious to undo the dress he got it knotted and couldn't undo it so they had to use the scissors! That's MY explanation! I also think that since it is no longer the series and is now movies, they may have to mold things in the movie according to what they want to do, hence the difference in the dates. Two things bothered me: (1) why is Sully wearing a bracelet? I thought for sure that would be explained but never was. (2) When Mike is showing Katie the necklace she says "Daddy gave this to me." DADDY??? I thought it was Papa or Poppie. Did they even say "daddy" back then? I also read the script for Revolutions (on Joe Lando's webpage) and in it Teresa WAS mentioned by Jake before they go to Mexico (something about seeing her family), but I guess they cut that out. About Sully knowing Spanish, we have to assume he picked it up somewhere - some of these things will never be explained and we will have to think of the scenarios in our own minds.

Somebody mentioned something about Robert E. being in pain and then miraculously getting up and following Micheala. Couldn't you tell that that was all part of the surprise? Horace comes to tell Micheala that Robert E. is having pains to lure her into town. He wasn't really having pains. It was an act. But another thing that someone else mentioned was the bracelet that Sully was wearing. I was wondering about that too. Is it just me, or is that thing just a little bit too modern looking to be placed in the 1800's. I would've thought that he would've removed it, or made it a part of the plot or at least explained its purpose or something. I was thinking about that thing the entire show. Don't get me wrong I loved the movie. Another thing. Some one asked where Hank was. Hank, Mathew, Theresa, Preston, Colleen, and Andrew couldn't be on the movie for different reasons. Now they provided reasons on the show for a few of them, but It probably would've been a little difficult to provide reasons for all of them. After all, that wasn't the point of the show.

Katie R.
I find it very irritating that there was no mention of, not only Robert E and Grace's baby, but the cliffhanger involving my favorite character - Preson A. Lodge III. The fact that Preston went bankrupt was one of the main stories in the last episode of season 6, yet there was not even a mention of it in the movie - the least they could have done was mention him, the suspense is still killing me and I'm hoping if there's another movie they will tie up that loose end. Doesn't anyone else care about Preston?

Amanda C.
Why weren't Matthew or Colleen in it? It was a long enough movie that they could have traveled to Colorado Springs to see Mike. Also, what ever happened to Emma? Did she go on the road to make dresses for a traveling opera show?

I just rewatched that "revolutions" movie and I noticed something. When Micheala does the autopsy on the dead little girl her hair is dark. But just a few scenes earlier when she was alive with her Mom and Dad she was a BLONDE!

In one of the final episodes of the series, Grace announces to Robert E that she is pregnant. In the Dr. Quinn movie (which takes place a few years later) where is the child? No one even mentions the child.

Kendall B.
I was going to answer someone's question about Emma. She did go on to make dresses for the singer Gilda St. Claire. But what about Preston? I heard that he wasn't in the movie! He's the best one. Doesn't anyone care about him? I mean he lost all of his money and his father was terrible. Someone could have been a little nicer to him.

Helen T.
My main nitpick was Sully's hair. Another Michaela's blaming him for not taking what someone said as a threat. Who would think that a phrase such as the go-between stated would be a threat? The final one, of course, is like all the others that they didn't show or mention some of the main characters. Hope they do better in the next movie, if there is one.

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"The Heart Within"

Shelley V.
The scene where Sully and Michaela are in Elizabeth's room after she dies and Sully has his Boston dress pants and a vest on.. look closely at the pants. There is a stripe going down the center of the leg (on the side). I dont know baout you, but I dont think they made those type of tuxiedo pants in the 1870's. (grins)

In this episode, we find out that Andrew's father wanted him to have the best medical training. Later, we find out that his uncle also is a doctor and that Andrew might go in to practice with him (this he tells Colleen). In the episode "A New Begining" Andrew tells Matthew that he wishes his parents were allive to se hm marry Colleen. This I understand - Andrews parents could have died in the period of time between theese episodes. But, in the movie "The Heart Within," Andrew's father and mother appear: Andrew's father with an important role as Mrs. Quinn's doctor and Andrew's mother on few social occasions.

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