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Timeline Nitpicks - Season Three

Jennifer M.
It was a good thing that Sully had learned to ride a horse by the time of the "Cattle Drive". It would have been a long run to Mexico!

Sully said when he first saw Dr. Mike he remembered thinking she had the most beautiful long brown hair he ever saw. But, when he first saw Dr. Mike face down in the mud, her hair was up, so he couldn't tell how long it was.

"The Library"

Myra was reading The Scarlet Letter. But in previous years, it was alluded to everyone that she couldn't read—asking Horace to read her articles from the Gazette, etc.

"Halloween II"

"A Washington Affair"

When Dr. Mike and Brian sneak into President Grant's office through the secret passage way, President Grant says that "Todd" Lincoln also knew about the secret passage way. Lincon's son was not named Todd! That is his wife's maiden name-Mary Todd Lincoln. His youngest son was named Thomas, and Lincoln called him "Tad" a nickname for "Tadpole" because he was so small when he was born!

When the man strips Sully of his rank, and takes his sword and breaks it over his knee, the sword is broken before he even touches his leg with it. Watch closely!

"Money Trouble"

At the end of the episode, when Michaela rides out to the site of the new homestead to talk with Sully and first arrives, Sully grabs a bunch of papers from his makeshift table, crumples them and throws them in the fireplace. The papers that remain on the table become folded as Sully pulls the others away, and they stand straight up rather than lay flat. We see Dr. Mike approach the table and start to push it over. The camera angle switches to face Dr. Mike, and all the papers are back on the table and laying flat again.


Dr. Mike, Sully, Kid Cole and Sister Ruth are robbed in the stage coach and left on the road with nothing. They find an empty place to stay and rest and magically Kid Cole has a guitar to play. Where did he get it?

"Ladies Night"

Rob T.
Notice Jake's face throughout the 2 days "she" (dressed as "Jane") is held captive by the outlaws. Jake doesn't grow any stubble in two days?! No man can stay clean shaven for two days. The outlaws would have noticed and he would have been found out.

"The First Christmas"

"Indian Agent"

At the end of the episode Dr. Mike and Sully are speaking with Superintendent Hazen as he prepares to leave. They are sitting in their wagon in front of the Saloon, yet at the end of the scene they ride off in the wagon ending up at the Saloon to retrieve the medicine arrows from Hank.

"End of the World"

"Pike's Peace"

"Cooper vs. Quinn"

Debby K.
Did you notice the truck that drives by in the background of the father/daughter game?

Jake is reading out of the Colorado statutes book about adoptions. He had been having reading lessons with Dorothy, but it only started a couple episodes before and she can't be *that* good of a teacher!

Pat P.
When they are finished with Brian's catapult competition and Colleen's race and Ethan tells them it's time to go home, if you look at Lillian, she has two earrings on. Later on in that scene, one of her earrings is missing.

"What is Love?"

In the scene where Colleen is telling Becky that she is the one who should rightfully play Juliet, you can just make out a car driving by in the background. It's in a close-up shot of Colleen, and the car is immediately followed by a man on horseback going left to right. Apparently the traffic in the "Colorado Springs Area" was pretty heavy around this time of year, since we also saw a truck in the background of the previous episode (Cooper vs. Quinn)!

"Things My Father Never Gave Me"

"Baby Outlaws"

Rob T.
When Belle Star rides off at the end of the show she begins on her cream colored horse. The camara cuts to the "chase scene" where the posse is coming after her and she is on a brown horse. OOPS!

Colleen is afraid to ride horses, but in Season 2 (Crossing The Line) she furiously rides Dr. Mike's horse back to town to get help after the cave-in at the mine.

"Bone of Contention"

"Permanence of Change"

Lori T.
Dr. Quinn teaches Darwin's evolutionary theory in school as a substitute teacher. Part of Darwin's theory indicates that in the evolutionary process today's man is evolving and the caucasian race is the most advanced. Dr. Quinn's teaching Darwin is therefore inconsistant with her support of the Cheyenne. I can't imagine what Sully would have said if he'd read the book for himself.


"Sully's Recovery"

"Ready or Not"

"For Better or Worse"

In part one, the scene where Brian comes out of the church (its the last scene in part one) the Quinn family, Loren and the Reverend go off into a group and the camera goes to them where Michaela walks up. Then, the camera goes back to Brian when John starts talking to him. If you look in the background you see the Quinn group along with Colleen with the Reverend close behind walking to the side making their group. If you keep watching you see coming from your left... Michaela. They played the whole shot over while Brian is talking in the foreground.

As Dr. Mike and the kids ride into town on the morning of the wedding, while it may be a slightly cloudy day, the dirt in the street is clearly dry. However, in the next scene where Sully is walking into the mercantile, you can see water dripping off the edge of the roof, overhanging the walkway. Heavy dew...or had Loren just powerwashed the storefront right before Sully arrived?

Cait N.
What happened to Michaela's undergarments? When she's in the clinic getting dressed for the wedding, you can see that she has on a camisole and a corset. Later, however, when she's on the train, Sully unties the laces that hold her gown closed, and you can see her bare back. Even if Sully had managed to get the laces on her corset undone as well, her camisole would still be there.

The townsfolk are standing around watching the train come through Colorodo Springs for the first time. At one point, Colleen runs to embrace Dr. Mike and she (Colleen) raises her hand to her mouth and smiles as the train approaches. Then the camera angle switches to an overhead shot and if you focus on Dr. Mike and Colleen, we see the same scene unfold a second time.

Jane W.
During the actual marriage ceremony, for a few seconds the film is reversed. The Rev's hair is very noticeable as being combed to the other side of what we are used to seeing.

Peggy B.
In the dance right after the wedding, when Brian comes over and tells Sully he wants to dance with Mike and then Sully goes over to Elizabeth and gets her to dance with him, the camera then switches back to Mike and Brian and then briefly shows another shot farther back and Elizabeth is still standing where she was before Sully asked her to dance. I've noticed this before and it always makes me want to laugh--it's like Elizabeth's dance with Sully was only two steps and she was back where she started!

Kate S.
Sully walks off to the left when Brian asks to dance with Dr. Mike. When he goes to ask his mother-in-law to dance with him, he walks over to her from the right.

Pam H.
The family is leaving the train car to say goodbye to everyone, and Michaela places her hand at Sully's waist indicating he go out before her, however the shot from outside shows her emerging first.

Pam H.
Michaela's magical curls - tight curls, limp curls, curls behind the shoulder, curls over the shoulder - all depending on what camera angle (and take) you're watching!!

Kathy M.
When they first come through the door of the honeymoon traincar, Brian turns his head just as Michaela whacks him in the face, expecting to pat the back of his head.

Valerie W.
After Michaela and Sully get off the carriage to start getting on the train, they say goodbye to a few people and we see Robert E. among them. Then a few shots later, Robert E. comes up and gives Sully a bear hug after Sully has already shaken his hand in the other shot.

After Jake and Robert E. tie Custer up in the clinic, they return to escort the bridesmaids up the aisle. There are 4 groomsmen: Matthew, Jake, Robert E. and Horace. Later, we see the couples going up the aisle and all of a sudden, there's Ingrid's brother Jon in the group. Where did he come from?

The day Elizabeth arrives everyone has dinner at the homestead and Michaela is wearing a dress, I think it is pink. Then after dinner Michaela and Elizabeth have coffee out on the porch. Elizabeth is wearing the same dress, but Michaela is wearing a totally different green dress! Was this her "after dinner" dress? I don't think anyone who is nine months pregnant really feels like doing a lot of costume changes, especially with all those 19th century buttons!

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