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Timeline Nitpicks - Season Five

"Runaway Train"

"Having It All"


Sharon C.
when the second baby falls ill, the mother tells Dr. Mike that Mr. Bray has just started the baby bottles. However, in Washita, part 2, we see Grace buying a bottle from Mr. Bray to feed the Indian baby. We never did get to see what Michaela used to feed Katie infant formula in "Having It All."

"All That Glitters"

"Los Americanos"

Becky H.
There is a scene where Grace and Robert E. are having a special supper at home with Anthony. Grace is dishing up carrots onto her plate. As she dishes up a spoonful, one of the carrots falls into her cup!

"Last Dance"

Arlene B.
Michaela is holding Katie against her shoulder and Sully is standing on the stairs behind her. Katie sneezes and a stream of water (etc.,) comes flying out of her nose.

"Right or Wrong"

"Remember Me"


Rob T.
Preston buys a fancy rifle from Loren to go after the bank robbers. Throughout the show, Preston uses two pistols instead. Why did he buy a new rifle and not take it with him on the hunt for the gang?

Rob T.
After Matthew sneaks off to go after the robbers, Michaela and Sully leave to go after him, fearing for his safety. Wolf is left behind with Brian at the clinic. Wolf is nowhere to be seen during the next few scenes where Michaela and Sully meet up with Matthew and Elias Burch in the woods. Wolf appears out of thin air after they all decide to go after the gang together. He first appears magically in the nighttime scene near the river.

When Dr. Mike removes the bullet from Matthew's shoulder, she says that the ball is lodged under the clavicle between the subclavian and pleural arteries. Had the bullet "gone a little bit either way, we would have lost him."
The subclavian artery does indeed run under the clavicle, but if it were damaged, Matthew would more likely have lost the use of his arm than his life (the subclavian provides blood to the entire arm and much of the shoulder). As for the pleural artery, my anatomy texts contain no reference to this vessel. If it does exist, it certainly does not run under the clavicle and is not a life-essential artery.


"Separate But Equal"

"A Place To Die"

"Season of Miracles"

"The Dam"

"Farewell Appearance"

"The Most Fatal Disease"

"Colleen's Paper"

"Between Friends/A House Divided"


Chiara E.
Mike picks up Katie from the crib and she has her little cover around her body. Then in the next scene Katie has nothing! Then, when there's shooting, Michaela hides behind Katie's crib and KATIE IS IN IT! How will that help?

"The Body Electric"

"Before the Dawn"

"Starting Over"

"His Father's Son"

"Moment of Truth"

Paola C.
McKay has his gun supported on the left shoulder and not on the right at the end.

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