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Timeline Nitpicks - Season Four

"A New Beginning"

"Traveling All-Stars"

Mary Ann M.
Mike is show with hair down one minute standing in the ballfield then the next sitting with Dorothy with her hair in braids!

Pat P.
When Dorothy and Mike are watching everyone play ball, Mike has on one outfit, then it cuts to the players, then back to Mike and it's a different outfit, like it was another day. Then back to the players, then back to Mike with the original outfit on again!

Pat P.
In the very last scene, Sully slides into home and is on the ground and his cap falls off - then the camera cuts away and his cap is on and then falls off again.

Summer S.
Sully hits a grand slam at the end to win the game. Watch when he gets to home base after knocking Otis out of the way. He's lying there, reaches up and takes off his cap. After Loren says, "You're out!" we see Sully remove his cap again!

In one shot Dr. Quinn is wearing her hair up and then in another shot at the same time and she is sitting where she was before when her hair was up, so in the next shot of her her hair is down not up.

"Mothers and Daughters"

Janine D.
Sully strikes one match to light the fire in the fireplace, but if you look behind them, there is a roaring fire blazing! That must have been one magical match!

Anneli J .
When Dr Mike is in Colleen's room to pick up her laundry she lifts the coverlet and picks up a garment. Then when she's to throw it into the basket she misses it and it lands behind the basket instead.

"Brother's Keeper"

"Halloween III"

"Dorothy's Book"

"Promises, Promises"

"The Expedition"

"One Touch of Nature"

"Hell on Wheels"

Pat P.
In the first scene Joe's hair is very short like Prince Valiant, and then the rest of the episode it's longer?

Tom S.
Ever notice that the music box that Ingrid bought for Matthew plays the very 20th Century tune "It's Impossible"?

"Fifi's First Christmas"

Pat P.
When Brian rides off on Taffy to look for Sarah, and Mike and Sully are in the background and Sully persuades Mike to let Brian go, as Brian is riding away you see Jane moving her arm around her head like she's trying to swat a fly. I don't think they had flies in December in Colorado!

Kyle and Sara went out to cut down a tree. When we see them lost in the woods, Kyle is dragging a tree that has a straight cut on the trunk, suggesting he used a saw. If that's so, where is the saw? Sara doesn't have it.

Donna R.
When Brian goes and gets his horse to go out and search for Sara, he is wearing his hair as he has always worn it. But while he's saddling his horse and trying to talk Dr Quinn into letting him go out alone, you see his hair in a new hairstyle; all slicked back. Then in the next shot,his hair is back to the old hairstyle.

"Change of Heart"

"Tin Star"

"When You Love Someone"

"The Iceman Cometh"

Rob T.
When the prototype for the "Home Refrigeration Box" arrives, the camera does a wide shot of the townspeople unloading it from the train. Look closely and you'll see Randolph Cummings (Brandon Douglas) leave Preston's side and walk behind him and away (presumably to sneak onto the train). In the next closeup shot of Preston, Randolph is standing by Preston's side again.

"Dead or Alive"

Rebecca B.
There is a point when Sully is on his horse, and he just holds out his hand and his bag comes flying through the air into it. Did he maybe use "the Force"?

Pat P.
Sully comes out of the clinic getting ready to leave to track Noah McBride, and he's carrying his bedroll on his shoulder. I think he walks over to his horse, the bedroll and everything else is on the horse and he's not carrying anything. Then he goes back to the clinic door to say goodbye, and he's carrying the bedroll again! One minute it's there, the next it isn't, and then it's there again!

"Deal With the Devil"

"Eye for an Eye"

"Hearts and Minds"


"Woman of the Year"

Nina R.
Hank's grandmother is deceived by letters he has been writing her about being Horace. But in the sixth season episode where Jake and Hank fight over Teresa (Lead Me Not) he reveals he is illiterate. How did he write dear old grandma then?

"Last Chance"

"Fear Itself"

"One Nation"

Rob T.
During the episode, the army forces the indians to work to build cabins to replace their teepees. We see the beginnings of wood cabins being built. After Cloud Dancing's trial, the reservation is shown again with all teepees. No evidence of cabins is shown, even though a wide far away shot of the reservation is shown.

"When a Child is Born"

Dana Marie
In the scene where Michaela, Sully, and the kids arrive home the first time with katie, you see that she is wrapped in Sully's jacket. If you look when Michaela hands Katie to Colleen the jacket is still the right way, than when Matthew helps Michaela down from the wagon, you see the jacket is inside out, and then they show a close up of Colleen holding Katie and the jacket is still inside out, and then she hands Katie off to Brian, and the jacket is the right way again.

Rob T.
In the scene where the women go off to search for Michaela and Sully (near the end of part 2 of the episode), the camera shows Mrs. Quinn, Anthony and Horace waving goodbye to them. Mrs. Quinn is on the left of Anthony. The camera immediately cuts to show the faces of the three actors with Mrs Quinn now to Anthony's right (she should have been to his left side still).

Becky H.
The day Elizabeth Quinn, Rebecca and Marjorie arrive for Katie's birth, they go to have supper at the homestead with Michaela, Sully and the kids. Afterward Michaela and Elizabeth are drinking tea on the porch and talking about how Marjorie is so different. Elizabeth is wearing the same dress she wore that day, and it's obvious they are having tea after supper. But look at Michaela's dress! It's a completely different dress than what she was wearing that day! I think her hair is different too! I don't think what with being nine months pregnant she would feel like changing into her "after supper" dress just to have tea! And if for some reason Michaela did feel like changing her clothes, why didn't Elizabeth change too?

Valerie W.
After Michaela splinted Sully's leg, and when she was about to deliver the baby, we see Sully kneeling in front of her with his legs underneath himself. Wouldn't that hurt if he had just broken his leg?

Shelley V.
Michaela and Elizabeth are in the clinic. Elizabeth is talking while the camera holds on Mike. Behind her you see a man on a horse go past.. a few moments later you see the same man on the same horse go past again, and yet a few more moments later you see the same guy again go for a third time. Didn't they have enough extras or enough horses to go around in the background?

In this episode, we find out that Andrew's father wanted him to have the best medical training. Later, we find out that his uncle also is a doctor and that Andrew might go in to practice with him (this he tells Colleen). In the episode "A New Begining" Andrew tells Matthew that he wishes his parents were allive to se hm marry Colleen. This I understand - Andrews parents could have died in the period of time between theese episodes. But, in the movie "The Heart Within," Andrew's father and mother appear: Andrew's father with an important role as Mrs. Quinn's doctor and Andrew's mother on few social occasions.

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