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Timeline Nitpicks - Season Two

"The Race"

Rebecca B. and Kara B.
Toward the end of the race, while Sully is supposedly off checking how Michaela is doing, suddenly we see him with Colleen and Brian cheering. Then in the next scene, there he is coming back, running up to Colleen and Brian who are alone.

Rob T.
In the scene where Matthew and Michaela are talking about the race with Flash between them watch Dr. Mike's hand on Flash's back. When the camera cuts to show Matthew, notice Michaela's hand is holding Flash's reins. When the camera cuts to show Michaela's face, she is not holding onto the reins. The camera cuts back and forth as they talk and in each successive shot she is holding the reins and then she isn't.

Sarah P.
Technically, didn't Brian cheat to win the pie baking contest? He took a piece of Grace's already made cake and added it to his pastry to flavor his.

The rolled-wire fence in grass weeds wasn't made until the 20th century. The race is in slow motion when you see the fence on the left.


Dorothy said she has three children. But in "Having It All
", Dr. Mike tells Colleen Dorothy raised four children.

Jennifer M.
In the very beginning, as Dorothy is leaving the clinic, she and Mike walk out on to the street and Sully comes up from behind and takes a sip of water out of the horse's trough!


Jennifer M.
At the end, Mike agrees to allow Sully to add on to the homestead and it is decided that Colleen and Brian would each have their own rooms. What happened to the additions? We never saw them.

We never found out if Dr. Mike ever told her family about her ghostly encounter with Abigail. If I were Sully, I should of wanted to know.

"The Incident"

Jennifer M.
Jake gave his ring to the wife of the Indian brave he accidentally shot and killed. But in the next episode he still had the ring and still wears it now.

"Saving Souls"

Sandy J.
Michaela and Sully were in Bray's Mercantile and had a Bible wrapped for Grace and Robert E's wedding. Mike walked out because she saw Kid Cole start heading for the Revival. Loren handed the package to Sully and said, "I guess you'll be paying for this." All of a sudden you see Kid Cole and Michaela at the Revival and who was sitting in the front? You guessed it....Loren! How did he sprint over so fast?

Joanna W.
Where Dr. Mike is working on Kid Cole, in a few scenes the clinic door is open & you can see the street, but then in the next shot the door is closed!

"Where the Heart Is"

Lori M.
In the beginning, where Dr. Mike is outside the homestead crying and Sully comes to her, she asks about his parents. He tells her his pa died before he can remember. In the episode "Fathers and sons" when Sully and Dr. Mike are in the clinic and Sully is telling Dr. Mike it is time Brian knew about the birds and the bees, Dr. Mike asks Sully if his father told him about this, and Sully says no, but he wishes he would have. Dr. Mike already knew his pa died when he was really young and couldn't have possibly told him about the birds and the bees.

Jennifer M.
The family is discussing whether to spend Thanksgiving in Boston. Matthew states that they have been in Boston a month. However, this episode is 3 episodes after "Halloween" and according to Elizabeth in "The Visitor" the trip from Colorado to Boston is a good 2 weeks. So, if Halloween was 3 weeks before the episode started and they spent 2 weeks travelling and they have been in Boston a month, it should be New Year's by this time!

Sully changes his snazzy leather outfit to a more Boston-pleasing suit that he purchases with part of his fare money home. Didn't he already have a suit at Dr. Mike's birthday? And how did he get his jacket back, or did he just make another one?

Stephanie and Rachel S.
In the part where Michaela and the kids return home from Boston and the stagecoach is being unloaded, there is a certain piece of luggage that is unloaded 3 times.

"Giving Thanks"

Jennifer M.
The town suffers a drought and has no food for Thanksgiving. Brian says, "No corn, no pumpkins, what are we going to eat for Thanksgiving?" There were plenty of pumpkins around at Halloween that year. If they were having a drought at Thanksgiving, wouldn't they have been having one at Halloween as well?

"Best Friends"

"Sully's Choice"

Sarah P.
I would just like to know where all the scars are from all the accidents Sully has had. In this episode, he is shot in the back. Don't you think that there just might be a scar from the bullet wound no matter how good Colleen's stitching was? Why don't we ever see it?

In the beginning of this episode, Myra is fretting that she has a boil on her right arm that needs attention. Jake tries to convince her that he can lance it, while Myra prefers to wait until Dr. Mike returns. About midway through the show, when Myra is working behind the bar counter and talking to Hank, you'll notice that there is no sign of a boil at all! Is it possible that we over-estimate the need for a doctor in Colorado Springs?

Katie F.
Dr. Quinn is wearing pants that are made to look like a dress. It can be found in many of the episodes. Every time that she gets on a horse you can see it. You have to look closely but it's when she rides the horse western style. I always wondered how a women would ride the horse western style in that dress and I was thinking about that when I noticed it. Women did not wear pants in those times and they were obviously trying to make it look like a skirt. The most obvious part is where she is saying good bye to Sully in the beginning of the episode.

"Dr. Mike's Dream: A Christmas Story"

"Crossing the Line"

Jennifer M.
Grace sings the song "Take My Hand, Precious Lord". My hymn book has the song dated 1938. Could it be a renewal or is the song really that recent?

In the end, when Sully and Dr. Mike are carrying Matthew out of the mine, they push him through a small hole in the side. They push him by his injured leg and bash it against rocks when Matthew is pulled from the other side, but he never makes a sound, and walks off. But Dr. Mike is crying and limping. Strange.

"The Offering"

Heather B.
Walks on Clouds couldn't speak English when Matthew tried to ask him if he could take a blanket from them to give Ingrid's family, then in "The Abduction" he speaks English perfectly, must have had an awfully good teacher.

The first time that Dr. Mike and Sully try to leave the reservation to get back to town, they are stopped by 2 armed soldiers, threatening to shoot them. Perhaps one of the soldiers should have been chasing down whoever was BEHIND Dr. Mike and Sully! Look carefully, right before the soldiers jump out, and you can see someone riding on a horse in the trees. Maybe this person could've taken the message back to town for Dr. Mike!

When Mike, Sully and Brian are listening to Horace read the Declaration of Independence, Mike said that George Washington signed it. That was impossible as Washington was at war the summer of 1776. He didn't sign it at all.

"The Circus"

Jennifer M.
Jake read the "kick me" sign on Loren's back and followed through on it even though he didn't yet know how to read!

Heart speaks of reading fortunes and quickly flashes a card to her guests. The card she holds up is from the Waite-Rider tarot deck, which came out in 1910. Of course, you could argue that her psychic abilities must have been prodigious to foresee this deck!

"Another Woman"

Tiffany M.
When Mike and Sully are having their "talk" at the end about Catherine, if you look past Sully when they camera is on him, you will see two hikers in the background on the hill. They are very obviously hikers, as they're wearing shorts and hiking boots, something not worn during the 1860-70's!

"Orphan Train"

"Buffalo Soldiers"

Jennifer M.
Doesn't Colleen get off easy for cheating in school? She doesn't go to Washington D.C., but Michaela leaves her to make her own decision about going. She doesn't get punished at all. I remember thinking she was lucky she didn't live in Walnut Grove, Minnesota ("Little House on the Prairie") because the kids there got whippings for cheating in school.

"Luck of the Draw"

"Life and Death"

Rebecca B.
When Sully is talking to Colleen at the homestead and trying to comfort her, we see various camera angles that sweep back and forth as they talk. If you watch behind Colleen and Sully, and look at the bed, notice that sometimes it is made (coverlet pulled up over the pillow) and sometimes not (coverlet pulled down). Gremlins maybe?

"First Circle"

Nancy T.
When the banker wants to foreclose on Dr. Mike's clinic, I remembered that in "The Visitor" in season one that she had gotten her loan money from her Mother. So how could he foreclose?

"Just One Lullaby"

When Benjamin ran away from Colorado Springs, not one person went to look for him. What's so special about Michaela's kids? Here the whole town seeks out to find Brian and not Ben. That's terrible.

"The Abduction"

When Sully has gone to find Mike the first time, he sees something while on his horse. He dismounts, looks at the footprint, ties his horse to a tree, and continues with the scene. As he is running back to the horse, he vaults from the back of the horse into the saddle and takes off. How did he untie the horse? Did the horse do it?

Mary Ann M.
Jane's wet suit is showing underneath her clothes when she is getting out of the water with Sully!

Arlene B.
When Brian is playing pin the tale on the donkey and Matthew is spinning him around, Joe kicks Shawn in the butt, and Shawn giggles as he moves towards the target.

Elisa S.
Something that bothered me from the episode was the part at the end of the first part where Sully yells, "Michaela, I'll find you!" Don't get me wrong I found the line touching and loved how he used her real name. The thing that bothered me were his hands. He held his non-tamahawk filled hand in a way that looked as if Shakespeare was producing this episode. It looked really fake and cheesy. I liked the scene but something had to be done about the hands. I still love Joe and his acting though!

Michelle P.
After watching The Abduction a million times I finally noticed this! At the end of the first part, when Sully goes with Michaela to go bring that woman with the broken leg back to town, they get in the wagon. There is no Wolf. Then, when the Indians start chasing them, Sully grabs the reins from Dr. Mike and races the wagon. Still no Wolf, either in the wagon or following it. But afterwards, when Dr. Mike is abducted by the Indians, and Sully comes out of the house, he calls for Wolf, who magically appears and he tells him to follow the Indians. Where'd he come from?

Here's a thing I can't understand. Before Michaela and Sully jumped into the water, Sully said "It's too far." Dr. Mike said "I can swim," and they jumped. So, if it was too far, why did it matter that she could swim? They still could have died by falling on the rocks.

It seems that there were several problems with the whereabouts of Wolf in this episode. I found it completely laughable that after Sully and Dr. Mike jumped off the cliff, as they exited the water, Wolf was standing right there waiting for them! Why wasn't Wolf with them after Sully rescued Dr. Mike? If Wolf had just been absent from that chase scene, we would have never noticed the difference, but to have him just standing there at the exact spot they got out of the water was really ridiculous!

When Sully and One-Eye are fighting on the cliff, One-Eye throws his knife to the ground and knocks Sully flat on his back. After the next cut, he is holding the knife to Sully's throat. Magic? Another knife? Also, how can Michaela stroll away from the hanging ground at the end when she's made it clear for the last half hour that she can't walk a step?

Custer states that Mike has to be retuned by noon or the prisoners would be hanged. Sully and Mike came galloping around noon (I guess), but by the sun, one can tell it was late afternoon. Change in time or was it really not noon?

"The Campaign"

Rob T.
Look very carefully at the ribbon used to tie Grace's bonnet when she argues with Robert E. about why he won't support Dr. Mike in her bid for mayor. In one shot the ribbon is tied neatly and securely with both loops of the ribbon showing and then in the next cut to her face, the ribbon is loose and one end of the ribbon is waving in the breeze.
Elisa S.
There is a scene towards the end where all of the women are coming to vote (Sully has given them each a part of his land). They all must sign their names in a book. Myra comes a little later and when she is asked to sign her name, all she does is pick up the pencil, touch the paper, and put it down. I'm sorry but I don't think that anyone can sign their name that fast!

Elisa S.

There's a scene that takes place in the church. Before they show what's going on inside, they show an outside shot of the church. If you look at the sky, you will see heavy, heavy smoke and dark clouds. This footage was taken during one of Agoura/Malibu's big fires in 1995. It was the first big fire in the area. I live in Agoura and we had to evacuate our school. The cameraman was actually taking this footage for the news but they decided to use it for the episode!

Look how quickly Myra signed her name. I believe it was understood that since she could not write, she signed her name with an "X"

"Man in the Moon"

In every scene where Hank is in a coma, he is in a different position, it seems to me that a man in a coma wouldn't move a lot.

In the first segment of this episode, as Myra is leaving the saloon (and leaving Hank for good), keep your eyes on Horace's arms. When he first approaches with Doctor Mike, he is wearing those black telegraph-operator sleeves, then as Hank proceeds to come out of the saloon and throw all of Myra's things in the street, the sleeves disappear and reappear about 3 times before the scene is finally over! This was the most notable blooper I ever saw in the series!

"Return Engagement"

Jennifer M.
The picture David was carrying of Michaela in "Return Engagement" was the same picture of Jane from the movie "Somewhere In Time".

Elisa S.
While getting things ready for Myra and Horace's wedding in the homestead, Colleen tells Dr. Mike that Myra has something old, Dorothy's dress, something new, her boots, but she needs something borowed, so Mike gives her an old lace handkerchief. Earlier, Myra tells Colleen that she would rather wear a different dress that she likes better than Dorothy's dress. When we see her at the ceremony, Myra is wearing the other dress, not Dorothy's. This means that she never had something borrowed.

Elisa S.
There is a scene where David is at the house at the beginning of part 1. He is telling the kids about the glaciers and we see Brian reach for the bowl of whatever is being served. We see him take a few spoonfuls then he moves the bowl off to the side. The next shot is of David and if you look to the left of the screen, you see Brian's hand taking more spoonfuls of whatever's in that bowl. He must have been very hungry!

Annica S.
When Dr.Mike is tending to Sully in the middle of the woods, and he wakes up during the night, the sound editor must have had an hard time trying to erase that Joe Lando is rolling over his microphone.

I may be mistaken, but I thought when a person loses an eye, he or she loses some of his/her depth perception. Therefore, it seems odd that Michaela insists that David do the eye surgery on Grace because he's done eye surgery before. It seems like it would be dangerous for someone with diminished depth perception to perform such delicate surgery.

Lynn F.
Sully suffer from severe migraines. After this episode though, he apparently never has them again. I know from personal experience that migraines don't just disappear. Once you start having them, they usually never go away completely. So, what happened to his?

Becky H.
In the scene where David is eating with Michaela and the kids and Sully walks in, Michaela is talking to them and has her hands resting very still on either side of her plate. Then the camera switches angles to show her from behind, and Michaela's hands are suddenly in her lap!

Val W.
In the first part, when Dr. Mike invites Andrew over for supper, Brian is asking Andrew about his adventures while spooning out some food for himself. He puts the spoon back in the bowl, and the shot cuts over to Sully. Here, we see Brian once again putting the spoon back in the bowl. He must have been really hungry!

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