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Timeline Nitpicks - Season Six

Reason To Believe

Aislinn P.
When Daniel comes back to help find Sully he says he read about the incident in the newspaper, but in Season Four, in the episode Promises, Promises, Sully tells Michaela that Daniel is illiterate. How could he read about it in the newspaper unless he learned to read? They never covered that information.

While Sully is in the woods struggling to survive, he resorts to eating several different oddities. The thing that struck me funny was that right before popping a squirmmy, yellowish, slug-like worm into his mouth, Sully blew the dirt off of it. Wouldn't want any on that on the live insect he was about to eat!

Paola C.
While Matthew is inside the jail, McKay is outside, looking down at something between his feet. It looks like a small pebble. I thought that maybe it's the mark to indicate where he should stand for the take. I seemed to notice that when Matthew comes out of the prison he stops close to another pebble. But maybe it's just my imagination.

All That Matters

Matter of Conscience

Paola C.
If you look closely when Black Moon blows up the entrance of the Gold Nugget, you see McKay throwing himself on the floor and rolling under the bench that stands outside the saloon, seeking cover. In the following scene, our sergeant can be glimpsed standing once again as he leans on the rail, then flopping down bewildered on the above-mentioned bench, then dashing from it when he realises that General Wooden lies wounded nearby.

Comfort of Friends

Becky H.
When Michaela is about to take a bath, she moves the blinds over in front of the tub. As she walks backwards the bottom half of her bathrobe slips open, and for a brief second, you can see her bare leg all the way up to practically her hip! (I hope Jane was wearing SOMETHING under there!) I think that's the most we've seen of Dr. Mike's legs in the entire series!

Wave Goodbye

Sharon C.
Michaela goes to her filing cabinet to check Rev. Johnson's file to see if she made a notation about his brother. However, she opens the drawer clearly marked 'ABC!'

A Place Called Home

Lead Me Not

Rob T.
Grace comes to the Chateau to get more "tonic" from Dr. Cook, and he mistakenly calls it "Chateau Springs Health Tonic" instead of "Springs Chateau Health Tonic." He called the name of the Chateau by the wrong name.

A Time to Heal

Civil Wars

Safe Passage


Point Blank

Arlene B.
After Michaela was shot and Andrew was examining her wound before she was to return home...her blouse is open, showing the wound. She closes it and the camera looks at Andrew. When it pans back on Michaela, her blouse is opened again.

The scene where Hank brings Dr. Mike into Andrew's practice and puts her down on the examination table. Andrew turns around to reach for some instrument and his fingers are all bloody even though he hasn't touched her wound yet - at least not enough to get that much blood on himself.

Seeds of Doubt

Seven Kinds of Lonely

Life in the Balance

Happily Ever After



To Have and to Hold

The Fight

Debby K.
Did you notice that in The Fight, Sully puts on his belt at Grace's Cafe, they change camera angles and when they return to him, he's putting it on again?

A New Beginning

During the wedding ceremony, Colleen is standing next to Dr. Mike, then Dr. Mike is behind Colleen, then they are side by side again, and once again, one after the other!

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