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Town Biographies VIII - Antagonists

Col. Chivington, Gen. Custer, Bancroft, Ethan Cooper, Preston A. Lodge, III





Bearish, bearded man in Union uniform.

Assigned to the Colorado Territory. Thinks Indians stand in the way of progress.

Reprimanded after the Sand Creek Massacre.

During treaty council; threatened war unless Black Kettle surrendered to a reserve south of Sand Creek.

Trying to impress brass in D.C. to get them to grant statehood and make him first governor. Called back to Washington. (#0101)

Replaced by Custer. (#0103)



Seventh Regiment.

Replaced Colonel Chivington. (#0101)

Follows tracks to Clinic, looking for Indians -- everyone keeps quiet to protect Cloud Dancing, who has been doctoring Dr. Mike during the influenza epidemic. (#0101)

Stationed at Fort Carson.

Attacks Cheyenne settlement - captures Cloud Dancing to get him to tell where the renegade Dog Soldiers are hiding (they have been attacking white settlers.) (#0103)

Cruelly pretends to shoot Cloud Dancing in firing squad -- the soldiers shoot blanks. Sully and Mike help Cloud Dancing escape. Sully ties Mike up so that she won't be blamed (she looks like a victim). Custer catches Sully and Mike helping Cloud Dancing escape. Is wounded in the upper arm when Sully (dressed as an Indian) throws a pitch fork at him. Knows Sully and Mike are part of the conspiracy to "aid the escape of a federal prisoner," but can't prove it. (#0103)

Custer visits Colorado Springs and puts the entire Indian reservation population behind bars, threatening to hang them if Mike is not returned by the Indians who abducted her. Mike returns in the nick of time. (#0219/#0220)

Custer returns to Colorado; decimates almost the entire Indian reservation, (including Black Kettle, Snow Bird, Medicine Woman Later, No Harm Comes To Him) while the Indians camp on the banks of the Washita. Cloud Dancing survives. (#0322/0323)

Custer gives a dinner party for the influential citizens of Colorado Springs to garner support in his campaign against the Indians. During dinner, Mike declares to Custer that, "Your dogs eat better than the Cheyenne people." (#0322)

Custer puts a reward on Cloud Dancing's head; "$500.00 dollars, dead or alive." Custer almost prevents Cloud Dancing from being Sully's best man, but Jake knocks Custer out in the end so Cloud Dancing can participate in the ceremony. (#0326/0327)



Banker. First National Bank in Denver. (#102)

Evicts Dr. Mike from the Boarding House. Auction set in Denver - bids start at $1,500. (#102)

Spearheads a brief Ku Klux Klan movement in Colorado Springs; nearly lynching Robert E in the process, also tries to blackmail Mike by calling in her mortgage balance. (#0221)


Receives burns when he tries to torch the homestead as a KKK member. (#0221)



Appeared in "Father's Day." Cooper kids' dad. (#0104)

Charlotte claims he moved the family to Pike's Peak during the gold rush; then took off with her money sock. (Pilot)

Illiterate. (#0104)

Rides in from 'Frisco on a very spirited horse. Plays poker and gets conked on the head with a chair when he wins too big. He prefers Mike to do the stitching required for his wound, rather than Jake. Claims he has an interest in a merchant ship to China. Ethan teaches Brian baseball. (#0104)

Ethan confesses he can't read to Matthew. Claims he's come to take the kids back. Tries to steal the town's money from a social fund-raiser; Sully apprehends him. (#0104)

Ethan, with his wealthy young bride of a year, Lillian, comes to town when Mike runs an ad in the San Francisco and Denver papers inquiring as to his willingness to allow she and Sully to adopt Brian and Matthew after they're married. It was Lillian who spotted the ad (Ethan can't read) and persuaded Ethan to make the visit. At first, Ethan agrees to let Mike and Sully adopt the kids, but when Mike examines Lillian and informs her she can't have children, Ethan and Lillian decide they want the Cooper kids after all, engage in a court custody battle, and win the kids. (Seems Lillian's father's will stipulates only Lillian's children will receive the inheritance he's left; the parents will be executors of the estate.) (#0318)

Ethan represents himself in the "Cooper Vs. Quinn" custody battle and, via the use of some dirty pool and twisted testimony, acquits himself nicely, even winning custody of his children from Mike. (#0318)



Handsome, erudite Preston A Lodge III arrives on the same train as Mike and Sully. A fifth-generation Bostonian, the handsome, nattily attired and spit-polished Preston (his shoes are always shined) has come to Colorado Springs to set up a bank. At first, the townsfolk are intriqued by Preston -- the brand of snake oil he sells, entitled "infinite possibilities of things you can do with borrowed money" is alluring. But when one of Preston's first acts of "generosity" is to convince Horace that he "deserves" a new surrey, the townsfolk wise up fast, especially when they learn the interest rate on the surrey will end up doubling its cost. (Meanwhile, Mike is less than entranced by him when she discovers Preston's father turned her father down for a bank loan in Boston.) Preston's next despicable act is to cut down the town's "Kissin' Tree," a town monument with much sentimental value, in order to erect his new homestead. As he cuts down the tree, the townsfolk gather to try to stop him -- Matthew even tries to wrestle the ax away from him and gets hurt (a leg gash) in the process. By the end of the first episode in which he appears, Preston has garnered so much dislike that he must hire men from Soda Springs to build his house, as the local men, including Sully and Robert E, refuse to do it for him. (#0401)

We learn that Preston played third base (baseball) at Harvard. (#402)

Preston wants to put a hotel/casino in Colorado Springs, and enlists Jake to do so, promising with a handshake that he'll make him a partner. Jake, stars in his eyes, appoints Preston to Mike's seat on the council in her absence (Mike's conveniently climbing Pike's Peak). Later, however, Robert E, who's against the casino/hotel because of a secret of his own (see "Robert E"), finds in the town charter that family members can sit in at the board in the event of a family member's absence, and convinces Sully to do so, to Preston's consternation. Even so, Preston manages to manipulate the Reverend (with, "we'll fix up the church with the proceeds from the casino!" and even Horace with, "the casino will provide $ for the schools") into overturning the city's current planning ordinances (Loren and Jake are already on-board with him). Later, Jake is crushed when Preston reveals what his role in the so-called "partnership" will be -- the barber for the hotel/casino -- after all, reasons Preston, there was nothing in writing to the effect of a full partnership. As such, Jake's receptive to Sully's idea (which Sully also unearthed in the town charter) that the proposed site be declared an historical landmark. Jake signs the paper making this declaration, and Preston is thwarted, for now. We do learn, however, that if you make a deal with Preston, it'd better be on paper. (#0409)

Preston, noticing Myra's "head for figures" and realizing that she's well-liked in the town, offers Myra a job as a bank teller in his bank. Unfortunately, this offer is the cause of some marital strife between Horace and Myra. (#0415)

We learn, from con-man Randolph Cummings, that Preston A. Lodge attended Andover Prep school. (#0416)

Preston proves to be a great big sucker when he's taken in by confidence men Curtis Roper and Randolph Cummings and invests in their "home-refrigeration-box" scam. Fortunately for Preston (and other townsfolk), Sully wires ahead to Mike and the Reverend, who are in Denver immunizing some Indian School children, and Mike and the Reverend cook up a bait-and-switch scheme of their own, thus managing to get the people of Colorado Springs' money back. (#0416) Preston turns down the Reverend's request for a loan to fix up the church, causing the Reverend to go to Hank for the loan. (#0417)

Preston, who's been intent since ep. #0409 to build a hotel in Colorado Springs, announces to a sour Hank and Jake that he's "just secured the final investor for my hotel....all that remains is to close the land deal..." (#0417)

Preston goes on expedition (consisting of Matthew, Sully, Jake, Hank, Robert E, Preston and visiting politician Ezra Leonard) to retrieve Caleb, the kidnapped son of Ezra Leonard, from desperate mountain man Noah McBride. Before he leaves town, Preston buys his first gun, which he later uses to kill Noah McBride and collect the $1,000.00. (#0418/19)

Preston learned to box as a child in Boston -- his father, a competitive man, encouraged competition between Preston and his four older brothers as well. Preston displays his boxing skill when he mixes it up with the bigger Hank and stays on his feet (Hank goes down for the count). (#0418)

Preston urges the men of Colorado Springs to stay cool and not mob-lynch Johnny Reed (a murdering rapist); rather, he proposes that, since "a lynching is bad for business... and People might even want to come see [an official hanging] for themselves..." that people should stick to the legal hanging since, "... that would be good for business." With this counsel, cooler heads prevail and the public hanging prevails. (#0420)

Preston, acting as a broker for the telegraph office for the telegraph company, tries to post a notice for its rental with Dorothy's Gazette. (The office has been vacant ever since the telegraph office moved to the train depot.) When Preston brings the ad in to Dorothy, however, Dorothy decides that she'd like to buy the telegraph office for herself. Unfortunately, Preston denies her request for a loan; her visit to Denver bankers for a loan is denied by them as well. Dorothy returns to Preston, asks him again for the loan. Preston, suddenly realizing (with some subtle prompting from Dorothy) how having a stake in Colorado Spring's only newspaper would allow him to weild power by influencing opinion, takes her up on it, and after some initial wrangling -- he wanted 51% ownership of the newspaper, which almost queered the deal -- Dorothy (thanks to Mike, who suggests it) negotiates that she retain 51% and he retain 49%, which allows her to keep the Gazette's voice somewhat more independent than if he was the major stockholder. And so, an uneasy alliance/partnership between Dorothy and Preston is born.... (#0421)

Preston is planning to build a hot springs hotel which "... will be much more than a hotel -- it's going to be a health resort... and like all the finest health resports, it will offer a medical clinic." Preston asks Grace to run his hotel's dining room, and Robert E to run a buggy service to shuttle people into town from his resort, but most importantly, he offers the job of running the medical clinic to Mike, who considers his offer but declines it after she sees the way Preston reacts to a leprosy victim. Her correct presumption is that Preston doesn't want really sick people, or people who could scare away business, at his resort, which naturally is anathema to Mike's Hippocratic oath. Ironically, Preston had been courting Isabelle Maynard, the artist-leprosy victim, even going out to the reservation to acquire paints for her, until her leprosy is discovered, at which point his crush on her is effectively aborted. However, Preston is more upset by the discovery of Isabelle's illness than he cares to admit, which we see when he offers Isabelle a very special, luxurious private train car for her trip out of town, as well as a letter of credit which will enable her to seek the very best care, whatever it costs. Isabelle, a lady to the end, declines both of these offers graciously. (#0425)

When Preston sees an editorial Dorothy has written which is critical of the Army's handling of Cloud Dancing's murder trial, he tries to strong-arm her into not printing it. Dorothy almost capitulates to his demands, but Mike persuades her that it would be better for her to start another paper rather than buckle under to Preston. As such, Dorothy goes back to Preston and tells him so, declaring she'll print the editorial, and Preston backs down. (#0426)

Preston announces his ground-breaking ceremony for his new resort, the "Springs Chateau and Health Resort. Unfortunately, in a comedy of errors, the marital tensions brewing between Horace and Myra erupt, Hank comes to Myra's (verbal) defense, Horace lunges at him, and Hank ends up punching Preston, who was just trying to settle things down so his ceremony wouldn't be ruined. Sadly, Preston, in front of his 4 backers, is knocked-out cold, in the mud, his ground-breaking ceremony ruined. (#0427)


Preston hurts his arm (sprain?) when he wrestles an ax away from Matthew, who in turn is trying to prevent him from cutting down the "Kissin' Tree." (#0401)

Preston passes a kidney stone. (#0412)

Preston is bloodied but not bowed when he engages in a "friendly" boxing match with Hank while on an expedition to retrieve the kidnapped Caleb Leonard. (#0418)

Preston takes a punch from Sully during the expedition to retrieve politician Ezra Leonard's son, Caleb, and Preston deserves it -- he's very obnoxious to Sully. (#0418)

Preston gets his leg caught in a bear trap on the expedition to save visiting politician Ezra Leonard's kidnapped son, Caleb. (Jake, the former doctor of Colorado Springs, stitches it up.) Preston, a stubborn fighter if nothing else, insists on finishing off both the expedition and Noah McBride, but it takes its toll and he almost dies in the process when his leg becomes infected. Sully lugs him home, even though the other members of the expedition expect him to die. Later, in Colorado Springs, he recuperates to fight another day. (#0419)

At the ground-breaking ceremony for his new hotel, Preston tries to settle down a melee' between Horace, Myra and Hank, is punched by Hank, who knocks him out cold. (#0427)

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