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Town Biographies VI - Child Abuse, Variances, Animals, Runaways



Becky, Colleen's friend, is given a red, inflamed ear when Louise Chambers, the new schoolteacher, yanks it too hard. (#0224)

Benjamin Avery: a school bully who's beaten by Louise Chambers, the new schoolteacher. She uses a ruler on his knuckles, the aftermath of which Mike notices. Benjamin's father also beats him, giving him a split lip, bruised jaw. Benjamin finally rebels against Louise Chambers, hitting her back. He then runs away. Benjamin Avery is a sad testimony to the effects of corporal punishment. (#0224)

Steven Myers: gets his arm yanked by Louise Chambers for falling asleep in school. (#0224)

Lewis Bing has a sore arm from Louise Chambers, the new school teacher, pulling it too roughly. (#0224)

Louise Chambers, the Reverend's ex-sweetheart, comes to town to teach school, gets her eye blacked and "at least two ribs broken" when she tries to discipline Benjamin Avery, a problem child who retaliates by hitting back. (#0224)

Mary Ann Daggett is bitten by rats, underfed; physically abused by her guardian, Mr. Thomas Daggett. (#325)

Rosemary Hart, 15, a good friend of Colleen's, is given a split lip, black eye and her shoulders and arms badly bruised and scratched when she is raped, (causing autistic-like trauma,) by Johnny Reed, an evil visitor (subsequently hanged) to Colorado Springs. (#0420)

Ellie, 5 yrs. old, cuts her knee, which Mike stitches up. (#0423)



Mike's 1st horse, Bear. (Pilot)

Brian's doe, Byron, (named after Byron Sully), which was wounded and released. Shot in leg by hunter, Mike fixes. (#0105)

Sully's wolf, Wolf. Attacked by bobcat. - view his profile. (#0108)

Brian's wolf cub, Pup. (Pup isn't around very much). Brian's wolf, (son of Wolf?), is referred to as "Pup." Pup disappears for a long while, then mysteriously reappears, as noted by Robert E, who remarks, "Got news for you, Brian. He ain't a Pup no more," upon the now-grown Pup's return. (#0401)

Pup, infected with rabies by a raccoon, bites Ingrid, thereby infecting her with rabies and killing her. Later, the family hunts Pup down, and in an emotional scene, Sully delivers the parting bullet when first Brian, then Matthew, can't. (#0404)

Hank, Matthew, Horace, Loren and Jake are sprayed by a skunk when they set out to look for Mike and Sully, who're investigating the bad water case. (#0109)

Mike's 2nd horse, Flash. Flash is special. She has "heart," as demonstrated when she wins the Colorado Springs sweepstakes. Mike, disguised as a man, rides her in this race against much larger, more qualified horses. A pinto mare given to Mike by Snow Bird (Cloud Dancing's wife) in gratitude for services rendered, Flash does tricks, such as counting with her foot, for Dr. Mike. Like Lassie the dog, Flash the horse is in drag -- s/he's actually a gelding. (#0201)

Matthew's horse, Scout, trained for the race. (#0201)

Hank's horse, Hurricane, injured before he could run in the race. (#0201)

The eagle. No name. A miner captures the eagle as it feeds on a dead bear. He brings it to Loren Bray, who keeps it caged, displaying it to interested parties for a dime. Brian earns the money to buy the eagle's freedom. (#0217)

Taffy, a little mare. Brian acquires Taffy, so named because of her weakness for candy, when he spots her on the street, sees Hank abuse her, watches her escape, shelters her in the woods, brings her back to town for Robert E to treat, then works off her price at Hank's saloon. Hank later reneges on the deal, but Loren strong-arms him, and Hank delivers Taffy to Brian just in time for his birthday party. (#0219/0220)

Loren purchases a spirited stallion (no name) during his middle-age crisis, but the wild horse throws him. (#0302)

Loren and Brian are terrorized by a hungry bear, but Loren manages to scare him away. (#0302)

Matthew receives 200 head of cattle as a legacy from Miss Olive. (#0304)

Brian and his friend Charles participate in a frog-jumping contest; they have two large bullfrogs (no-names) and many other frogs involved. (#0309)

Anecdotal: Sam Lindsay told a story about her mutt, Bernard, who'd "passed on before her." (#0315)

A cougar menaces Mike and Sam on Pike's Peak; Mike fires a gun to scare it away. (#0315)

Belle Starr's spirited palomino, Thunder. (#0321)

Brian catches a tree-frog for Mary Ann Daggett. (#0325)

Jake has a mutt for a short time, but he ends up giving the dog to Abner Foley, a Town Visitor who names the dog "Barnaby" after a dog he once owned. Jake gives the dog to Abner in a rare, magnanimous gesture -- seems taking care of the dog takes Abner's mind off his advanced arthritis. Apparently, though the dogs looked nothing alike, somehow the mutt reminds Abner of his old Barnaby, who "... used to tree those cats,... and howl like a banshee..." -- and so he invites the dog to his farm to do the same, and Jake, who sees the dog gives the lonely, arthritic old man some comfort, lets the dog go. (Barnaby is a truly mangy little black and white terrier-type dog of med. size.) (#0407)

Brian names Grace's Thanksgiving turkey "George," thereby rendering her unable to eat the cooked bird come Thanksgiving day, held this year at the Indian reservation. (#0411)

"Fifi." Fifi is sent by Mike's mother as a replacement pet for Brian, who lost his wolf, "Pup," when the animal contracted rabies. Fifi starts out as an unwelcome (especially to Mike) Christmas surprise to the family. Further, even though Brian tries to keep an open mind about the little dog, Fifi wears out her welcome quickly -- she's not housebroken, for one thing, and she's very destructive, for another. However, Fifi manages to redeem herself when Brian calls upon her to help find Brian's little Crush, new girl in town Sara Sheehan, and Kyle, Brian's arch-rival for Sara's affections, when it's discovered the two children are lost in the woods. Fifi acquits herself nobly and uses her nose to track Sara and Kyle. Later, Brian gifts Sara with Fifi, much to Mike's secret delight. (#0412)

VARIANCES: (Redundancies, Contraductions, Inconsistencies)

We had two characters go blind, or progress towards it, in two episodes back to back: Brian Cooper (#0114) and Daniel Watkins (#0115).

There is an annual celebration for Washington's Birthday, but the setting is in October. (#0206) Washington's Birthday is in February.

Colleen rides a horse into town with no hesitation (#0112) to alert the town about the mine cave-in, but by the "Cattle Drive" episodes (#0304/#0305) we learn that she's timid about horses when she's given a riding lesson by Jessie on the drive. She's rendered more timid still when she's thrown by Taffy, Brian's little mare, (#0321) but she gets back on the horse to save Brian from kidnappers in this episode. We may conclude that she has overcome her fear of horses at last!

"The Jumping Frog of Calvaras County" has turned up twice so far; once when Richard (#0210) lent the story to Colleen, and once when Brian read it and staged a frog-jumping contest. (#0309)

Mike is Maid of Honor once, (for Grace, #0202) and is asked to be Maid of Honor again, by Louise Chambers (#0224). Mike also serves as Maid of Honor for Myra. (#0225)

Also, Sully serves as Best Man for Robert E (#0202) and Horace (#0224).

Daniel Watkin's cart with his photographic material is turned over; the town unites to help him; (#0115) and Itzhak's cart's overturned; later, the town unites to help him as well. (#0314).

Interestingly, both the Chinese (#0301) and the Indians (#0302) "take a new name when some big event happens." Now, this is true about the Indians, but it's completely fabricated about the Chinese. Fine by me, but in back-to-back episodes, Peter Chow is named Peter (after Petersburg, where his father died, #0301) and Loren is named "He (or "One") Who Stands Against the Bear" by the Indians during his rite of passage at the Indian reservation. (#0302)

Please find following a portion of a fan's letter sent to us in November, 1994: "... Dr. Quinn needs more continuity and consistency checks. This need is curious since the writers have largely come from within your staff so we would expect greater consistency. For example, in the "Orphans" episode, the dates on the Denver paper and Gazette indicate the time to be June 1867, but Marcus Jennings died in 1868, according to his tombstone, and Dorothy was already living in Colorado Springs in that episode. There are also inconsistencies in storylines about when the Coopers moved to Colorado Springs; when Sully and Abigail got married, and how long Loren and Maude were married. For example, if you add 18 years to Abigail's birth year of 1839 (on her grave marker), since Sully says she was 18 when they married, then she and Sully would have married in 1857, but in the pilot Charlotte states that sully came to Colorado in 1859. Abigail grew up in Colorado Springs according to the "Running Ghost" episode, so she and Sully did not move there already married."




Brian runs away twice, in the Pilot and in "Cooper Vs. Quinn" - Part II. (Pilot/#0319)

Colleen runs away twice as well; in "Heroes," to gain Sully's attention, and in "Cooper Vs. Quinn" - Part II to protest her father acquiring custody of her. (#0113/#0319)


We've had Loren try to run away twice now, as well: first when, feeling old, he threatened to go to Bolivia (#0302), and secondly when he felt rejected by Dorothy. (#0320)

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