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10 Mount Vernon Street, Beacon Hill's fashionable Louisburg Square - four story townhouse.

Born in Boston, Massachusettes on February 15, 1833.

Father - Joseph Quinn: "Physician of excellent repute, possessed of wit, charm and an amiable disposition. Josef Quinn's favorite authors were Dickens, Moliere and Goethe. (#0315)
Possibly Catholic background; worked in Catholic hospital.

Mother - Elizabeth Quinn: Stern, "Fine homemaker and an authority on rose gardening." Catholic background.

Four sisters:

Oldest sister - (originally named Mary but changed in #0208/0209 to Rebecca), pregnant-due in May, 1867. (the child is never mentioned again.) Rebecca is fifteen years older than Mike and Mike's favorite sister. She's also the sister who sends the telegram to Mike re: her mother's illness.(#0208)

Rebecca, Mike's "ever-cheerful" sister, serves as co-Matron of Honor with Dorothy at Mike/Sully wedding. (#0326/0327)

Rebecca shows up again in Colorado Springs when she comes with her mother, Elizabeth, and her younger sister, Marjorie, to assist Mike with the birth of her first child. (#0427)

Marjorie: Mike's least favorite sister; closest to Mike in age. (#0208)
Everett: Marjorie's husband. (#0208)

We learn that Everett has left Marjorie in episodes (#0326/0327)

Marjorie comes to Colorado Springs, along with Elizabeth, Mike's mother, and Rebecca, Mike's favorite sister (and the oldest of the five Quinn sisters)to attend Mike's wedding to Byron Sully. (#0326/0327)

Marjorie is revealed to have contracted a venerial disease (from her husband, who subsequently leaves her) in episodes (#0326/0327).

Marjorie catches Mike's bouquet. (#0326/0327)

Marjorie, received her official divorce papers 3 mos. ago when she ventures again to Colorado Springs to visit Michaela. After a period of "melancholia," which she overcame by reading everything she could get her hands on (mostly early feminist tracts), she now wears pantaloons (called bloomers), has been reading the work of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and is, for all practical purposes, a feminist, in sharp contrast to the sourpuss blue-stocking she was on her last trip to Colorado Springs. Marjorie has joined the National Woman's Suffrage Association and has, in the words of Elizabeth Quinn, "... become an uncontrollable activist." She also dates Preston and Hank while in Colorado Springs. (#0427)

Marjorie is the one who suggests to Jake and Hank, who are grumbling about Preston's constant talk of his new hotel, that they start up a business of their own.(#0428)

Claudette: Mike's sister. (#0208)
Maureen: Mike's sister. (#0208)
Mike's mother's family retainers:
Martha: chambermaid. (#0208)
Harrison: butler. (#0208)
Fiona: scullery maid. (#0208)

Parents wanted son (Michael). Named her Michaela. Nicknamed Mike.
M.D. from the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1860. (Quaker Institution and first of its kind).
Joined father's practice and worked side-by-side for 7 years until father's death.
Mother did not approve of her being a doctor. (Pilot) Lost patients when father died.

10/7/94: Mike's mother and father came from an Irish background; Elizabeth Quinn was definitely Catholic; Josef Quinn was (maybe?) Catholic (per #0208/09, he worked in a Catholic hospital, as demonstrated by nuns in background). The Quinn family left England in the 18th century due to political, not religious, persecution in the 18th century; they belong to a group called the Libertists who were somewhat critical(?) of religion.

Found advertisement in the Globe for a town doctor in the Colorado Territory - in less than a week received a reply. (Pilot)

Items packed for the trip: (Pilot)
- books stack of old letters
- framed medical degree
- daguerreotypes
- various family photos
- photo of young man in Union uniform
- shingle: M. Quinn, M.D.

Trip: 3 days by train to St. Louis, 7 more by stagecoach

Never cooked or cleaned before coming to frontier. Buys shaggy old chestnut horse (Bear) from Robert E. Rents Sully's homestead for $1 a month.(Pilot)

Was engaged to be married to Captain David Lewis, a doctor, whom she met in the hospital. David enlisted without telling Mike and left two days later. He was captured at the second Manssas. He presumably died in a Confederate prison (more on this later.)

Mike initially has a problem getting patients.(Pilot)

Mike goes to Jake Slicker and has a perfectly good tooth pulled to show courage and make peace with him. This costs her two-bits.(Pilot)

Saves Black Kettle's life (tracheotomy) and hides him in barn after Sand Creek massacre.(Pilot)

Black Kettle gives her Cheyenne name: Medicine Woman.(Pilot)

First Christmas in Colorado Springs - blizzard (no tree this year).(Pilot)

Sully gives her carved wooden shingle for Christmas: M. Quinn, M.D.- Medicine Woman.(Pilot)

"Most women'd smile over a new hat or pair of shoes from the catalogue, but you... medicine makes you happy." (#0101).

Hippocratic oath: "My good comes after that of my patients." Mike fights the epidemic with Quinine (#0101)

Converts Charlotte's boarding house into a hospital during the epidemic. Mike is evicted by the bank during "The Visitor" (bank wanted to put it up for auction). Bank doesn't want to let her rent a fore-closed building. Bank won't give Mike a mortgage - she tries to put her medical degree up as collateral - they won't accept because she's a woman. Mother gives her money for Boarding House at the end of her visit. (#0102)

Mike has $1,000.00 of her bequest left (was used for purchase of clinic - or did Mom gives her the full amount?) (#102)

Mike gets sign for Boarding House/clinic. (#111)

Mike assisted her father during a birth when she was a teenager - baby girl was named Julia. She is too wrapped up in her life to notice her daughter Colleen, has begun her journey towards womanhood, and her mother makes her aware of it.(#102)

Father always gave her whatever she wanted.(#102)

Mike had indoor plumbing in Boston - not at homestead.(#102)

Mike helps Sully rescue Cloud Dancing from Custer and his soldiers with the help of the Reverend and Olive, who uses the Hurdy-Gurdy as a distraction so Cloud Dancing can escape. Custer almost catches them, but is wounded - Sully, dressed as an Indian, throws a pitch fork at Custer (before Custer can use his gun) and hits him in the upper arm. (#103)

Mike donates smallpox vaccinations to be auctioned at Founder's Day Social - for the new school. (#104)

Mike celebrates her 35th birthday in 1868. Mike receives broken china from her hope chest from her mother for her 35th birthday. Mike also gets a surprise birthday party (from townsfolk), her china, re-glued, (from the kids), hand-stitched saddlebags, "for her doctorin' things," as well as a kiss, from Sully. (#111).

Gives Matthew her engagement ring, (rec'd. from David, her fiance' supposedly killed in the Civil war), to give to Matthew after he completes his vision quest. (#112).

Performed her first brain surgery operation on Brian, her own adopted son. (#114)

Mike dresses in drag ("no women allowed!") to ride Flash in "The Race," which she wins. (#201)

Mike and Sully are Maid of Honor and Best Man, respectively, for Grace and Robert E's wedding and exchange connected looks while standing together at the altar. Together, they give Grace and Robert E a bible for their wedding present. (#202)

Does an autopsy on Marcus Jennings, Dorothy's husband, which results in Dorothy being released from the charges of murder against her. (#0203)

Mike takes nine homeless orphans in and considers marrying the Reverend to take care of them, much to her children's and Sully's dismay. (#0204)

Mike intervenes to both save Jake from the Indians and acts as the voice of reason when Cloud Dancing and Sully, strained over race tensions, mix it up. (#205)

Mike and Sully persuade Black Kettle to accept a "peace" offering from the Army to the Indians consisting of blankets infected with typhus. In same episode, Sully objects to celebrating George Washington's Birthday, "Some people [the Indians] don't have much to celebrate, that's all." (#0206)

Mike's old bedroom in Boston has a white French lace canopy bed, matching curtains on a bay window seat, an antique vanity with perfume bottles, a crackling fireplace. Colleen stays there during their Boston trip and loves it. (#0208)

Mike realizes the gulf between she and her mother is not as great as she'd thought; in fact, they're more alike than different, when she goes home to Boston and treat her mother for Hepatitis. (#0208)

Sully tells Mike he loves her, then returns to Colorado Springs. Mike follows not long after and tells Sully she loves him, too. They share their second kiss.(#0209)

Mike's dark secret revealed to Miss Dorothy: "I'm a 35-year old virgin!" Mike has feelings of jealousy when she sees Sully and Dorothy meeting secretly, but feels foolish when she realizes it was to teach Sully to dance, so he could dance with her at the Sweetheart's Dance. They share their first "real" kiss. (#0210)

Mike's a trapeze artist extraordinaire in "The Circus." (#0215)
Mike's heart is broken when she thinks Sully has eyes for another woman. (#0216)
Mike shoots a man that breaks into her homestead; she's traumatized by the event: "My job is to save lives." (#0218)

Mike first lies, then tells the truth to Custer about the fate of two cavalrymen who accompanied her to the reservation (they were shot by hostile Indians). Mike is abducted by the renegade Indians in retaliation. (#0219)

Mike runs for Mayor but loses to Jake Slicker by 56 to his 79 votes. (#0222)

Mike declares she wants a traditional wedding. (#0223)

Mike takes on the city council and is defeated when she proposes a ban on corporal punishment in the schools. Mike is asked to be "Maid-of-Honor" by Louise Chambers when she is supposed to marry the Reverend. (#0224)

Mike becomes engaged to Sully. Their happiness is interrupted by the arrival of David, Michaela's ex-fiance, thought dead from the Civil War. Through a lot of soul-searching, Mike realizes Sully is her one true love, and she proposes to him. (#0225)

Mike saw her first naked man when she was 26 - he was fifty-four and she was dissecting him. She helps Brian deal with puberty by scientific lectures.(#0302)

While comforting Colleen about her figure, Mike confesses that as a teenager, she hated her long, straight hair and attempted to curl it with spools of thread which Rebecca, her older sister teased her about. (#0303)

When Olive Davis dies, she leaves Mike her brooch in her will, which her mother wore and her mother's mother before her. "It carries a lot of womenfolk's wisdom and love..." (#0304)

To comfort Brian when Colleen and Matthew take his dinosaur bone, Mike tells Brian her personal story of being the youngest in the family, "When I was seven, I packed my doll and all her clothes and walked all the way to South Station... I got tired of them treating me like a baby." (#0306)

Mike performs reconstructive plastic history on John, a terribly maimed railroad conductor who Brian finds in the woods. (#0307)

Though against censorship, when Sully discovers Walt Whitman, Mike's not sure she approves of him. Together, they find enjoyment in Whitman's poetry.(#0309)

Mike's desire for a leaded, beveled glass door is the source of a money conflict between she and Sully. (#0310)

Mike comes to Washington and testifies before the Senate about the Indians' welfare, and President Grant offers her a job in Washington supervising the selection of doctors for all the reservations. Later, when Sully's arrested for Army desertion, Mike, knowing there's a plot afoot to assassinate the President, springs Sully from prison, upon which Sully goes back to the White House and saves Grant's life. (#0311/#0312)

Mike helps abate the prejudices and fears the town holds for a Jewish family, the Frankels; she helps them gain acceptance in town as well. (#0314)

As a girl, Mike's father dragged her, "kicking and screaming to all his lyceums in Boston." (She remembers this fondly, knowing now what a positive influence it was on her.) Mike learns, via the example of Sam Lindsay, that she can't help every patient; sometimes you just have to let them choose how and where to die. She also re-learns to appreciate nature. (#0315)

Mike whimsically flies a kite at the urging/teasing of Sully, ("What if it is true?") when rumours fly that Stowe's Comet is going to hit the earth and extinguish all life. (#0316)

Mike persuades Jackson Tait to give Robert E a chance at fixing a locomotive steam engine; she also diagnoses a mystery ailment (lead poisoning) for the two Chinese brother railroad workers Robert E's hired to help him. (#0317)

Mike represents herself in the "Cooper Vs. Quinn" custody battle. She loses through her refusal to bring up the fact that, on his last visit, Ethan was last seen by she and Sully trying to abscond with the church's collection money. (She doesn't want the kids to know exactly how rotten their father is.) As such, she loses the custody battle. After she's lost the Cooper kids in a custody battle to their con-man father and his rich new wife, Mike wants to keep fighting the edict. She's denied an appeal. When Colleen runs away and contracts pneumonia, Mike realizes the fight's too hard on the kids and concedes defeat to Ethan, in a heart-breaking episode.(#0318/319)

Mike starts by helping with costuming and ends up playing the part of a nurse in Dorothy's production of "Romeo and Juliet" when Myra, who'd been cast first, comes down with laryngitis. Mike ends up overseeing the play when Dorothy, who'd been directing/producing, gets sick with laryngitis as well. Sully presents Mike with an engagement ring at the end of the play, which has been held in honor of Valentine's Day.(#0320)

Mike, under Cloud Dancing's tutorage, makes a Cheyenne-style buckskin shirt to present to Sully later for his wedding present. Mike is presented with an Indian "good-luck" house warming charm made of feathers and quills by Snow Bird. Mike puts it on the mantle in the new house. Mike and Sully share a passionate kiss in the new homestead, but their happiness together is short-lived when they come upon the massacred village of Black Kettle's tribe, camped along the Washita.(#321/322)

Disillusioned with Colorado Springs after the Washita massacre, Mike briefly considers moving to California or Oregon; discusses it with Sully. Mike reveals the root of her depression to Sully; that she blames herself for the massacre, reasoning that since she sided with the town and voted for the railroad, it gave the army an excuse to kill off the Indians. Sully helps assuage her mis-founded fears and guilt. Says Sully, "When a medicine man (Cloud Dancing) teaches, he loses some of his own power. Cheyenne custom says you gotta offer some kind of gift." Mike gifts Cloud Dancing with the buckskin Indian ceremonial wedding shirt that was to be Sully's wedding outfit and wedding gift, (and which Cloud Dancing helped her make) in exchange for his medicinal lessons. (#0323)

Mike persuades Sully to engage in pre-marital counseling with the Reverend. (#0324)

Mike substitute teaches when the Reverend's abscessed wisdom tooth causes him to take a few days off from school, but the Reverend hastens back to his post when angry parents complain that Mike's been teaching the students Darwin's theory of evolution. Mike ends up using Darwin's theory when, thanks to the lack of child-abuse laws, Mike sets out to prove that an abused young girl is an animal, with all the rights being an animal justifies. (#0325)

Mike achieves a compromise when she combines the wedding dress the townswomen make her with the one her mother brought her. Mike keeps her maiden name, "Quinn," even after she and Sully marry. Mike's presents for her wedding: from the townswomen, a beautiful quilt, from Grace, a cookie cutter that spells "M+S", from Elizabeth Quinn, a beautiful peignoir. Mike's "something old, new, borrowed, blue" are, respectively: an old lace handkerchief from Ireland (given by sister Rebecca), white satin pumps, from Colleen, pearls from sister Marjorie ("And I want them back!") and a blue cornflower bouquet from Dorothy. Mike and Sully are married in a beautiful ceremony, with Cloud Dancing present as best man. They consummate their love on board the train bound for Denver.(#326/327)

Mike and Sully return home from their honeymoon to live in the (larger) homestead Sully has built. Mike, with Sully's help, starts a new garden at the new homestead. (#0401)

Mike takes an interest in baseball, learns the rules thoroughly, and finally becomes team captain, cheering her team, the Colorado Springers, to victory against the visiting All-Stars. (#0402)

Soon after their honeymoon, Mike, as a Victorian era woman, has feelings of guilt about her erotic longings for Sully, but when she confides this to him, he comforts her by telling her, "Whenever you need 'holdin',' (sex) just ask." When she's still unsure, he comforts her further by telling her that the first thing the Cheyenne ask a young man who's just taken a wife is whether she..."show(s) enthusiasm..." (for sex), and he then tells her, "I appreciate your enthusiasm." (#0403)
Mike enlists a reluctant Sully to help her put an orchard in the new homestead. (#0404)

A rift occurs between Mike and Dorothy when Dorothy publishes a book which describes Mike (and other townsfolk) in detail, revealing private information about their lives. Mike resents Dorothy's revealing her secrets to the world, but when Mike realized she did the same thing to Colleen, that figures into her forgiving Dorothy for the same transgression.) Mike is also upset that Brian revealed that he missed his ma to Dorothy and not to her, his adopted mother. Eventually, Mike and Dorothy mend the rift when Mike takes the higher road, telling Dorothy she's, "... not a doctor or a priest, you're a journalist. Your job is to tell the truth as you see it. You must keep writing." (#0406)

Mike learns that imagination is a powerful thing when she counsels Brian not to be afraid of ghosts, only to create, at the same time, some demons of her own when she imagines that Sully's up to no good, thanks to a sudden, mysterious inaccessibility on his part. (In fact, Sully's actually been out building a pumpkin coach to go with his Prince Charming costume as a surprise to Mike for the Halloweeen party.) Mike also learns that "sometimes, you have to treat the patient, as well as the disease," and realizes that unscientific remedies can sometimes work more effectively, both with an arthritic patient, and her own son's fears. In the end, Mike, dressed as Cinderella to Sully's Prince Charming, attends the party via pumpkin coach. (#0407)

We learn Mike's father died of a stroke (cerebral hemorrhage) during a breakfast years ago, and Loren's stroke brings back sad memories of this for her (Sully doesn't learn how her father died until later in the episode). Later, when Mike finds that, during this trying time, Sully intends to fulfill a promise to a friend of his she's never met to go help him out of town, she's upset and does not want him to go. Eventually, the couple manages to make both sides clear to each other -- and while Mike makes Sully understand her need for comfort, Sully convinces Mike that a man's only as good as his word, and she reluctantly understands and accepts his need to fulfill his promise to his friend.(#0408)

Mike determines to celebrate her 37th birthday by herself, climbing Pike's Peak, in order to observe the anniversary of her friend Sam's death (see above, #0315) up on its peak the year before. Myra, Grace and Dorothy accompany her, only to abandon her when things get tough. Fortunately, they return to find Mike injured, and at her encouragement, they complete the journey to the top (she's too injured to go with them). When the women come back to get her, Mike confesses to them that this day has brought a revelation -- seems she's tried to plan everything in her whole life, but she's discovered some of the best things that've happened to her weren't be planned. (We get a hint here that she's worried about her ability to get pregnant.) Ergo, the lesson learned -- Life's what happens to you when you're making other plans. This is the beginning of a looser Mike. (#0409/10)

Mike is worried that she's too old (at 37) to conceive children, but appropriately enough, she learns she's pregnant on Thanksgiving day, which is held at the Indian Reservation this year. (#0411)

Mike's mother sends a little French poodle named "Fifi" to Brian as a Christmas present/replacement for "Pup". Mike is persuaded (by Sully) to let Brian grow up a little in this episode, allowing him to choose his clothing and hair styles. Brian gives Fifi away to Sara, his new little sweetheart, and Mike is relieved. (#0412)

Mike is accepted into the American Medical Society, which recently voted to accept women doctors. (#0413)

Mike votes against Matthew and for Hank in the upcoming Sheriff's election -- she hates the idea of Matthew getting shot on the job. (#0414)

Mike is not happy about the Matthew/Emma romance -- when Matthew cites the example of former prostitute Myra's reformation into a respectable citizen, Mike replies that Myra wanted to reform -- but she's not sure Emma does. She watches the budding romance with trepidation. (#0415)

Mike accompanies the Reverend to Denver to help immunize the Indian children at the Indian school in Denver. While there, she and the Reverend help intercept two flim-flam men (Curtis Roper and Randolph Cummings) who have made off with the people of Colorado Springs' money in a "home-refrigeration box" scam. Mike and the Reverend get the money back in a bait-and-switch scam of their own. (#0416)

Mike, in her zeal to make a christening gown for her soon-to-be-born baby, forgets to turn Brian's article about the train in to Dorothy's special Founder's Day issue of the Gazette. Brian forgives her, but later, when she's angry at the Reverend for almost losing the church to Hank, Brian echoes to her what she said about herself: "Maybe (his) train went a little off the track." (#0417)

Mike has spotting ("uterine bleeding") and must take to her bed when Sully and the gang are on their expedition to retrieve visiting politician Ezra Leonard's son Caleb from Noah McBride, the over-the-edge mountain man. Mike is ministered to by visiting Denver physician Dr. Cassidy, whom she does not like but who takes over her practice while she's bedridden, which adds to her angst. (#0418/19)

Though Mike initially supports Capital Punishment as fitting punishment for Johnny Reed's crimes of raping Rosemary Hart and murdering Taylor Logan, Colleen's simple questioning of it eventually changes her mind. Unfortunately, Mike's change of heart comes too late for her to intervene in Johnny Reed's behalf (and whether the people of Colorado Springs would've listened to her is another question) and Johnny Reed is hanged for his crimes.(#0420)

Mike introduces the concept of multi-culturalism to the Reverend and the reservation when she agrees to help the Reverend teach a few subjects at the new school on the reservation and sees that the Reverend is trying to introduce white culture exclusively. (#0421)

Mike is forced to examine the competitive side of friendship when her old medical school friend, Miriam Tillson, comes to visit her. At the end of episode, we learn that Miriam had lied about her own accomplishments to impress Mike, and Mike, who'd been somewhat apprehensive re: how Miriam would view her own "backwater practice," puts Miriam on the train with a new-found appreciation of her practice and her own, supportive husband Sully. We also learn that Mike has dreams of setting up a practice side-by-side with Colleen in Colorado Springs, though it is inferred that Colleen may have different plans...(#0422)

Mike is nominated "Woman of the Year" for the Colorado Territory by the Denver chapter of the Woman's Suffrage League. This news is delivered to her by the League's representative, Beatrice Cartwright, who has come to Colorado Springs unannouced to observe Mike and determine whether she's a worthy candidate to recommend for the nomination. Despite everyone regaling Beatrice with stories of Mike's merits, Mike, who's nervous about letting everyone down, makes poor medical judgements at the risk of appearing incompetent, and nearly risks a patient's life. At end of episode, Mike confesses this to Beatrice, who agrees that Mike made a mistake, but who tells a stunned Mike that she's going to recommend Mike get the award anyway.(#0423)

The combination of Colleen's leaving for college and Mike's advanced pregnancy make Mike realize she can't handle her practice alone; by end of episode she decides she's going to bring in another doctor to help her run her practice. (#0424)

Rather uncharacteristically, Mike has trepidations re: treating Isabelle Maynard, a beautiful artist and leprosy victim visiting Colorado Springs. Her concern stems from the fact that little is known re: leprosy, how it's contracted, how contagious it is; etc., and she worried about exposing her unborn child. Eventually, Mike overcomes her fears and tells Isabelle that the townsfolk will come around, but Isabelle, sensing their fear of her, leaves town without saying goodbye.(#0425)

Mike has bad dreams about her baby's birth -- first-time mother's jitters, it seems. For baby shower presents, Mike receives a pair of baby shoes from Dorothy, a beautiful white sleeping gown from Emma, which Emma made herself, and a beautiful, hand-knitted baby blanket from Elizabeth Quinn, which touches Mike deeply, as she's never known her mother to knit anything before. Mike's mother Elizabeth is uncharacteristically empathetic and comforting to Mike and manages to assuage many of her fears re: childbirth. When Sully is wounded by hostile Army Sergeant Bryan O'Conner, Cloud Dancing comes to Mike and leads her to him. Unfortunately, the Army apprehends Cloud Dancing, who has led Mike to the injured Sully and is trying to help Mike set Sully's broken shin bone. The Army, led by hostile Army Seargeant Bryan O'Conner, leaves Mike (who's very pregnant) and Sully (injured) to their own devices with the unreasuring "We'll send someone for you" echoing in the couple's ears. Mike manages to set Sully's shin bone, but suddenly labor is upon her, and Sully must deliver baby Katherine (aka Katie) all by himself (and with a cut shoulder and broken shin-bone to boot!) Fortunately, the delivery is unorthodox but uncomplicated, and after the delivery, Mike and Sully locate the horse and wagon and ride back into town, triumphant, a new baby in their arms. (#0427/0428)


Mike mistrusts Cheyenne medicine at first - Cloud Dancing saves her life during "The Epidemic" with tea made from purple coneflowers. (#0101)

Mike got her first monthly when she was thirteen. (#0102)

Mike breaks her wrist on a dangerous journey to take water samples from a contaminated creek. (#0109)

Mike injures her feet when the Dog Soldiers take her shoes and force her to walk barefoot through the woods when she's abducted. (#0220)

Mike gets thrown off her horse when a cow's horn scrapes her horse's side and it rears, unseating her. In the upset, she gets kicked, her left arm is injured and she receives a few cuts and bruises, but nothing too serious. (#0304)

Mike is so emotionally wrought-up she vomits. This happens the first night of she, Sully and the infant Indian baby's journey back to Colorado Springs from Washita. Later in this episode, she lapses into a deep apathy and depression, but she starts to come out of it by the end of the episode. (#0323)

Mike falls in a crevice on her ascent of Pike's Peak and injures her arm and shoulder. (#0409/10)

We learn Mike is pregnant at the end of the Indian Reservation Thanksgiving episode. (#0411)

Mike has spotting ("uterine bleeding") and must take to her bed when Sully and the gang are on their expedition to retrieve visiting politician Ezra Leonard's son Caleb from Noah McBride, the over-the-edge mountain man. Mike is ministered to by visiting Denver physician Dr. Cassidy, whom she does not like but who takes over her practice while she's bedridden, which adds to her angst. Fortunately, the spotting turns out not to be anything serious. (#0418/19)

Mike gives birth to her and Sully's daughter, Katherine Elizabeth Sully, in the woods. Sully delivers. (#0428)




Dr. Mike's Mother.

Stern, "Fine homemaker and an authority on rose gardening."

Has five daughters, all married and live close by except for Dr. Mike (the youngest).

Visits Colorado Springs after receiving telegram from Matthew that Michaela was on her deathbed during the influenza epidemic. (#0102)

Trip from Boston - Seven days by rail, six days wait in St. Louis, then five days in the stagecoach. (#0102)

Home: Planning to add fourth floor to Woman's City Club - considering Alexander Paris for the architect.

Embarrassed when Sully sees her bathe in her camisole (of course - this is a family show). Loren flirts with her during her trip to Colorado Springs. (#0102)

Elizabeth sends a portion of Mike's deceased father's library "... as an endowment to help civilize the Colorado wilderness." (#309)

Per Mike, Elizabeth Quinn does not embrace Ralph Waldo Emerson's philosophy of non-conformity to be a virtue. (#0315)

Elizabeth Quinn gives an annual charity flower show every year; she writes Mike that she can't attend she and Sully's wedding because she does not want to forego the flower show. (#0315) Elizabeth Quinn shows up on the eve of Mike/Sully wedding with daughters Rebecca and Marjorie; she puts monkey wrenches in the townsfolk's (and Cooper kids/Mike/Sully) plans for the wedding, but in the end, everything comes out fine. She even, in an unconventional gesture requested by Mike, gives her daughter away, though initially, she resisted. (#0326/0327)

Rebecca, Mike's "ever-cheerful" sister, serves as co-Matron of Honor with Dorothy at Mike/Sully wedding. (#0326/0327)

Elizabeth Quinn and Loren engage in a flirtation; which results in a jealous moment from Dorothy. (#0326/0327)

She also helps plan the baby shower. (#0427)

Elizabeth Quinn gifts her daughter Mike with a beautiful peignoir as a wedding present. (#0326/0327)

Elizabeth Quinn comes to Colorado Springs to help Mike with the birth of Mike's child, and her grandchild. She also plans Mike's baby shower. Her daughters Marjorie and Rebecca accompany her. (#0427)

Elizabeth Quinn presents Mike with a hand-knitted baby blanket at Mike's baby shower -- this touches Mike deeply, as she knows her mother's never knitted anything before. Also, Elizabeth is very comforting and manages to assuage many of Mike's fears re: childbirth -- she's uncharacteristically empathetic, it seems. (#0427)


Diagnosed with cancer (#0208), but Mike (with kids, Sully) comes to Boston, re-diagnoses Hepatitis caused from eating infected oyster. Elizabeth is soon back on her feet; Mike uses a fermented tea she got from the Cheyenne to flush the liver. (#0209)

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