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Town Biographies VII - Maladies, Dreams, Events



Maude Bray dies of a heart condition. (Pilot)

Sam, Emily Donavan's husband, dies of influenza. (#101)

Harriet (a townsfolk) died of appendicitis. (#0104)

Sam, (a prospector) died "in the act (SEX)" with Myra, the town whore. He had a bad heart. (#0105)

Willie, Emily's older son, swallows 7 pennies. Mike treats him with castor oil, which "has a money-back" guarantee. (#0105)

Kid Cole shoots a young cowboy who was "aimin' to be the one shot Kid Cole" in the shoulder. (#0105)

Visitor Kid Cole is afflicted with consumption (TB). (#0105)

Kid Cole comes back to town and meets Sister Ruth, a faith healer. Mike also performs an operation to clear his lungs of phlegm due to his TB. (#0202) (He later resurfaces in episode #0313, married to her. He gets shot in the calf of the leg by wild Indians, as well.)

Ingrid, Matthew's pretty Swedish girlfriend, is malnourished. (#0105)

In an attempt to feed his family, Jon, Ingrid's brother is shot by a bullet while rustling one of Miss Olive's cows. Fortunately the bullet "went straight through the shoulder." (#0105)

Mr. Silver, mauled by a bear; Mike got to his cabin too late to save him. (#0107)

Ezra gets mercury poisoning from bad water. (#0109)

Happy Walker dies of mercury poisoning. (#0109)

Calvin Harding gets mercury poisoning also. (#0109)

Harry Barton had bad luck in Colorado Springs: not only was he not cured for impotence (with Myra) by Doc Eli's Kickaboo medicine; he had the bad luck to die (death from blood poisoning), thanks to Jake, who nicked him with a dirty razor. (#0108)

Mr. Jacoby gets a boil lanced by Mike. (#0111).

Horace's mother, Mrs. Bing, is ill; Mike, not sure what it is, says it could be anything from tick fever to kidney stones, but her condition is complicated by a bad heart; eventually, she dies. (#0115)

Mike delivers Mrs. Mackenzie's baby, a girl, for Daniel Watkin's camera lens. (#0115)

Horace's mother shows up; dies of either tick fever or kidney stones with complications from a bad heart; gives Myra and Horace her blessing to marry before she dies. Ruby Johnson, a former prostitute, dies. She leaves behind a "secret," Hank's illegitimate son, whom another of Hank's prostitutes bore out of wedlock. The child, a mute boy of about 12 named Zack who's probably autistic, turns out to have superior artistic abilities and is sent to a special school (art school?) in Denver. (#0116)

Doc Cassidy and Drew. Doc Cassidy is the arrogant Doctor who comes to race his horse Destiny." Unfortunately, his rider, a cowboy named Drew, gets kicked by the Doctor's horse, Destiny and dies of the injury; "probably a cranial compression," according to Mike. This makes Dr. Mike so angry, she determines to compete against Doc Cassidy dressed as a man and riding her new Indian pony, Flash. She wins the race, but can't keep the prize money, as she is a woman. (#0201)

Marcus Jennings. Dorothy Jennings' husband. Dr. Mike performs an autopsy on him and pronounces his death due to Gastritis. Thanks to Mike's diagnosis, Dorothy is sprung from jail, where she resided after being falsely accused of causing his death. (#0203)

Ruth Mackenzie, aka Sister Ruth, a traveling faith-healer, comes to town. She meets Kid Cole, falls in love with him; helps him through an operation to evacuate his lungs of phlegm. (#0202) Diseases the orphans brought with them: 3 cases of scurvy, 2 cases of anemia, 1 case of rickets. One of the little boys, Josh, has a peg leg. (#0204)

Mrs. Wakefield's house is burned down by hostile Indians and she suffers from burns. (#0205) Walks on Cloud's fiance', Little Moon, dies when she becomes infected with typhus from blankets with which the army "gifted" the Indians. (#0206)

A nameless man (played by Tom Poston) comes to town on Halloween and scares the town half-to-death when he keeps "dropping dead." He's actually afflicted with narcolepsy. The nameless man wins 1st place (5 silver dollars) for his "headless horseman" outfit, but promptly keels over in a narcoleptic fit and scares the town silly. (#0207)

Dr. John Hanson mis-diagnoses Mike's mother as having liver cancer; Mike joins her mother in Boston; delivers a correct diagnosis of hepatitis. He gets huffy when Mike wants to give her 2nd opinion re: her mother's condition, declares, "women shouldn't be doctors." (#0208)

Travis Stone, hard-faced mining boss, is diagnosed with Silicosis, a miner's lung disease. (#0212) Mike diagnoses private Winslow, a black Buffalo soldier, with scurvy. (#0213)

Mr. Marley dies of a heart-attack on the operating table when Mike removes a growth. (#0214) Atlantis, Heart's daughter, possesses webbed fingers; Mike successfully separates them via surgery. (#0215)

Catherine is a beautiful blond woman captured by and raised with renegade Indians and brought to Colorado Springs by the Army when her tribe is slaughtered. She's named "Shivering Deer" because she's an epileptic. (#0216)

Tom Jennings, Dorothy's son, comes to town. He's a morphine-addicted Civil War Veteran. Mike amputates his leg. (#0218)

Mrs. Caraway has a broken leg. Mike is abducted by hostile Indians when she goes out to Mrs. Caraway's cabin to check on her. (#0219)

Jedediah Bandroft's arm is burned. (#0221)

Peter Chow comes to town; Colleen diagnoses his malaria, which he picked up in Mississippi. (#0301)

Saddle blisters abound (particularly for greenhorns Robert E and Loren) during the arduous ride back home during the cattle drive. (#0304)

A soldier is injured in an earth cave in; Mike bandages his head. (#0306)

Gisela Frankel, the Jewish immigrant family's infant, suffers from croup, which Mike treats successfully. (#0314)

Itzhak Frankel, the Jewish immigrant, has his peddler's cart overturned on him by a rabble of townsfolk and breaks (or cracks?) a few ribs. (#314)

Lee and Quong Chang: smitten with mysterious malady which looks like poisoning; Mike traces some cookies they've been eating to the factory source, where mill stones patches with lead have eventually worn down and been ground into the flour, causing 213 people to succumb to lead poisoning. (#0317)

Mike examines Lillian Cooper; discovers she's lacking a uterus (uterine agenesis) and informs her she can't have children. (#0318)

Several townsfolk (Myra, Horace, Dorothy, Becky) stricken with laryngitis. (#0320)

Belle Starr takes a bullet through the shoulder. (#0321)

No Harm Comes To Him has malnutrition. (#0322)

The railroad is attacked, and various workers, (William Hayley, Young Worker, Worker) have assorted wounds: Hayley has an arm and shoulder wound, the Worker has a leg wound, the Young Worker has his arm in a sling. We learn later (from Custer) that the clinic contains, altogether, seven men wounded in the Dog Soldier attack on the RR. (#0322)

Jared McAllister dislocates his shoulder, and gets some nasty gashes when, on a dare, he plays "chicken" on horseback and gets thrown. (#0403)

Ingrid is bitten, and dies, of rabies, though Mike tries to save her by excising all the tissue around the bite. (#0404)

Mike makes the discover that the men in the mining camp have contracted dysentary because their water supply is too close to the outhouse. (#0405)

Abner Foley has advanced arthritis, which he comes to Colorado Springs to cure with its famous spring waters. (#0407)

Clayton and Ginny Baker, a young couple who are patients of Mike's, lose their first baby, (sex not specified) due to the umbilical cord being wrapped around the infant's neck. (#0411)

Anthony, Robert E and Grace's adopted son, has sickle cell anemia. (#0413)

Mr. James dies of cancer. He wills to the Reverend his gold watch, given to him by his best friend (whose fiance' he stole, then married and had a child, Suzanna, with). (#0417)

Walks Alone, an Indian woman and the squaw of famed mountain-man-gone-over-the-edge Noah McBride, is killed by husband McBride when he breaks her neck. Later, McBride takes Preston's bullet. (#0418/19)

Ezra Leonard, visiting politician, takes a bullet in the shoulder (probably from Noah McBride) in the melee' regarding the rescue of his son, Caleb. (#0418)

Rosemary Hart, 15, a good friend of Colleen's, is given a split lip, black eye and her shoulders and arms badly bruised and scratched when she is raped, (causing autistic-like trauma) by Johnny Reed, an evil visitor (subsequently hanged) to Colorado Springs. (#0420)

Johnny Reed, a rapist, receives fingernail scratches on his face when he rapes Rosemary Hart as well as a shotgun wound in the arm when he's almost mob-lynched, and finally dies of Rope poisoning; (i.e., hanging) for the aforementioned crime. (#0420)

Becky Binder has an intestinal obstruction (volvulus), which Mike operates on successfully. (#0422)

Ilse Lawsenstrom, Hank's grandmother, has a heart condition and cuts her head as a result of a fainting spell her heart condition has caused. (#0423)

Kicking Bear, a reservation Indian, has consumption; Mike announces that this is the 3rd case she's found on the reservation this week. (#0426)

When Private Reilly scuffles with Plenty Horses in a reservation brouhaha, his own gun goes off and he's shot in the abdomen. Even though Mike operates to remove the bullet, Private Reilly dies anyway. (#0426)

A man gets a hernia from lifting a pig. (#0427)


Matthew goes on a vision quest; sees a herd of galloping horses, juxtaposed with his family and Ingrid. (#0112)

Mike dreams (or is she a ghost?) that Abigail, Sully's dead wife, comes back to haunt her one Halloween. (#0207)

Mike dreams of Christmas past, present and future. (#0214)

Sully does a sweat lodge, has a vision, sees that Mike is his destiny. (#0225)

Loren feels old age encroaching; dreams he's dead. (#0302)

The Reverend dreams that Hank is the Grim Reaper, come to collect in soul, after Hank lends him money and tries to foreclose on the church. (#0417)


The sweetheart's dance is in the fall. (#0210)

There was a drought one Thanksgiving. (#0211)

Annual high-stakes poker game at Hank's saloon. (#0217)

Jake Mayor elected first Mayor of Colorado Springs; women get the vote. (#0222)

The town holds a prairie custom called "Shivaree" (a noisy celebration under a wedding couples' window) for Myra and Horace's wedding. (#0226)

The family gifts Sully with a velocipede (early bicycle) which Sully teaches Brian to ride. (#0225/#0226)

It is established that the "Denver and Rio Grande Railroad," which goes from Denver to El Paso, will be routed through Colorado Springs. (#0301)

Sully shows Mike the site for the new Victorian homestead he plans to build for them. (#0301)

When Loren Bray's sister Olive Davis takes ill, Mike, the kids, Sully, Robert E, Loren and Grace take to the Loving Goodnight Trail to try to rescue her, only to find that she's died and left various sentimental items to each of them but Sully and Robert E (neither of whom she knew very well) and the bulk of her estate, her cattle, to Matthew. Items left to each person were: Paco, her older, Mexican ranch hand of 14 years, her Mexican Ranch; Loren received her Colorado Ranch and her share of the General Store, Grace received her interest in Grace's Cafe, Colleen and Brian both received money for their education; Brian received her silver-tooled saddle and Colleen received her gold pocket watch; finally, to Mike she left her heirloom brooch which belonged to her mother, and her mother's mother before her. To Matthew, she left 200 head of cattle, which the group drives back to Colorado Springs, encountering such events as Prairie fires and wild rivers in the process. (#0304)

There's an annual town Christmas party every year. (#0214, #0314)

Townsfolk (except for Mike and Sully) panic when Dorothy reads them an article from the "New York Post" stating that the world will be destroyed by its collision with Stowe's Comet. (#0316)

Telegraph went out during storm; left town without communication. (#0316)

A small geyser erupts in the meadow, indicating to some townsfolk that Stowe's Comet will indeed collide with earth and extinguish all life. (#0316)

Jackson Tait brings a "mule," or locomotive steam engine, to town; Mike suggests Robert E can fix it; and indeed he can. (#0317)

Dorothy mounts a production of "Romeo and Juliet," for Valentine's Day; Mike mans the helm when she falls ill. (#0320)

Train arrives for the first time in town! (#0326/0327)

Townsmen throw Sully a bachelor party for his wedding with Mike; they also get him a much needed bucksaw as a present. (#0326/0327)

Mike/Sully's wedding is May 20th, 1870! (#0326/0327)

Mike and Sully, now married, move into the new homestead Sully has built, along with Colleen and Brian but excepting Matthew, who now (since Sully gave him the old homestead in ep. #0326/0327) inhabits the old homestead. (#0401)

Preston A. Lodge III cuts down the "Kissin' Tree," a large, beautiful oak with much sentimental value to the town. (#0401)

Preston A. Lodge III situates his bank next to Jake's barbershop, He outfits the bank with a brick facade and installs a handsome clock. (#0401)

We see the Palmer Creek Reservation for the first time when Cloud Dancing takes up residence there. (#0401, although mention of Palmer Creek is made in ep. #0328.)

The All-Stars, a professional baseball team, come to Colorado Springs for a match with the "Colorado Springers," a home-team composed of townsfolk. Our team, the Springers lose the first match, but win the second grudge match, and a big winner's pot to match. (The winnings, which were gambled against an original $100.00 donation from the railroad for civic improvements, will still be applied for same. (#0402)

The town of Colorado Springs (with a little prodding from Mike) decides to hold their Thanksgiving celebration at the Indian reservation. (#0411)

The Reverend comes up with the idea to have a "living nativity"; for Christmas -- he persuades Sully and Robert E to build it, Horace, Myra and baby Samantha to be Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus, Loren, Jake and Hank to be the wise men, and Dorothy and Grace to be angels. Robert E's a shepherd. (#0412)

Two flim-flam men, Curtis Roper and Randolph Cummings, come to Colorado Springs with a facetious "ice box" and fleece unsuspecting Colorado Springs citizens. Fortunately, quick-thinking Matthew wires Mike and the Reverend, who are in Denver helping out at an orphanage, and they intercept the con-men; scam them, and get the townsfolks' money back. (#0416)

Mention is made of celebrating Founder's Day with a picnic; Dorothy also intends to put out a special Founder's Day issue of the Gazette. (#0417)

The church gets repaired when the Reverend takes out a loan from Hank to buy some much needed supplies for it -- a new bell, paint, nails, window boxes, etc. The Reverend is motivated to make these repairs because Reverend Thomas, his Seminary instructor and mentor, is coming to town to see him. Unfortunately, the Reverend doesn't make Hank's payment schedule, and Hank almost ends up claiming the church and the land it stands on as collateral on the loan, until Mike and his own conscience soften his stance. (#0417)

Colorado Springs townsfolk build a gallows (although according to Mike, it's only temporary) when the necessity for hanging rapist and murderer Johnny Reed arises. One of the elements that changes Mike's mind from pro-Capital to anti-Capital Punishment is the holiday-like atmosphere the hanging seems to engender in the people of (and visitors to. for the hanging) Colorado Springs. (#0420)

The Reservation gets a school. Initially, this causes much distress to Cloud Dancing, who feels he's watching his people die again (spirtually) as the well-meaning but misguided Reverend teaches Christianity and other white man's ways to the reservation's children. However, by the end of episode (including some tense moments between the Reverend and Cloud Dancing, especially when he goes so far as to try to baptize the young Indians), Mike and Sully hit upon the idea of multi-culturalism -- i.e., a cross-pollination of ideas/philosophies, etc., which are to be told in an Indian story-rinp;g during school hours when the white soldiers are away. The episode ends with the Reverend telling his own story -- where he came from (England) and what his religious beliefs are (Christianity). (#0421)

We learn that Colorado Springs has a boarding house when Emma leaves 'her life' at the saloon and declares that she'll be staying at it. (#0424)

When Sully is injured in an Army/Indian melee' after rushing to Cloud Dancing's defense (hostile Army Sergeant Bryan O'Conner tried to remove Cloud Dancing from the reservation) a men's search party (consisting of Matthew, Brian, Robert E, Loren, Jake and Hank) is organized to find him. But when Mike and Cloud Dancing go to find Sully, a search party of women (consisting of Mike's visiting sisters Rebecca and Marjorie, Grace, Dorothy and Myra) is organized to find Mike (and presumably Sully as well). Neither search party is successful, and Mike and Sully end up having their baby in the woods. Sully successfully delivers the baby, they locate their horse and wagon, and limp home, triumphant, with baby Katherine, aka Katie, in their arms. (#0428)

Mention is made of celebrating Founder's Day with a picnic; Dorothy also intends to put out a special Founder's Day issue of the Gazette. (#0417)

The church gets repaired when the Reverend takes out a loan from Hank to buy some much needed supplies for it -- a new bell, paint, nails, window boxes, etc. The Reverend is motivated to make these repairs because Reverend Thomas, his Seminary instructor and mentor, is coming to town to see him. Unfortunately, the Reverend doesn't make Hank's payment schedule, and Hank almost ends up claiming the church and the land it stands on as collateral on the loan, until Mike and his own conscience soften his stance. (#0417)

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