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Episode Guide - Season Four (1995-1996)


Executive Producer - Beth Sullivan
Co-Executive Producer - Sara Davidson (episodes 1-8,10)
Co-Executive Producer - Carl Binder
Producer - Timothy Johnson
Supervising Producer - Philip Gerson
Story Editor - Melissa Rosenberg
Story Editor - Andrew Lipsitz
Executive Story Consultant - Kathryn Ford
Music - William Olvis

The Year 1870

1. "A New Life". 9/23/95.

[Rating: 9.2 - Share: 18 - Rank: 57 - Viewers: 13.3]

Shooting Date: 4/20/95 - 4/28/95

Newlyweds, Mike and Sully, return to face their new life together. A new banker, Preston Lodge III, arrives on the same train as Sully and Mike on the return from their honeymoon. Mike has trouble adjusting to Sully continuing to come an go as he pleases, "It's not just you and me, but us now." Sully negotiates a deal with the authorities for Cloud Dancing to turn himself in after bounty hunters almost kill him. After he agrees to go to the new reservation, Palmer Creek, he is attacked by members of the various tribes, and Sully feels he may have made a mistake in encouraging Cloud Dancing to surrender. Preston give Horace a loan to buy a new surrey, but when the surrey is damaged in an accident, Preston won't adjust the payment schedule and only offers another repair loan. Mike tries to intercede but Preston won't here of it. Ingrid, hoping to make repairs on the old homestead, borrows money from Preston, but Matthew returns it, immediately, with interest. Preston tries to buy Sully's help in building his new house on the same land as the town's "kissing tree." When Mike and the town tries to stop Preston from cutting the tree down, Matthew is injured in the conflict, but Preston insists upon clearing the land for his new home.

Ingrid . . . . . Jennifer Youngs
Engineer . . . . . Jim Clark
Conductor . . . . . Stan Garner
Fireman . . . . . Kevin Wahl

Writer: Carl Binder
Director: Jerome R. London

2. "Traveling All-Stars". 9/30/95.

[Rating: 8.8 - Share: 17 - Rank: 54 - Viewers: 13.6]

Shooting Date: 5/1/95 - 5/9/95

The town is divided on how to spend money for "civic improvements" until Loren suggests inviting a professional baseball team, the All-Stars, to compete against a town team. The profits from the game will be divided fifty-fifty. Mike hesitates, but is outvoted. When the All-Stars arrive their captain, Otis James, gives Mike a copy of the rule book; she's intrigued. At home, Colleen shows natural talent as a batter, but at school she pretends to hit poorly, since Jared shows less aptitude than her. The town spends more time arguing than practicing when they try to field a team. Preston refuses to play because he's sure they'll lose. The practice is a shambles and the men ask Preston to coach them, his way, no different from boot camp. The All-Stars and the town play game #1, while Mike watches in the stands, disagreeing with Preston's managerial moves. The All-Stars hold back until the eighth inning when they show their true colors, easily winning the game. But, when it comes time to divide the receipts, Otis takes all the money. The town protests but Otis shows them the small print in the agreement requiring a minimum take. The town's been had. Brian reveals that Otis batted out of turn in the final inning. Mike and Dorothy blackmail Otis into playing another game or they'll advertise his scam in the paper -- winner takes all. Mike tries to convince the men to play again, but they don't see a chance of winning, so Mike organizes her own team, everyone can play including women. Mike encourages the natural talent of each player and they're soon playing as a team. The men intrigued, return to the team and game #2 begins. Mike outmanages Otis, and Sully gets the game winning hit. The town team wins. Full of humor and fun.

This episode also includes the famous line by Horace, "Chocolate," as well as a conversation between Mike and Sully about "striking out," but Sully's not talking about baseball!

Otis James..........Joel Anderson
Jared McAllister . . . . . Johnny Moran
Paul . . . . . R. J. Knoll
Engineer . . . . . Jim Clark
Conductor . . . . . Stan Garner
Fireman . . . . . Kevin Wahl

** Note: this episode aired in the middle of the Professional Baseball Strike, and comical references were made to replacement players, etc.

Writer: Carl Binder, Josef Anderson, Sara Davidson, Toni Graphia, Toni Perling
Director: Alan J. Levi.

3. "Mothers and Daughters". 10/7/95.

[Rating: 9.2 - Share: 17 - Rank: 42 - Viewers: 13.6]

Shooting Date: 5/10/95 - 5/18/95

Mike and Sully enjoy the passion of married life with each other, but their preoccupation with each other leads Brian to feel neglected and Colleen to spend more time with her teenage friends. Colleen is upset when Mike won't allow her to go on a hayride with her friends and Brian feels left out when Mike forgets to help him with his homework. Colleen lies to Mike spending time with her friends rather than working at the clinic. Mike yearns for Sully, but feels uncomfortable asking for attention. However, Sully assures her it's natural. Later, Mike finds Colleen's diary and reads that she plans to attend dangerous "chicken races" with her friends. Mike forbids her to go, but doesn't reveal how she found out. Colleen goes anyway and Jared is injured during the race. After Mike sets Jared's dislocated shoulder, she and Colleen come to an understanding. Mike will lighten up, let her be a kid, and Colleen will share more with Mike. Mike and Sully talk to Brian and reassure him that even though they are married they will always have time for him. After Dorothy assures Mike that it's natural to want her husband, Mike happily settles into marital bliss.  Sully and Mike both confess how much they appreciate each other's "enthusiasm."

Becky . . . . . Haylie Johnson
Jared McAllister . . . . . Johnny Moran
Alice . . . . . Andrea Bakkum
Tommy . . . . .Nic Roth
Paul . . . . . R. J. Knoll

Writer: Sara Davidson
Director: Bobby Roth

4. "Brother's Keeper". 10/14/95.

[Rating: 10.2 - Share: 18 - Rank: 33 - Viewers: 15.9]

Shooting Date: 5/19/95 - 5/30/95

Brian is hurt when Matthew wants to spend time with Ingrid planning their upcoming wedding rather than go fishing with him. Brian goes by himself and Pup is bitten by a rabid raccoon. Brian is devastated when Sully and Mike insist on locking Pup in a pen until they know if he's been infected. Ingrid, feeling bad for Brian, offers to refill Pup's water dish. When she goes in the pen Pup lunges for Brian and Ingrid stops him, but is bitten in the process as Pup escapes. Mike excises the wound, hoping Ingrid has not contracted rabies. During the tense days of waiting, Matthew is angry with Brian, "We should have killed that dog." Ingrid develops symptoms and Dr. Mike knows there is nothing that can be done. Ingrid dies in Matthew's arms after they perform their own wedding ceremony. Matthew is inconsolable and rejects Brian's attempts to comfort him. Brian, feeling it's all his fault, goes in search of Pup with a rifle. Matthew, Mike and Sully follow. Matthew finds Brian holding the rifle on pup unable to pull the trigger. He takes the gun to shoot Pup and finish the job. Sully arrives takes the gun from Matthew and shoots Pup as the boys fall into each others arms giving release to their pent up grief.

Ingrid . . . . . Jennifer Youngs
Jon . . . . . Christopher Keene Kelly

Story: Burt Prelutsky
Teleplay: Burt Prelutsky and Kathryn Ford
Director: Jerry London

5. "Halloween 3". 10/28/95.

[Rating: 8.9 - Share: 16 - Rank: 57 - Viewers: 13.3]

Shooting Date: 6/20/95 - 6/28/95

Brian wins praise for his creative writing in class, but another boy, Kyle, is jealous and puts a hex on Brian, promising that Dead Red who haunts the mines will come and get Brian on Halloween. Brian tries to be brave, Colleen reassures him, but his imagination gets the best of him and he's frightened. Meanwhile an old man comes to town to get relief from his rheumatism at the hot springs. Mike tells him there is no cure, but when he sees Jake's new dog, it reminds him of a dog he had before his wife died when his rheumatism started. His hands unfold. Jake is proud to have discovered treatment for the old man, but doesn't want to lose his new pet. He later gives the dog to Abner as a gift. When Brian starts having nightmares, Mike tries to approach Brian's fear in a logical manner, but it doesn't help. Loren and Grace suggest a little magic of their own -- Brian will make a potion to ward off the spell. Mike doesn't buy into it and Brian is disappointed. Afraid, Brian refuses to go the Halloween party. After seeing how a dog and emotions could make the old man feel better, Mike realizes that Brian will have to solve his fears his own way, maybe using his imagination. She and Sully encourage Brian to create a way to battle his fear. They give him a book about the knights of old and he make a sword, Excalibur. Meanwhile, Mike tries to get Sully to talk about their Halloween costumes but he keeps putting her off. Mike thinks Sully is having an affair, but Sully surprises her when he arrives for the Halloween party in Cinderella's coach, dressed as Prince Charming, just for her. At the party, Brian vanquishes his ghosts in the cemetery.

Abner Foley . . . . . William Newman
Kyle . . . . . Billy L. Sullivan
Schoolboy #1 . . . . . Joshua Boyd
School Boy #2 . . . . . Will Rothhaar

Writer: Philip Gerson
Director: Jerry London

6. "Dorothy's Book". 11/4/95.

[Rating: 9.6 - Share: 17 - Rank: 51 - Viewers: 14.8]

Shooting Date: 6/9/95 - 6/19/95

Dorothy's newly published book arrives and surprises everyone, especially Mike, who didn't know she her best friend had been writing a book about the town. People become upset when they see their private lives in print: Jake's alcoholism, Myra's prostitution past, Grace's infertility, the Reverend's gambling problems. Even Loren is upset because he can't find a mention of him in the book. And Mike, is shattered to read her most intimate feelings about Sully in black and white. Sully however comes across very well in the book. Mike feels she can't trust Dorothy, that they can't be friends. Meanwhile, Preston sees an opportunity to promote the town and invites a reporter from Colliers to interview Dorothy. After Mike shuns her, Dorothy takes to her bed, vowing not to write again. Colleen is angry with Mike after she reads about her failed romance with Jesse, something she thought Mike would keep quiet about. Mike reconsiders Dorothy's position, after all, it's not like a doctor's oath of confidence. Mike apologizes, but asks Dorothy to keep their friendship "off the record" from now on, which Dorothy happily agrees to do.

Colliers' Reporter . . . . . Michael Rothhaar
Denver Post Reporter . . . . . John Valentine

Writer: Philip Gerson
Director: Chuck Bowman

7. "Promises, Promises". 11/11/95.

[Rating: 10.0 - Share: 18 - Rank: 47 - Viewers: 15.7]

Shooting Date: 8/21/95 - 8/29/95

Loren surprises Dorothy with the purchase of a new house and a proposal of marriage. Dorothy asks for time before she'll give an answer and confides to Mike she's not sure she loves Loren enough to marry him. A letter arrives from Sully from an old mining friend who once saved Sully's life. Sully promised to come and help start up a new mine whenever he needed. And now the friend is asking him to come to Nevada. Michaela has trouble accepting that he must leave, but she has other things on her mind when Sully tries to talk to her about it and distracts him from pursuing those thoughts -- at least for one night.  Meanwhile, Dorothy stays the night with Mike, after she's decided to turn Loren down. The next day, when Dorothy returns to the store, she finds Loren collapsed after a stroke. Mike works to save him, but can't be sure he'll live, so Dorothy promises Loren she'll marry him if he'll just wake up and live. Loren slowly recovers and Dorothy becomes his nurse, caring for him intimately. Loren fights the dependence he feels and pushes Dorothy away. Meanwhile, Mike and Sully clash when Sully feels obligated to go to help his friend. Mike feels Sully has made more important promises to her and the children. Not wanting to be a burden, Loren retracts his proposal, and Dorothy agrees to stay with him until he recovers completely. Seeing Dorothy's commitment to Loren helps Mike understand the importance of keeping a promise, and she encourages Sully to go to his friend.

Schoolboy #1 . . . . . Joshua Boyd
School Boy #2 . . . . . Will Rothhaar

Writer: Kathryn Ford
Director: Jerry Jameson

8. "The Expedition". 11/18/95 - 2 hour episode

[Rating: 10.7 - Share:  18 - Rank: 38 - Viewers: 17.1]

Shooting Date: 8/30/95 - 9/8/95

Mike decides to spend her birthday climbing to the top of Pike's Peak, like she promised Sam she would. Sully volunteers to go, but Mike wants to do it on her own. As each woman hears about Mike's expedition, she considers going. Dorothy ponders the idea, but Loren say she's much too old. Now Dorothy is determined to go and Mike agrees. Later, Grace considers going, and Robert E doesn't think she could make it to the top. Grace is now determined to go. Finally, Myra, bored with life at home, wants to go but Horace won't give permission. The ladies gang up on him and he says yes, so Myra's on the team. Meanwhile Preston decides to build a hotel-casino in town and enlists Jake as his partner, but first they have to get the town council to agree. Preston encourages Mike and the ladies to go in order to get Mike out of town for the council vote on the hotel-casino. Meanwhile, Robert E has a bad encounter with a bounty hunter, which reminds him of a life he's trying to forget. The ladies take off and soon break down, bickering and complaining. Mike sends them back, she'll continue on her own. Mike falls in a ravine, and now wishes she weren't alone. Back in town, Sully takes over Mike's seat on the town council but can't stop the casino vote, after Preston promises proceeds from the casino will support the school.

The women realize that they're letting Mike down, quitting, and decide to go back. They find her in the ravine, with a broken arm. They each pull together to get her out. That night, around the campfire, each woman faces her own demons: Dorothy is worried about aging; Myra is worried she may have traded one contract for another with her marriage to Horace; Grace feels invisible as the only black woman in town; and Mike fears she may have waited too long to have a baby. As the women's bonds are renewed, they decide to try and ascend to the top. Mike can't go because of her injured arm, but she encourages the others to make it to the top for her. She'll feel a part of their achievement, she doesn't have to be there herself. Back in town, Robert E confesses to Sully that he killed a man while escaping the south, and if the new hotel brings people to town, sooner or later someone will come looking for him. Sully urges him to tell Grace, and they both work to find a way to stop Preston. Meanwhile, now that Preston has the council vote, he backs out his partnership with Jake. Sully finds a loophole in the town charter allowing the mayor, Jake, to declare a town landmark on the site that Preston hoped to build his hotel. Thanks to the ingenuous men of Colorado Springs, they outsmart Preston's plans -- for now.

Bounty Hunter . . . . . Joe Unger

Writer: Sara Davidson and Andrew Lipsitz
Director: Chuck Bowman

Mike's birthday is changed.

9. "One Touch of Nature". 11/25/95

[Rating: 9.6 - Share:  18 - Rank: 43 - Viewers: 14.6]

Shooting Date: 8/10/95 - 8/18/95

Mike invites the town to take Thanksgiving dinner to the Indians at Palmer Creek reservation. Loren and Jake plan to be out of town, leaving Jake alone, refusing to participate in the Thanksgiving festivities. Mike worries that she may never be able to conceive, no matter how hard she and Sully try, and doesn't confide her fears in Sully, who keeps planning romantic baby-making interludes. Mike frustration reaches a peak and she confides her fears in Sully who reassures her that, "even if we don't make a baby? We sure could have a lotta fun tryin'. I ain't willin' ta give up." They become romantic in their endeavors, but Mike is called away to deliver a baby. When Mike has to inform the young father that the baby didn't make it and the mother almost died, Sully recalls Abigail's death and decides he can't risk Mike's life with a pregnancy. Mike, unaware of Sully's change of heart, happily plans a romantic evening, but Sully backs out. Sully confides his fears to Robert E who advises him not to run from life. Meanwhile, Jake goes on a bender and runs into Cloud Dancing who reminds him that he has the family/community of the town and should feel lucky. On Thanksgiving Day, Jake brings the necessary tobacco for Cloud Dancing's ceremony and Mike calls in a specialist who, to her surprise, tells her that she's already pregnant.

Ginny Baker . . . . . Ingrid Beer
Clayton Baker . . . . . Richard Garon
Dr. Bernard . . . . . Edmund L. Shaff

Writer: Melissa Rosenburg
Director: Alan Levi

10. "Hell on Wheels". 12/9/95

[Rating: 9.7 - Share: 17 - Rank: 37 - Viewers: 14.8]

Shooting Date: 5/13/95 - 6/8/95, 10/18/95

Peter Chow asks Mike to come to the railroad site after an outbreak of dysentery. The family arrives to discover Matthew working in the saloon tent for Hank. Matthew is angry to see them and rebuffs Mike's efforts to talk to him about Ingrid. Loren plans a trip to the railroad camp to sell supplies when Dorothy asks him to stop in Manitou to use her savings to buy a new printing press. He agrees and Jake goes along for the ride. Back at the camp, Mike asks the Reverend to speak to Matthew, but Matthew's not interested in the Reverend's platitudes Loren arrives just as the men are organizing a spike driving contest -- the white workers against the chinese. Matthew joins in the contest to vent his frustration. Loren bets Dorothy's money on the losing man. Loren can't face Dorothy but Jake returns and tells all to Dorothy. Dorothy arrives but Loren evades her. When the foreman asks for volunteers to blow the ridge, Matthew volunteers. Mike is devastated that he's willing to risk his life on this dangerous job. Colleen and Peter renew their friendship and he agrees to look out for Matthew. When Matthew places the nitroglycerin in the blasting hole, it explodes, injuring Peter. Matthew sinks even further, horrified that he endangered Peter's life. Mike tries one last time to reach Matthew, he breaks down letting his grief flow. Loren confesses to Dorothy and they need to find someone to buy Loren's supplies so that Loren can repay Dorothy. Matthew comes to terms with Ingrid's death, in a very different way than he thought he would.

Mr. Riggs . . . . . John Doman
Peter . . . . . Eric Michael Zee
George . . . . . Larry Dirk
Bill Baynes . . . . . Kaz Garas
Wibur . . . . . Don Dowe
Construction Foreman . . . . . Tom Kelly Moore

Writer: Andrew Lipsitz
Director: Alan Levi

11. "Fifi's First Christmas" 12/16/95

[Rating: 9.3 - Share: 17 - Rank: 52 - Viewers: 14.3]

Shooting Date: 9/20/95 - 9/29/95

Mike's mother sends a toy poodle, Fifi, as a Christmas present for the family, but it's Brian gets stuck caring for the poodle. Taking care of a french poodle is not the image Brian wants as he tries to impress Sara, the new girl in town. Brian is frustrated as Mike continues to treat him as a little boy, buying him a velvet Christmas suit which he is loath to wear in front of his friends. As Brian tries to get Sara's attention Kyle keeps getting in the way, even dunking Brian in the horse trough. Sully counsels him, saying that just because something is out of reach, doesn't mean he can't get it. Brian takes and interest in piano lessons just to spend time with Sara. Meanwhile, Preston suffers from kidney stones and refuses to let Mike treat him. When Sara and Kyle are lost in the woods, Brian and Fifi go out find them and bring them safely back to town in time for the town christmas pageant where Brian and Sara play a duet. Sara thanks Brian with a kiss and Brian gives Fifi to her as a Christmas present.

Anna Marie Sheehan . . . . . Susanna Thompson
Sarah Sheehan . . . . . Janna Michaels
Kyle . . . . . Billy L. Sullivan

Writer: Carl Binder
Director: Jerry Jameson

The Year 1871

12. "Change of Heart". 1/6/96

[Rating: 10.5 - Share: 17 - Rank: 44 - Viewers: 16.8]

Shooting Date: 10/1/95 - 10/9/95

When a young boy, Anthony, is caught stealing pies from Grace's, Robert E wants to take him in but Grace has misgivings, she's already lost one adopted baby. Mike encourages Grace to give Anthony a chance only to have Anthony fall sick with mysterious pain attacks. Mike's counts on her new membership in the American Medical Society to help her make a diagnosis, but they are no help. Meanwhile, the town feels its time for Matthew to move past his grief and set him up with blind dates, one that talks too much and one that doesn't talk at all. Hank thinks he's got the perfect girl for Matthew and sends him one of his new prostitutes, Emma. Strangely these two make a connection, but Matthew feels guilty and sends her away. Sully advises him to take a chance on life. When Anthony's disease reaches a crisis, Mike must perform emergency surgery. She later helps Grace decide to take a chance on Anthony even though she can't guarantee that he will recover.

Anthony . . . . . Brenden Jefferson
Emma . . . . . Charlotte Chatton
Melanie . . . . . Suzanne Ventulett
Woman . . . . . Lisa Dinkins

Writer: Julie Henderson
Director: James Keach

13. "Tin Star". 1/13/96

[Rating: 10.0 - Share: 17 - Rank: 50 - Viewers: 15.8]

Shooting Date: 10/10/95 - 10/17/95

The mail is stolen, customers are refusing to pay for services, and Hank's "business" is overflowing the saloon when the towns decide's it's time to get a new sheriff. An election is called and Mike is surprised when Matthew decides to run, his competition will be Hank. Mike and Sully try to dissuade Matthew, it will mean wearing a gun, but he insists he's up to the challenge. After Dorothy's endorsement in the Gazette, Matthew wins. Matthew starts off well, but when he accidently mistakes Horace for a burglar he shoots him in the arm, the town is unsure if he is man enough for the job, and Mike and Sully fear for Matthew's safety. Sully teaches Matthew to defend himself without a weapon, a version of martial arts, and Matthew convinces the town council to outlaw guns in town. When a gunslinger comes to town, Matthew faces him alone and unarmed, but the town stands behind him, daring the killer to shoot every man. The gunslinger backs down and the town embraces Matthew as the sheriff. Meanwhile Brian's friends are going to Denver for the fair and they won't let him join them until he passes the initiation. He must steal a model train from Loren's before he'll be allowed to hang with older boys. Brian is troubled, but steals the train anyway, then suffers pangs of guilt and remorse. Brian bravely returns the train to Loren, confessing his crime. Loren forgives Brian, empathizing, and offers to take Brian to the fair in Denver himself.

Zachary Brett . . . . . Travis Tritt (cameo)
Charles . . . . . John Christian Graas
Cowboy . . . . . Bob McCracken
Saloon Thief..........Ryan Alosio

Writer: Andrew Lipsitz
Director: Jerry Jameson

14. "If You Love Someone". 1/20/96

[Rating: 11.1 - Share: 19 - Rank: 32 - Viewers: 17.0]

Shooting Date: 10/20/95 -10/29/95

When Emma and Hank get into an argument over a customer, Matthew tries to rescue her and Emma is none too grateful, but later softens and invites Matthew on a picnic. Matthew and Emma enjoy their time together and Emma's shares her dream of opening a dress shop. Matthew tries to enlist Mikes' help in getting Emma out of her "contract" with Hank. Both are stunned when Emma reveals she has no contract and chooses to work for Hank, thinking it's the fastest way to get cash for her dress shop. Emma forces Matthew to realize that if they are going to be friends he can't keep trying to rescue her, she's going to make her own decisions. Will he agree? Matthew agrees, for now. Meanwhile, feeling frustrated with a wife and mother role, Myra impresses Preston with her knowledge of figures and he offers her a job as a bank clerk. At first, Horace refuses causing friction in their marriage, with Myra thinking maybe she's married the wrong man. Later, Horace relents, realizing he has to let Myra make her own choices. Myra blossoms with her new responsibilities at the bank and under Preston's guidance, a fact not lost on Horace.

Emma . . . . . Charlotte Chatton
Garrett . . . . . Carl Ciarfalio
Anna May . . . . . Cathy Worthington

Writer: Melissa Rosenberg
Director: James Keach

15. "The Iceman Cometh". 1/27/96

[Rating: 10.3 - Share: 18 - Rank: 35 - Viewers: 16.1]

Shooting Date: 11/1/95 - 11/9/95

Mike and the Reverend go to Denver to give inoculations to Indian orphans. Back in town, a cultured black man, Curtis, arrives in town catching Grace's eye and impressing Anthony. At the same time, Randolph, an old prep school alum of Preston's arrives selling shares for a venture producing the first refrigeration box. Randolph plays coy with Preston saying that he's already sold most of the shares, as word spreads of the venture, each town person buys in without telling anyone else, even Colleen invests her savings in the invention. Grace, impressed when Curtis buys shares, joins the deal herself, not telling Robert E. Preston's not ready to invest until he see's the prototype set to arrive the next day. Randolph understands, but it's already too late, there are no more shares available. Preston, afraid to be left out, presses Randolph to sell a few share to a fellow alum, which he gladly does. The next day all await the arrival of the prototype only to be disappointed when all that arrives is a crate of ice and Randolph and Curtis are no where to be found. Matthew can't pursue them since, no laws were broken, but he'll wire Mike in Denver. In Denver, Curtis and Randolph spot what looks like two easy marks, the Reverend, sporting a lot of cash (donations for the church) and a pregnant woman. Mike pretends to be ill and the Reverend switches the phoney envelope for the towns money, turning the tables on the con men. Meanwhile, the reservation's crop of corn has come in and Cloud Dancing would like to sell it at the general store. Sully acts as a go between, but Loren is reluctant to take a risk on Cloud Dancing. After Loren loses money to the con men, he thinks twice about Cloud Dancing and agrees to sell the reservation corn.

Randolph Cummings . . . . . Brandon Douglas
Curtis Roper . . . . . Anthony Lee
Anthony . . . . . Brenden Jefferson
Customer . . . . . Sean Morgan
Indian School Trustee . . . . . Martin Eric

Writer: Philip Gerson
Director: Alan Levi

16. "Dead or Alive". (2-parter) 2/3/96 and 2/10/96

[Rating: 11.9 - Share: 20 - Rank: 25 - Viewers: 18.7]

Shooting Date: 11/12/95 - 11/22/95 and 1/12/96 - 1/19/96

The town gathers to hear Senator Leonard's speech promoting Colorado statehood. The crowd is stunned when the senators' son is kidnapped and only an Indian woman remains bearing a message for the Senator to write a statement denouncing statehood. If he does so his son will be returned in four days, if not, he'll be killed. The town seeks Sully's help and finds him home cooking for Mike. Preston scoffs at Sully's domesticated state and vows to find McBride himself. Sully recognizes the woman as the wife of a mountain man he once knew, Noah McBride. Sully, Senator Leonard, Preston and the men set out to find the kidnapped boy. Preston and Sully clash on the trail both vying for leadership, with Preston sneering that Sully was once wild an untamed but now he's a domesticated house pet. Sully hopes they'll find a way to talk to McBride without using violence. Back in town, Mike is inundated at the clinic, the Reverend has tonsillitis and many patients need attention. She begins to experience a little bleeding and Dorothy warns her to slow down. Later Mike's bleeding increases and she's forced to stay in bed and Colleen calls Dr. Cassidy from Denver. When he arrives he insists Mike stay in bed and takes over her practice. When the men arrive at the meeting place, Leonard balks at giving the statement to McBride, chaos ensues. Leonard is shot and McBride escapes, kidnapping Matthew.

Sully takes charge, they'll continue on foot. Preston and Sully continue to clash as they track deeper into the mountains. Sully reverts to his mountain man ways with each mile that they travel. Preston injures his leg in a metal bear trap. Sully wants to leave him behind, but Preston insists on continuing, vowing to bring McBride in...dead or alive. They find Walks Alone's dead body, McBride has killed her rather that see her taken prisoner. Sully is shaken, in a different world he could have become McBride. Sully leaves the men behind and goes after McBride alone. Sully surprises McBride in his camp. They fight, McBride daring Sully to shoot him. Sully can't, a shot rings out and McBride falls dead. An exhausted Preston drops the gun, eying Sully before he collapses. Sully struggles to get the injured Preston and the men back to town in time for Mike to save his leg. Meanwhile, Mike is going stir crazy being bed ridden. Cloud Dancing tries to cheer her and when she asks for his opinion, he agrees with Dr. Cassidy. Brian assumes the duties of the man of the house and Colleen bridles under Dr. Cassidy patronizing at the clinic. Later, when Mike is feeling stronger and wants to return to work, Dr. Cassidy warns that she must reduce her workload. Mike agrees. When the men return, Dr. Cassidy leaves and Mike returns to work, if only at reduced hours. Preston asks Sully why he saved his life, and Sully replies, "If you don't know by now, you never will." Mike has a dream where she sees her baby, happy and healthy, restoring her hope and reaffirming the need to take it easy.

Dr. Cassidy . . . . . Jerry Hardin
Noah McBride . . . . . Denny Miller
Ezra Leonard . . . . . Lawrence Pressman
Caleb Leonard . . . . . Zachary McLemore
Walks Alone . . . . . Victoria Racimo
Man . . . . . Michael Ray Miller

Writer: Carl Binder
Directors: Chuck Bowman (Part 1) and James Keach (Part 2)

17. "Deal with the Devil". 2/17/96

[Rating: 10.6 - Share: 19 - Rank: 29 - Viewers: 16.0]

Shooting Date: 1/22/96 - 1/30/96

The Reverend's mentor, Rev. Thomas, is coming for a visit and the Reverend worries that the broken down church won't impress him. Mike suggests he start making repairs, but the Reverend is low on funds. Sully suggests that the Reverend get a loan and pay it back by collecting all the money he has lent to the townspeople over the years. Meanwhile, Preston and Hank are competing to see who can build the first hotel in town, Preston's already got a spot picked out and Hank has no where to build. When Preston refuses the Reverend for lack of collateral, Hank suggests the Reverend take a loan from him using the church as collateral. The Reverend agrees, takes the money and begins repairs on the church. As the loan deadline approaches, the Reverend tries to collect the money owed to him but everyone has an excuse why they can't pay him back. As midnight approaches the Reverend dreams he's made a deal with the devil and on Sunday morning Hank comes to foreclose on the church. As the shocked congregation looks on, the Reverend hands Hank the keys and prepares to leave town. Mike urges the town to forgive, after all it was they who didn't repay the Reverend's kindness. Meanwhile, Mike and Sully makes special preparations for their baby's arrival. Mike is so involved in making a christening gown for the baby, she forgets to deliver Brian's article to Dorothy in time to be published.

Reverend Thomas . . . . . Fred Rogers
Suzanna James . . . . . Jennifer Starr
Mr. Edwin James . . . . . Max Gail

Writer: Nancy Bond
Director: Bobby Roth

18. "Eye for an Eye". 2/24/96.

[Rating: 10.4 - Share: 19 - Rank: 45 - Viewers: 15.2]

Shooting Date: 1/31/96 - 2/7/96

Rosemary Hart is raped and Mr. Logan is murdered. The man found guilty of the crimes, Reed, is convicted of murder and rape and sentenced to hang in Colorado Springs. However, the citizens of CS have a variety of opinions on whether the drifter should be hanged. Ben Hart wants to kill Reed with his own hands for defiling his sister. Jason Hart, his father, helps him keep a cool head. Colleen, seeing what happened to Rosemary, agrees the man should die, but later, sickened by her friends' joking treatment of the hanging, she questions whether it's right to kill a man, in any circumstances. Michaela, too, was initially in favor of the hanging, but with Colleen's questioning, she reconsiders, just not in time to stop the proceedings. Sully remains silently out withdrawn. Hank, knowing Matthew's never overseen a hanging, offers to be a deputy to assist. Matthew, wanting to prove to the town he can be a good sheriff, fights the hesitation within himself in order to follow through on his sentence.

Emma . . . . . Charlotte Chatton
Johnny Reed . . . . . Geoffrey Blake
Ben Hart . . . . . Paul Francis
Rosemary Hart . . . . . Bonnie Morgan
Jason Hart . . . . . Stephen Rowe
Judith Logan . . . . . Janet Rotblatt
Judge . . . . . Olaf Pooley
Becky . . . . . Haylie Johnson
Jared McAllister . . . . . Johnny Moran
Paul . . . . . R. J. Knoll

Writer: Kathryn Ford
Director: Gabrielle Beaumont


19. "Hearts and Minds". 3/9/96.

[Rating: 9.3 - Share: 17 - Rank: 43 - Viewers: 14.7]

Shooting Date: 2/9/96 - 2/14/96

The Reverend starts a school for children on the Indian reservation, and he and Dr. Mike offer to teach. They instruct the children in reading and writing, and the children take to the lessons eagerly. Trouble arises when the Reverend angers Cloud Dancing by trying to make the Indian children like "white" children, by cutting their hair and dressing them in "white" clothing, teaching them how to live like a "white" person, rather than encourage their own cultural backgrounds. Sully is forced to close the school until a reconciliation can be reached, but his superior forces him to re-open. In the end, Sully and Mike convince the Reverend of the importance of preserving one's past, if they are going to have a successful future. Sitting in a circle, custom for telling stories in the tribes, Sully, Mike, Cloud Dancing, the children, and even the Reverend, share their stories of the beginnings of their people and find a common ground. Also, Brian wants Anthony to attend the Colorado Springs school, but Grace is strangely hesitant. Meanwhile, Dorothy wants to move to the old telegraph office and seeks support from Preston for the Gazette. At first, he scoffs, but when Dorothy proves to be a very educated businesswoman, Preston relents, on his terms. Dorothy won't accept them, but manages to convince Preston to be a "silent" partner, owning 49% to her 51% in the Gazette.

Looks for the Sun..........Joseph Ashton
Arapahoe Girl . . . . . Christine Delmy
Anthony . . . . . Brenden Jefferson
Pawnee Boy . . . . . Onofrio Sanfilippo
Crow Boy . . . . . Daniel Gusman

Writer: Andrew Lipsitz
Director: Terence O'Hara


20. "Reunion". 3/23/96

[Rating: 9.6 - Share: 17 - Rank: 41 - Viewers: 14.9]

Shooting Date: 2/14/96 - 2/20/96

Miriam Tilson, a friend of Mike's from medical school, comes to visit and is shocked at Michaela's rustic lifestyle, although impressed. She marvels at the prim and proper Michaela engaging in conversation with Indians and petting a wild wolf. Through letters, Miriam presented her life and her great successes in San Francisco in a large hospital. She boated about her three beautiful children and her wonderful life. Michaela, worried that Miriam would look down upon her own small clinic, tries very hard to impress her by presenting her life in as appealing a light as she could. However, Miriam fast sees the truth in how happy Michaela is, even marveling at Sully's devotion. She lashes out in anger and she and Michaela come to odds over a diagnosis on Becky, Colleen's friend. It causes tensions, with Miriam accusing Michaela of always having to be right. Meanwhile, Dorothy experiences many problems with her new printing press, and Colleen is the one to encourage her to keep trying.  Finally, the truth comes out that Miriam had been presenting her life as that of her husband's because she was jealous of Michaela's success as a doctor. When everything is revealed, Dr. Mike and Miriam reconcile their differences, promising to stay in touch.

Miriam Tilson . . . . . Christine Healy
Becky . . . . . Haylie Johnson

Writer: Melissa Rosenberg
Director: Gwen Arner

21. "Woman of the Year". 4/6/96

[Rating: 9.6 - Share: 19 - Rank: 34 - Viewers: 15.3]

Shooting Date: 2/21/96 - 3/6/96

Mike is nominated for Colorado Woman of the Year (1871) by a Denver suffragette organization, but she has trouble living up to everyone's expectations. The townsfolk, eager to impress the woman here to watch Dr. Mike, boast of how many times Dr. Mike saved their life, presenting her as a woman who could do no wrong. Michaela, overwhelmed by the attention and the possible prestige the nomination would win her, works hard to please everyone. She tries to present herself as being able to handle it all, career, mother, wife, friend, teacher, etc., but she ends up spreading herself too thin and disappointing many, namely Hank. Hank's Nana (grandmother) visits, and Hank tries to keep up a false pretense of the life he told his Nana he was living, just so she wouldn't be ashamed of him. The problem is it's Horace's "life." Horace is none to happy about Hank treading on his life, especially when it involves becoming a husband to Myra and father to Samantha. He also doesn't understand why Myra is accepting of this, wanting to support Hank, rather than her own husband. When Ilse suffers from heart-related complications, Michaela doesn't give her the attention she should as a doctor. Hank sees this and accuses Michaela of caring more about herself than her patients. Mike, truly apologetic, realizes what she's done and seeks to help Hank's Nana. In the end, she apologizes to Mrs. Cartwright, and is surprised to learn she is still going to be nominated. Sully comforts her as the train pulls away by saying, "The man of the year says the woman of the year is gonna go on a picnic."

Beatrice Cartwright . . . . . Bibi Besch
Ellie . . . . . Madison Eginton
Ilse . . . . . Gloria LeRoy
Tom . . . . . Benjamin Livingson
Becky . . . . . Haylie Johnson

Writer: Paul Stubenrauch (episode dedicated to his memory; died Feb. 6, 1996)
Director: Gabrielle Beaumont


22. "Last Chance." 4/13/96

[Rating: 9.3 - Share: 18 - Rank: 37 - Viewers: 14.0]

Shooting Date: 3/8/96 - 3/18/96

Michaela's desire to cut back on her work at the clinic, due to the end of her pregnancy looming, is put on hold when she must tend to Cloud Dancing, who has been stabbed in a fight at the reservation, and she determines that Emma needs an operation after treating her for injuries she received in a bar fight at the saloon. When it's revealed that Emma will be unable to have children, once the surgery is complete, Emma refuses. She knows how important children are too Matthew, even though they have yet to make a serious committment in their relationship. Finally, Matthew comes to comfort her, telling her he would rather have her alive, than die from the tumor. Sully has to deal with the arrival of his supervisor, Hazen, who is less than pleased to see that Sully has ignored most of his directives for "helping" the Indians. Colleen looks at colleges, worried about the money required to attend and wondering if it would be better to pursue something else.

Emma . . . . . Charlotte Chatton
Seargant O'Connor . . . . . Patrick Kilpatrick
Superintendent Hazen . . . . . James Sloyan
Two Spears . . . . . Jeff O'Haco

Writer: Carl Binder
Director: Gwen Arner

23. "Fear Itself." 4/27/96

[Rating: 9.7 - Share: 20 - Rank: 32 - Viewers: 14.0]

Shooting Date: 3/21/96 - 3/28/96

When a young female painter, Isabelle Maynard, arrives in Colorado Springs, she is welcomed by everyone, especially an enamoured Preston. However, everyone wonders why she remains completely covered, up to the chin and down to the wrists, even wearing gloves to cover her hands. When water is spilled on her arm, Michaela sees her remove her glove to scratch at some sores. She examines her and realizes it's leprosy. She tries to keep it a secret from everyone, but somehow the word spreads. Sully finds out and is very concerned about Michaela exposing their unborn child to the disease. The people in the town shun her, going so far as to not touch anything she touches and making sure she's not given any real courtesy. Preston realizes he's fallen in love with her, but is hurt when the truth about her illness is revealed. He questions her, and she asks him if he would have allowed himself to feel the same way if he knew the truth. Doing the only thing he knew how to do, he arranges for a private car on the train, complete with all the furnishings and comfort, for Isabelle to have as she leaves to seek somewhere else to live. Despite Michaela's insistence that she stay, Isabelle thanks her for her hospitality and open mind and leaves Colorado Springs. Sully remarks, "this town didn't do right by her."

Isabelle Maynard . . . . . Denise Crosby (Lt. Yar in Star Trek)

Writer: Philip Gerson
Director: Gwen Arner

24. "One Nation." 5/4/96

[Rating: 8.6 - Share: 16 - Rank: 45 - Viewers: 12.4]

Shooting Date: 3/28/96 - 4/3/96

Cloud Dancing, seeking to bring peace among the warring tribes at the reservation, is arrested and put on trial, with Sully as his defender, when he confesses to killing a soldier on the reservation. He takes the blame to spare the life of the one who really committed the murder. Sully tries to convince him of his foolishness, but Cloud Dancing remains adamant. He will maintain his stand, no matter what the cost. Prestion tries to prevent Dorothy from printing an editorial that is fair to both sides. They clash over editorial policies on the paper, and when Dorothy threatens to leave him the Gazette and start her own paper again, Preston relents, and Dorothy maintains a controlling interest in her paper. At the trial, although O'Connor seeks to pin Cloud Dancing for the crime, Sully ingeniously turns one of O'Connor's comments around on him, pointing out the remark that the Army is in a state of war. If that is the case, any death on either side is a casualty of war, not murder. As a result of this argument, the Judge proclaims Cloud Dancing innocent, and the elders of the tribes on the reservation, impressed by Cloud Dancing's stand, agree to bind together. O'Connor warns Sully that it's not over between them.

Seargant O'Connor . . . . . Patrick Kilpatrick
Judge . . . . . J. C. McLaughlin
Plenty Horses . . . . . Matthew Stephen
Arapaho Elder . . . . . Billy Daydodge
Ute Elder . . . . . Robb Derringer
Pawnee Elder..........Aaron Victor

Writer: Julie Henderson
Director: Terrence O'Hara

25. "When A Child is Born" 5/11/96 and 5/18/96

[Rating: 10.4 - Share: 22 - Rank: 33 - Viewers: 15.6]

Shooting Date: 4/4/96 - 4/17/96

Mike's family arrives for the impending birth of Mike and Sully's baby, bringing along a new young doctor to help deliver the baby. Michaela, always one who likes to be in control, questions this new doctor's skills, worried that he will be unable to come through in the event of an emergency. Dr. Cook tries to assure them all he is more than capable, but there are still doubts. At a baby shower, Elizabeth declares her certainty of the baby being a girl, noting how Michaela is carrying the child. Sully's problems with the army continue. O'Connor comes to announce he's moving several of the tribes to another reservation, Cloud Dancing included. Sully sets out to stop him, thanks to a telegram from his superior agreeing to the halt on progress. O'Connor says he takes his orders only from his own superior and makes to proceed. Sully stops him, and he is physically wounded by O'Connor in a scuffle. Cloud Dancing stays behind to help him, despite Sully's protestations of him being caught and the higher price he'll pay for it.

Preston prepares for the opening of his new hotel and resort, and Marjories is accompanied by both Preston and Hank to the celebration. However, the celebration quickly turns into a tussle, and Preston, Hank and Horace get into a fight. Meanwhile, Michaela's family is fussing over her and trying to convince her to not worry so much, for fear it would cause complications with her baby. They town dispatches a search party for Sully, but they don't return soon enough to cease Michaela's worries. When Cloud Dancing comes to her in the middle of the night, she leaves a note and accompanies Cloud Dancing to her husband.

With the men gone to look for Sully, that leaves no one to go in search of Michaela, so the women band together to do the job. Rebecca, Marjorie, Grace, Dorothy and Myra decide to go, despite protests from their family members. Horace forbids Myra to go, but she defies him, wanting to help her friend and resenting his attempts to keep her from doing what she wants, adding even more tension to an already strained marriage. Elizabeth protests her daughters going, but Rebecca points out it's their sister out there, and they aren't going to sit idly by and wait for something to happen. Meanwhile, Michaela finds Sully and tends to his wounds. Before they can get moving, however, O'Connor tracks them down and captures Cloud Dancing again. He steps on Sully's injured leg to halt him from pursuing them, leaving them there in the wilderness and saying a wagon will be brought back to get them.

Realizing the army most likely won't be back for them any time soon, Michaela tells Sully she brought the wagon, so together they make their way back to it. They make slow progress, though, with Michaela nearly nine months pregnant and Sully injured. By the time they get up into the wagon, Michaela feels pains in her abdomen and her water breaks. She informs Sully the baby won't wait, and he helps her down to rest against the trunk of a tree. Fear about their circumstances as well as memories of the baby and wife he lost years ago compound and nearly keep Sully from helping. Michaela assures him her pains are normal, forcing herself to keep a level head about everything. Fighting her own pains and Sully's fear, she tries hard to make Sully see how much she needs his assistance. Overcoming his fears and a slight complication in the delivery, Sully manages to ensure his daughter's safe arrival into the world, wrap her in a soft blanket and present her to his wife.

Back in town, Horace suffers from a pain in his abdomen. He had his appendix removed in "End of the World," so Dr. Cool deduces it's a gall bladder attack. With Dr. Mike gone, Dr. Cook must perform the operation. With Colleen assisting, the operation is a success. The men and women search parties return empty-handed. Worried over where Sully and Michaela are, they gather in the street to discuss what to do next, but they soon see the missing family riding towards them. The town and her new family welcome Katherine (Katie) Elizabeth Sully. Amidst the celebrations, O'Connor arrives in town to inform Sully that he has been terminated from his position as Indian Agent. Myra, having heard about Horace's operation, runs to him, but he is so hurt by her desertion, he lashes out at her. Myra decides they need some time apart, and Horace agrees, so she leaves with Samantha for St. Louis. Michaela's family departs for Boston and congratulates the proud parents on the birth of their new daughter. Dr. Cook, seeing the need for his services and enjoying the atmosphere around Colorado Springs, decides to stay and help Michaela.

Mike and Sully welcome Katie to her new home, proudly showing her off to her brothers and sisters. The rest of Colorado Springs returns to their normal lives, and the episode/season ends with a beautiful panning of the town's inhabitants at work.

Emma . . . . . Charlotte Chatton
Elizabeth Quinn . . . . . Georgann Johnson
Seargant O'Connor . . . . . Patrick Kilpatrick
Marjorie Quinn . . . . . Alley Mills
Rebecca  (Quinn) . . . . . Elinor Donihue
Anthony . . . . . Brenden Jefferson

Writer: Carl Binder
Director: James Keach

Suggested logical viewing order by Karen Holp:
A New Life, Traveling All-Stars, Mothers and Daughters, Brother's Keeper, Halloween III, Dorothy's Book, Promises, Promises, The Expedition, One Touch of Nature, Hell on Wheels, Fifi's First Christmas, Change of Heart, Tin Star, If You Love Someone, The Iceman Cometh, Dead or Alive, Deal with the Devil, Eye for an Eye, Hearts and Minds, The Reunion, Woman of the Year, Last Chance, Fear Itself, One Nation, When a Child is Born


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