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Episode Guide - Season One (1993)

Series Creator - Beth Sullivan
Executive producer - Beth Sullivan
Co-Producer - Timothy Johnson
Supervising producer - Josef Anderson
Creative consultant - Sara Davidson
Music - William Olvis
Arthur Seidel was a producer on episodes 2,3,4,5,11.

1. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Pilot (2 hours). 1/1/93

[Rating: 18.2 - Share: 29 - Rank: 6 - Viewers: 28.9]

Shooting Date: 1/16/92 - 2/20/92

Dr. Michaela Quinn is a Bostonian doctor, born February 15, 1833, who is tired of being dismissed simply because she is female. When her father, who had been her partner and mentor, dies, her patients no longer seem to need her. She, therefore, leaves Boston in 1867 and sets out for Colorado Springs in answer to an ad for a town doctor. She gets off to a rocky start and is met with hostility, suspicion and resentment, when she finds a town who thinks the notion of a lady doctor is absurbd. Previously, they were treated by the town barber or died. However, she is assisted by two of the townspeople: the matron of the local boarding house, Charlotte, and the local "eccentric" mountain man, Sully, a loner who tries to negotiate peace between the US Cavalry and the Cheyenne Indians. When Charlotte unexpectedly dies of a rattlesnake bite, she entrusts her three children (Matthew - 16, Colleen - 11, and Brian - 8) to Michaela. Dr. Mike's relationship with Matthew is a bit tentative to begin with, but ultimately the children realize that their new mother will raise them properly. Her professional relationship with those in town continues to be cool despite her ability to save a pregnant woman and her child by performing a radical Cesarian section under the most primitive conditions. When storekeeper Loren Bray's wife dies of a heart condition, Bray, though previously warned of the seriousness of her condition, harbors resentment towards the new town doctor. With the help of the children and Sully, she is finally accepted, although grudgingly, as the town doctor.

Charlotte Cooper . . . . . . Diane Ladd
Maude Bray . . . . . Verna Bloom
Loren Bray . . . . . Guy Boyd
Jake Slicker . . . . . Colm Meaney
Robert E . . . . . Ivory Ocean
Emily . . . . . Heidi Kozak
Black Kettle . . . . . Nick Ramus
Colonel Chivington . . . . .Adrian Sparks
Mrs. Elizabeth Quinn . . . . . Mary Gregory

Jake, Loren and Robert E. were recast after the pilot.
Grace and Olive were introduced in a later episode.
Larry Sellers played an Indian named Black Hawk in the pilot; he now plays Cloud Dancing.
The co-producer's name is the same as the Reverend's (Timothy Johnson).
"Sully" is a derivative of Sullivan.

Writer: Beth Sullivan
Director: Jeremy Kagan
Producer: Richard L. O'Connor

Jeremy Kagan was a co-producer along with Timothy Johnson.
Josef Anderson and Sara Davidson have not joined the production staff yet.


The Year 1868

2. "Epidemic". 1/2/93

[Rating: 15.9 - Share: 27 - Rank: 10 - Viewers: 26.2]

Shooting Date: 8/3/92 - 8/11/92

Olive, Loren's sister, and Grace are introduced, with one of Olive's cowhands bringing with him a sickness. Michaela works feverishly against an influenza ("the grippe") epidemic, trying to save the town's inhabitants, many of whom are hostile to her modern methods. The epidemic isolates the town and causes panic among the townspeople. Emily's husband dies as does Ingrid's father. Charlotte's former boarding house is used as a clinic and Michaela sparingly dispenses her pitifully small amount of quinine. When Michaela contracts the disease, Sully enlists the aid of Cloud Dancing to save her life with a Cheyenne fever-reducing tea. Horace and Myra meet when she cares for him. Colleen assists Mike, gradually comes to terms with her anger over Dr. Mike's allegiance to the Hippocratic Oath, and decides she wants to become a doctor herself. Sully kisses Dr. Mike on the forehead while she's asleep (and laying in her underclothes) at the end of the episode.

Olive Jeanne Davis . . . . . Gail Strickland
Grace . . . . . Jonelle Allen
Ingrid . . . . . Ashley Jones

Writer: Beth Sullivan
Director: Chuck Bowman

3. "The Visitor". 1/9/93

[Rating: 14.9 - Share: 24 - Rank: 22 - Viewers: 24.0]

Shooting Date: 8/12/92 - 8/29/92

Having been worried by a letter from Matthew, detailing how ill Michaela had become in the influenza outbreak, Dr. Mike's mother, Elizabeth, visits from Boston. From the start, Elizabeth Quinn makes no effor to hide her disapproval. She and Michaela agree on almost nothing, especially not about her daughter's recent career choices. She takes a severely critical view of her daughter's hard life as a frontier physician and insists she immediately return home to Boston. Robert E. is seriously burned in a fire and treated by Michaela, her mother, and Grace at the homestead. Dr. Mike wants to buy the boarding house to use as a clinic, but a Denver banker won't give her a mortgage and threatens foreclosure. When her mother recognizes her committment to medicine and her newly adopted family, she buys the boarding house for her.

Elizabeth Quinn . . . . . Jane Wyman
Jedediah Bancroft . . . . . George Furth
Emily . . . . . Heidi Kozak

Writer: Cathleen Young
Director: Victoria Hochberg

4. "The Law of the Land". 1/16/93

[Rating: 15.0 - Share: 25 - Rank: 17 - Viewers: 24.4]

Shooting Date: 1/16/92 - 2/20/92

When Matthew and Jon, a young Swede, slaughter one of Olive's cows to feed the starving immigrants, the town arrests Jon and calls for a lynching. Dr. Mike initiates a search for a sheriff to restore law and order, while arguing for understanding of the immigrants' plight. Kid Cole, a weary ex-gunfighter looking for a quiet town to convalesce from tuberculosis, reluctantly accepts the job, and his first duty is to keep the town from lynching Jon, the brother of Matthew's new girlfriend, for cattle rustling. Matthew, caught between his guilt and Jon's plea for him to keep silent, finally confesses his part in the crime at Jon's trial. Michaela must now decide what to do, and after Dr. Mike's moving pleas for compassion, Olive drops the charges against the boys. In the end Kid Cole decides to move on to a "quieter" town. Brian and Sully find a wounded deer and Brian wants to keep her as a pet and names her Byron, after Sully, even though Sully hates this name.

Kid Cole . . . . . . . . . Johnny Cash
Olive Jeanne Davis . . . . . Gail Strickland
Ingrid . . . . . Jennifer Youngs
Jon . . . . . Christopher Keene Kelly
Emily . . . . . Heidi Kozak
Doofus . . . . . Steven Hack
Bearded Guy . . . . . Byron Hays
Immigrant . . . . . Endre Hules
Louie the Kid . . . . . Jeremy Brown
Cowboy . . . . . David Brooks

Writer: Toni Perling
Director: James Keach

Ingrid is now played by Jennifer Youngs. This episode is out of logical order. "The Prisoner" episode (#11) portrays Matthew and Ingrid as talking for the first time.

5. "The Healing". 1/23/93

[Rating: 14.0 - Share: 24 - Rank: 28 - Viewers: 22.1]

Shooting Date: 9/22/92 - 9/30/92

Storekeeper, Loren Bray, discovers that he still owns the homestead which Sully believed he had inherited from his deceased wife, Abigail, Loren's daughter. He decided to cause Sully some pain by vindictively seeking to take over the homestead. The ailing Loren, who initially refuses to let Dr. Mike examine him, falls critically ill with a strangulated hernia. Dr. Mike performs risky surgery on Loren with help from Sully and young Colleen, whose image in the eyes of her peers is thereby greatly enhanced. The town bets on Loren's survival, and Horace provides a play-by-play while peeking through the clinic window. When Loren requires a blood transfusion, Sully volunteers. As a result of Sully's life-saving selflessness, Loren relents and resolves his feud with Sully. Sully begins to accept Abagail's death. Loren says it was the second anniversary of Abagail's death.

Olive Jeanne Davis . . . . . Gail Strickland
Becky . . . . . Haylie Johnson
Emily . . . . . Heidi Kozak
Missy . . . . . Melissa Flores
Man . . . . . Christopher Kriesa

Writers: Sara Davidson and Toni Perling
Director: Gwen Arner

Abagail's grave marker says she died in 1865 but the series is inconsistent here in that Mike went to Colorado in 1867 and spent Christmas there in the pilot so this would be 1868, not 1867 (1865+2).

6. "Father's Day". 1/30/93

[Rating: 14.5 - Share: 25 - Rank: 17 - Viewers: missing]

Shooting Date: 9/1/92 - 9/10/92

Ethan Cooper, having abandoned his family years ago, returns to town a "reformed" man, ready to claim his children, now in Dr. Mike' care. Dr. Mike, faced with the loss of the youngsters she's adopted, watches in helpless confusion as Colleen, Brian and, eventually, Matthew, are drawn back into Ethan's orbit. Meanwhile, the townsfolk plan a Founders Day Auction to raise money for the new school. Mike tries to join the ladies quilting circle where Mike and Olive clash over Mike's auction donation -- small pox vaccinations. Eventually, Ethan reveals himself to be a con man whose real intention is to rob the town's auction proceeds, a scheme foiled by the suspicious Sully. Sully learns to ride a horse. Matthew finally dances with Ingrid at the church social.

Ethan Cooper . . . . . Ben Murphy
Harriet . . . . . Deka Beaudine
Harriet's Husband . . . . . Terrance McNally
Olive Jeanne Davis . . . . . Gail Strickland
Becky . . . . . Haylie Johnson
Ingrid . . . . . Jennifer Youngs
Emily . . . . . Heidi Kozak

Writer: Sara Davidson
Director: Jerome R. London

Logical order has this show after "The Prisoner" (#11).

7. "Bad Water". 2/6/93

[Rating: 14.6 - Share: 25 - Rank: 22 - Viewers: 23.8]

Shooting Date: 10/21/92 - 10/29/92

When several townspeople come down with mercury poisoning, Dr. Mike forces a reluctant Sully to guide her to the high mountain stream which may be the source of the problem, and they try to secretly get a water sample near the camp of Mr. Harding (a mining baron). The trek is difficult for her, but she ultimately earns Sully's respect and gratitude after saving his life twice despite a broken wrist. Just as they confirm that the water is being polluted by a local mine owner whose mining process is dumping mercury into the stream, they are captured by his men. In the interim, worried townsfolk send out an inept posse (consisteng of Jake, Loren, Hank, Horace and Matthew) to try to locate Sully and Dr. Mike, but the posse runs into a skunk and gets lost. Matthew avoids the skunk and goes in search of Dr. Mike and Sully alone. Olive backs Grace's new venture -- Grace's Cafe. Grace's friendship with Robert E continues to advance. In the end, Dr. Mike saves the day by curing the mine owner's son who has fallen victim to the poisoned water and convincing the owner to close the mine. This is the episode where Mike and Sully's friendship really takes off. It has the "Can you do up the buttons?" and "Old habit - Give it up" scenes.

Mr. Clay Harding . . . . . Michael Cavanaugh
Olive Jeanne Davis . . . . . Gail Strickland
Calvin . . . . . Jared Rushton
Ben . . . . . Michael Shamus Wiles
Ezra . . . . . R. Leo Schreiber

Writer: Sara Davidson
Director: Chuck Bowman

8. "The Great American Medicine Show". 2/13/93

[Rating: 14.2 - Share: 25 - Rank: 24 - Viewers: 23.5]

Shooting Date: 10/12/92 - 10/20/92

Dr. Mike tries to heal the soul of Doc Eli, a Civil War surgeon turned patent medicine show huckster, who's come to like the taste of his own medicine, a all-curing elixir used by the fabled Kickapoo Indians. She doesn't trust the sales pitch of this exploitave medicine show man, especially when she's facing a real medical crisis involving Myra. She must help Doc Eli face his past demons, before he can help her remove an ovarian cyst from Myra, in a technique he pioneered. Meanwhile Sully's on a similar mission in trying to convince Franklin, a disillusioned Cheyenne, survivor of a massacre, to join his own people in their continuing fight for survival. Myra and Horace get engaged.

Doc Eli . . . . . Robert Culp
Franklin . . . . . Pato Hoffman
Lucas . . . . . Seth Dillon
Emmett . . . . . Jack Ray Stevens
Myra's Customer . . . . . Christopher Kriesa

Writer: Toni Perling
Director: Richard Heffron


9. "Cowboy's Lullaby". 2/20/93

[Rating: 14.1 - Share: 24 - Rank: 26 - Viewrs: 22.0]

Shooting Date: 10/1/92 -10/9/92

Dr. Mike takes in Red McCall, a down-and-out cowboy, and his ailing half-breed infant child. McCall reaches the end of his rope trying to care for his baby, so after robbing Loren's store, he leaves the baby in Michaela's care, sensing she could find a suitable home for his child. Dr. Mike's attempts to find a home for the baby prove futile. When she travels to a remote cabin to check on the health of it's owner, she finds him badly mangled from a bear attack. Her horse is frightened off by the bear, and she's marooned in the cabin until Sully shows up looking for her. They narrowly escape being the rabid bear's next victims. After returning to town, Dr. Mike decides she'd rather raise the child herself than turn him over to an orphanage. However, Sully locates Red and convinces him to keep the child.

Mr. McCall . . . . . John Schneider (Performed "Cowboy's Lullaby")
Emily . . . . . Heidi Kozak
Black Kettle . . . . . Nick Ramus
Eddy . . . . . Kort Falkenberg
Wife . . . . . Elizabeth Reilly
Man #1 . . . . . Scotch Bryerly
Man #2 . . . . . Charles Gunning

Writer: Josef Anderson
Director: Chuck Bowman

This episode logically belongs earlier.

10. "Running Ghost". 2/27/93

[Rating: 14.6 - Share: 25 - Rank: 20 - Viewers: 22.8]

Shooting Date: 10/30/92 - 11/5/92

The railroad may be coming to Colorado Springs. Sully ends up badly beaten and partially paralyzed following a run in with Rankin and two other buffalo hunters who were hired by the railroad to clear the buffalo and Indians out of the planned train path. As Dr. Mike, Cloud Dancing and the kids fight to help Sully regain the use of his legs, Thaddeus Birch, a con man who passes himself off as an advance man for the railroad, is in the process of swindling the townsfolk out of the deed to their property. Hank threatens Horace with the possibility of keeping Myra's contract if he won't sell his land to the railroad. Dr. Mike unmasks the con man's plan, thereby saving the townsfolk's property. Sully recovers, and only Dr. Mike's forewarning, of never wanting to see him again should he kill Rankin, keeps him from exacting full revenge.

Tate Rankin . . . . . Don Stroud
Thaddeus Birch . . . . . Andrew Prine
Black Kettle . . . . . Nick Ramus
Iron Knife . . . . . James Burgdorf

Writers: Elaine Newman and Ed Burnham
Director: James Keach

11. "The Prisoner". 3/13/93

[Rating: 14.7 - Share: 23 - Rank: 15 - Viewers: 23.6]

Shooting Date: 8/21/92 - 8/31/92

After ambushing Black Kettle's camp, General Custer enters the town carrying wounded soldiers and Indian prisoners, including Cloud Dancing, whom Custer threatens to kill if Dr. Mike does not treat his men before the injured braves. Later, Dr. Mike treats Cloud Dancing's broken arm while he remains shackled in the telegraph after Custer's interrogation. When Custer jokingly hauls Cloud Dancing before a firing squad that fires blanks, Dr. Mike and Sully engineer Cloud Dancing's escape. Meanwhile, Olive opens a Hurdy Gurdy, recruiting girls from the immigrant camp and a reluctant Loren, Horace and Jake for the band. Matthew buys all of Ingrid's dance tickets then shyly confesses that he doesn't know how to dance. Robert E. and Grace exchange looks. Robert E. is still burned from The Visitor (#3).

Olive Jeanne Davis . . . . . Gail Strickland
General George Custer . . . . . Darren Dalton
Sergeant Dixon . . . . . Tim de Zarn
Black Kettle . . . . . Nick Ramus
Ingrid . . . . . Jennifer Youngs
Emily . . . . . Heidi Kozak
Guard #1 . . . . . Jon Spradley
Guard #2 . . . . . Joe Sikorra
Soldier . . . . . Donn Berdahl

Writer: Josef Anderson
Director: Chuck Bowman

Logical order has this episode coming after "The Visitor" (#3) and before "Law of the Land" (#4) and Father's Day (#6).


12. "Happy Birthday". 3/27/93

[Rating: 15.1 - Share: 27 - Rank: 18 - Viewers: 23.0]

Shooting Date: 11/6/92 - 11/13/92

Michaela's loneliness surfaces as her birthday approaches and she experiences feelings of sadness at still being unmarried and the thought of losing her dream. After a patient of hers dies of blood poisoning, she accuses Jake, the barber, of infecting the man with a dirty razor. Her accusation throws Jake into a drinking binge at his feelings of negligence. Dr. Mike tries in vain to pull him out of it, but finally realizes he must be the one to want to stop drinking. This realization comes after she feels the townspeople are discussing her "single" status and she resents their interference in her life. She gives Jake something to live for by pointing out his many friends in town, including her. Meanwhile, Mike's children try to help her deal with her loneliness on her 35th birthday by conspiring to find her a proper suitor before her surprise party. Sully doesn't know how to react when the children, especially Brian, suggest he could be their new father. Mike gets a sign for her clinic from the town, repaired broken china from her children, and saddle bags and her first kiss, while she's awake, from Sully. Alley Mills (Orson Bean's wife) and Kirsten Barlow (now Joe Lando's wife) appear as two of Hank's girls in the scene where Mike receives the sign from the town.

Emily . . . . . Heidi Kozak
Harry Barton . . . . . Christopher Kriesa
Barbershop Patron . . . . . John Fountain
Townsperson #1 . . . . . Teddy Haggarty
Townsperson #2 . . . . . Richard T. (Tom) Summers

Writer: Toni Perling
Director: Chuck Bowman

13. "Rite of Passage". 4/10/93

[Rating: 12.5 - Share: 24 - Rank: 21 - Viewers: 19.1]

Shooting Date: 3/8/93 - 3/16/93

Matthew's sudden announcement that he wants to marry Ingrid causes upheaval in his relationship with Dr. Mike, who feels he's too young. In an effort to prove he's man enough to make his own decisions, he convinces Sully and Cloud Dancing to allow him to partake in a four-day Cheyenne ritual of a "vision quest." This is the final straw for Dr. Mike, and she confronts Sully before she storms off looking for Matthew. She comes upon Matthew going through the rite of passage and seeming at peace with himself, so she lets him finish uninterrupted. Meanwhile, Ingrid suffers asthma attacks, and her treatment is undermined by Dr. Mike's disapproval of their marriage plans. Later, Dr. Mike and Matthew resolve their differences, with him deciding to delay the wedding and her giving Matthew her engagement ring for Ingrid. Sully says Abigail was 18 when they married.

Olive Jeanne Davis . . . . . Gail Strickland
Ingrid . . . . . Jennifer Youngs
Bear Heart . . . . . James Encinas

Writer: Sara Davidson
Director: Chuck Bowman

Abagail's grave marker has her birth year as 1839 so she and Sully would have married in 1857. In the pilot, however, Charlotte Cooper says Sully came to Colorado in the Pike's Peak Rush in 1859. In the "Running Ghost" episode, Loren says Abagail grew up in the store so she couldn't have married Sully before he came to Colorado. Inconsistency...

14. "Heroes". 5/1/93

[Rating: 11.5 - Share: 23 - Rank: 32 - Viewers: 17.0]

Shooting Date: 3/17/93 - 3/25/93

Colleen develops a teenage crush on Sully after he pulls her out of the path of a runaway wagon. After reading a serial romance story and imagining herself as a damsel in distress with Sully as her knight in shining armor, she purposely sets out to get lost in the woods hoping Sully will rescue her. A cold front blows in, and she almost freezes to death in an abandoned mine before Sully and Dr. Mike find her. Dr. Mike works hard to save Colleen's badly frostbitten hands, and after recovering, Colleen faces the heart-wrenching truth that her crush on Sully was just a creation of her fanciful mind. Sully ultimately has a heart-to-heart talk with Colleen, and after coming to terms with her feelings, she pursues her friendship with Lewis, Horace's nephew. Meanwhile, racial tensions in town reach a boiling point when Hank accuses Grace of food poisoning which is later proved false when Dr. Mike discovers Hank has been eating meat infected with trichinosis. Colleen is 15 according to the storyline.

Olive Jeanne Davis . . . . . Gail Strickland
Lewis Bing . . . . . David Tom
Missy . . . . . Melissa Flores
Susie . . . . . Larisa Oleynik
Boze . . . . . Juney Smith

Writer: Toni Perling
Director: Reza S. Badiyi

15. "The Operation". 5/8/93

[Rating: 11.8 - Share: 24 - Rank: 27 - Viewers: 18.1]

Shooting Date: 3/26/93 - 4/5/93

While Brian and Sully are out hiking, Brian climbs a tree and jumps out before Sully can stop him. Brian lands hard, hitting his head. Mike, angry with Sully for not watching Brian more carefully, is relieved to find no signs of injury. Later, the townsfolk argue over who will build the new schoolhouse, Matthew wants Robert E included, but, in the end Jake and Loren are tapped for the job. Brian begins to exhibit symptoms of compression, which escalate to blindness and later, coma. A specialist can't be found and Mike must perform a dangerous brain operation while Jake and Grace assist. Meanwhile, remembering Brian's last request to have a schoolhouse, the town, including Robert E, binds together to fulfill his wish as a way of showing their love and concern for the little boy. Brian awakens and wanders out to the new school where Mike and the family find him, overjoyed that he can see again.

Olive Jeanne Davis . . . . . Gail Strickland
Mrs. Cathcart . . . . . Susan Bambara

Writer: Beth Sullivan
Director: James Keach

16. "The Secret". 5/15/93

[Rating: 10.8 - Share: 23 - Rank: 41 - Viewers: 15.7]

Shooting Date: 4/16/93 - 4/26/93

When Mike and Sully stop to check on old Mrs. Johnson, they discover her dead and a young boy, Zack, hidden in the closet. Mike takes the child in and confronts the townsfolk, who reluctantly admit to knowing the boy's mother was one of Hank's whores. When she died they sent Zack to Mrs. Johnson because he was "simple." Mike is frustrated in her attempts to find a medical diagnosis and cure for Zack's condition. Mike's further detective work reveals that Hank is Zack's father, and she helps Hank own up to his responsibility. Meanwhile, Brian seems to be the only one to get the boy to exhibit his artistic abilities, and he is mistakenly given credit for a drawing that Zack has done. Later, when Zack's artistic talent is discovered, Hank agrees to send him to an art school in Denver. The show has a cute opening scene of Mike and Sully with him criticizing her driving.

Zack Lawson . . . . . Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Olive Jeanne Davis . . . . . Gail Strickland
Missy . . . . . Melissa Flores
Boy . . . . . Matthew Speare
Cowbow #1 . . . . . Jack Verbois
Cowboy #2 . . . . . Thomas Rosales

Writer: Toni Graphia
Director: Jerome R. London

17. "Portraits". 5/22/93

[Rating: 12.9 - Share: 26 - Rank: 21 - Viewers: 18.9]

Shooting Date: 4/6/93 - 4/15/93

Daniel Watkins, a civil war photographer arrives in Colorado Springs. Dr. Mike diagnoses Daniel's diabetes and is frustrated that he refuses treatment and will ultimately go blind. Daniel suggests taking a portrait of the town and an argument ensues over who will be in it. When the camera equipment is destroyed, the whole town must pull together to create a camera and take the photo before Daniel's eyesight fails. At the same time, Mrs. Bing, Horace's mother, is brought to town, seriously ill. Mrs. Bing disapproves of Myra until she learns how much they love each other, and on her deathbed bestows her blessing on their marriage. Mike catches wedding bouquet #1 (from Emily).

Daniel Watkins . . . . . Kenny Rogers
Olive Jeanne Davis . . . . . Gail Strickland
Emily . . . . . Heidi Kozak
Emily's Husband . . . . . Jeff Ramsey
Ingrid . . . . . Jennifer Youngs
Horace's Mother (Mrs. Bing) . . . . . Rosemary Murphy
Lewis Bing . . . . . David Tom
Mrs. Eckland . . . . . Cathy Worthington

Writer: Josef Anderson
Director: Chuck Bowman

Note: According to Entertainment Tonight this episode was written for Kenny Rogers as he's a photographer himself. Beautiful still photography.

***Suggested Logical Viewing Order for Season 1 from Karen Holp & Trayce:
The Pilot; Cowboy's Lullaby;
The Epidemic; The Visitor; The Prisoner; Law of the Land; Father's Day; The Healing; Great American Medicine Show; Bad Water; Running Ghost; Happy Birthday; Rite of Passage; Heroes; The Operation; The Secret; Portraits

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