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As the series continued, actors were replaced for a multitude of reasons.
In the pilot for the series, Loren Bray was played by Guy Boyd and was replaced by Orson Bean in "The Epidemic" (Season 1).
Guy Body Orson Bean  
Jim Knobeloch appeared in role of Jake Slicker in The Epidemic (Season 1). In the pilot, Slicker was played by Colm Meaney
Colm Meany Jim Knobeloch  
In the pilot for the series, Robert E. was played by Ivory Ocean and was replaced by Henry Sanders in "The Epidemic" (Season 1).
Ivory Ocean Henry Sanders  
In "The Prisoner" (season 1), Jennifer Youngs replaced Ashley Jones in the role of Ingrid.
Ashley Jones Jennifer Youngs  
In "Just One Lullaby" (season 2), Christopher Masterson replaced David Tom in the role of Lewis Bing.
David Tom Christopher Masterson  
In "End of the World" (season 3), Jessica Bowman replaced Erika Flores in the role of Colleen Cooper.
Erika Flores Jessica Bowman  
In Los Americanos (season 5) Brandon Hammond replaced Brenden Jefferson in the role of Anthony.
Brenden Jefferson Brandon Hammond  
In Los Americanos (season 5), the character Teresa Morales was introduced and was played by Michelle Bonilla. In season 6, she was replaced by Alex Meneses.
Michelle Bonilla Alex Meneses  
Mary Gregory Jane Wyman Georgann Johnson
In the pilot for the series, Elizabeth Quinn was played by Mary Gregory. In "The Vistor" she was played by Jane Wyman and in "Where The Heart Is" she was played by Georgann Johnson.
Taylor Nichols Darren Dalton Jason Leland Adams
In "The Epidemic" General Custer was played by Taylor Nichols and was replaced by Darren Dalton in "The Prisoner". In later episodes, Custer was played by Jason Leland Adams.

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