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Characters: In Their Own Words

Many thanks to "Cinnamon" for originally developing this idea. Do you know of an episode where a character delves into his/her past and has a quote that reveals something extra about them? Share it with us.

Dr. Michaela Quinn

Michaela: "Those days I was too busy thinking about work to pay any attention to parties like my sisters. Besides, when I did, boys never asked me to dance. They always thought I was too uh..."
Charlotte: "Smart?"
Michaela: "I wasn't going to give up being a doctor so I gave up the parties instead."
Charlotte: "How come you never got married?"
Michaela: "He got killed in the war."

(to Hank) "I've been thinking about what you said. You're right. Something inside me is frozen. It's not that I don't feel things. I... I do. I feel love. I feel pain. I feel passion. I feel all these things inside of me, swirling around, sometimes so... so powerfully that... that it frightens me... Especially when it comes to men. I don't know what I'm afraid will happen if I let my feelings out. I suppose that I think that I'll seem silly or weak or maybe he won't hear me and he won't respond, and I'll just be left there standing."

Byron Sully

Sully: "My wife had a garden in that exact spot."
Mrs. Quinn: "You lived here?"
Sully: "This is my homestead. I built it."
Mrs. Quinn: "Well, why did you move?"
Sully: "My wife died giving birth."
Mrs. Quinn: "Oh, and the child?"
Sully: "She went with her."
Mrs. Quinn: "I can't imagine the pain of losing a child. I don't know how one would ever recover."
Sully: "You don't."

"When I was young, I saw my brother get his foot caught in the stirrup; get dragged to death."


"Me and Hank have known each other a lot of years. In his way of thinking he was doing good by me. I remember the first time he smiled and told me I was beautiful. It was the first time I ever felt I was. He told me of his dreams coming out here and making a new life, and he brought me with him. I figured out later it wasn't the life I wanted, but it got me here. And now I found what makes me happy. So in a way I owe him."

Hank Lawson

"I know I ain't gonna be the best father. I can tell you that straight out. I like my whiskey and my women, and sometimes I ain't too polite. The fact is, I got a downright nasty temper."

(about his Nana) "She's a special lady. She's the only one in my family I ever gave a damn about. She's the only one that ever gave a damn about me. When I was a little boy, she told me I was smart; be anything I wanted. You believe that?"

Jake Slicker

"See this? (snapping a strope) My ma had one hanging on a ten penny nail right by the front door -- last thing I saw when I left the house in the morning and the first thing I saw when I come home at night. Just hanging there like a loaded gun waiting for my ma to use whenever she got mad. Only I never knew when that was gonna be."

Robert E

Robert E: "We gotta hide the children. They'll be coming for 'em next."
Grace: "Robert E, you listen to me. You are not a slave anymore. Those days are gone forever."
Robert E: "Dear God, please don't take my children."

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