For personal and select distribution only (c) by Lori Martin, December 2000

I wanted to write a fun fan-fic this time and so taking the idea off of this web site, I decided to write a story that takes Sully and Dr. Mike into the future. My story picks up during the episode when the twister hits Colorado Springs. Remember that this is only a story and therefore some things may not be true or accurate even for today. So here is my version of what happened that stormy night.

November 23, 1871

Michaela glanced quickly up at the dark sky as she struggled to put Flash in the barn. Frightened by the loud thundering claps heard overhead, Flash was rearing up on his hind legs as Michaela frantically tried to calm her. Finally after much coaxing she closed the barn door behind her and securely fastened the door shut. Just as she was about to close the gate to the corral, she suddenly heard a loud, strange noise, as if a steam engine was in their back yard. Looking up towards the sky she suddenly became paralyzed with fear as she saw a tornado coming straight towards their home.

"Oh my God," she uttered aloud as she quickly pulled herself away from the corral post and forced herself to turn towards the house. Running up the front steps, she quickly closed the door behind her and ran over to where Katie sat in her highchair. Picking Katie up, she looked around the room and then seeing the stairs, she quickly made her way over to take cover under the stairwell.

She crouched under the stairs, Katie held tightly to her chest as she waited with uncertainty. Suddenly she heard a loud crash and throwing her body on top of Katie's, she turned her head around just in time to see a kitchen chair flying straight at her. For a brief instant she squeezed Katie tight and then as the chair struck her in the head, she saw only darkness.

* * * * * * *

Michaela slowly opened her eyes as the first rays of sunshine peeked through the lace curtains. She suddenly felt a small hand wrapped around her finger and looking down she noticed that Katie was lying in bed beside her. A look of confusion suddenly crossed her face as she tried to remember bringing Katie to bed with her last night. Feeling a bit panicky, she quickly reached for Sully, and much to her relief he was sleeping soundly beside her.

Raising herself up on one elbow, Michaela reached over and gingerly caressed Sully's cheekbone. Slowly Sully opened one eye to see his wife's blazing eyes staring down at him. "Mornin'," Sully greeted drowsily as he smiled up at his wife. "Good morning," Michaela answered as she leaned over, and careful of Katie in between them, she gave him a good morning kiss.

"Happy Thanksgiving," Sully whispered as he deepened the kiss and then pulling apart, he reached down and pulled Katie onto his chest.

"There's so much to do still," Michaela replied as she swung her legs over the side of the bed. Suddenly she felt a little dizzy and she put her hand to her head.

"Michaela?" Sully's voice was full of concern as he watched his wife sway slightly. "You okay?"

"Yes, yes, I'm fine Sully," Michaela tried to reassure him, "my head does hurt though."

"Why don't you come back to bed and try to sleep some more. I'll get up with Katie and get breakfast for everyone," Sully tried to convince her.

"No, of course not, I'll be fine," Michaela stated convincingly. "It's Thanksgiving Sully. I have to get up and cook the turkey, make the dressing, and then there's cranberry sauce that needs to be made, potatoes that have to be..."

Sully placed a still sleeping Katie down on the bed and then sitting up he knelt behind Michaela. Placing his hands on her shoulders he leaned over her and kissed her mouth, stopping her in mid-sentence. "There's plenty of time, Michaela. Don't get yourself all worked up so that you won't be able to enjoy the day, alright?" he cautioned gently.

"Alright," Michaela looked at him with a crooked smile, "I'll try." Sully pulled Michaela back down onto the bed, her head resting in his lap. "Now, 'bout that headache," he began to massage her temples.

"It feels as if I was hit in the head or something," Michaela responded as she closed her eyes to his soothing touch. Several minutes later though, Michaela sat back up and turning to Sully she said, "I really must get up now Sully or we'll never have Thanksgiving Dinner."

"Alright, but what can we all do to help?" Sully asked lovingly.

Michaela stood up and walked over to the wash basin. "I'm sure we can find something for everyone to do," Michaela glanced over at her husband who was sitting on the edge of the bed, lightly rubbing his daughter's back. "First thing though is to get breakfast out of the way." Michaela braided her hair and walking over to her wardrobe she pulled out a simple green dress to wear. She would change into something more appropriate for dinner before their guests arrived. They had invited Dorothy and Cloud Dancing and Grace and Robert E. to join them for the holiday.

Sully climbed out of bed and hurrying over to Michaela he stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. As Sully began to nuzzle her neck his hands soon found the hem of her nightgown and slowly he lifted it off over her head and let it drop to the floor. "I love you," he whispered in her ear as his hands glided over her skin, causing her to shiver.

Michaela turned around so that she was now facing him and kissing his lips she looked into his eyes and returned, "And I love you too, but it's not going to work this time, Mr. Sully," she smiled teasingly. "This," she placed her hands over his to still them, "will have to wait. We have too much to do."

"You're right, I know," Sully's voice was husky as his hands once again began to roam along her body, "we best be getting downstairs." Neither of them attempted to move.

Michaela was beginning to weaken at his touch as he pressed his body closer. "I really need to get the turkey in the oven," Michaela's voice was full of desire. "I know, we really should be going" Sully whispered as his lips slowly came down over hers and he kissed her fervently.

Her breathing was becoming heavier as Sully deepened the kiss. Breathless, Michaela pulled back and spoke in a soft whisper, "And I need to make the dressing..."

"I know," Sully whispered again, his breathing hot on her skin and as he kissed the swell of her breasts they slithered to the floor. Michaela's skin was on fire as Sully's fingers tantalized her senses. "We don't have time for this, Sully," her breath was coming in quick gasps. As Sully positioned himself to receive her love he breathed heavily, "I know." With tenderness and speed their lovemaking came to a feverish pitch as they both gave in to their consuming desires. Panting heavily they remained wrapped in each other's arms until their breathing began to slow.

"I told you we didn't have time for this," Michaela murmured, her lips turned up in a crooked smile, her hand lazily caressing his chest. "I know," Sully responded with a wink as he slowly sat up, pulling her up with him. "You're impossible," Michaela playfully swatted his arm and then kissing him she whispered, "but I wouldn't want you any other way." Michaela placed her hand on his shoulder and boosted herself up. "But I really do have to get going or I'm not going to get anything done today," Michaela stated as she picked up her clothes and proceeded to get dressed.

Sully quickly stood up beside her and leaning over he whispered teasingly, "I know." Michaela looked at Sully and with a twinkle in her eye she asked, "Is that all you can say for yourself... 'I know'?" Sully chuckled softly and then wrapping his arms around her, he whispered into her ear. "No, I can say I love you," and then pulling back he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and went to retrieve his buckskins.


Michaela sat Katie down in her highchair and then proceeded to get out the pots and pans that were needed for breakfast. Turning to Sully, who was stoking the fire in the stove, she asked, "Is Brian up?"

"Yeah, when I went by his room it was empty. He probably wanted to get an early start on his chores." Sully set the coffeepot on top of the stove and then went to the cupboard to retrieve their cups.

Michaela went to the egg basket, only to discover that it was empty. Picking it up she glanced at Katie, who was still sitting quietly in her chair, and putting on her coat she said, "We need some eggs, Sully. I'll be right back."

Walking to the front door she threw it open and froze. "Sully!" Michaela screamed, her voice full of panic. He was at her side in an instant. "What's wrong, Michaela?" Sully asked urgently, his voice full of worry. Michaela could only nod her head and as Sully followed her gaze, he too froze.

"What the hell's going on here," Sully whispered aloud as he placed his arms protectively around Michaela's shoulders. Her body began to tremble and looking up into Sully's eyes, her voice barely audible, she asked, "Where are we Sully, and who are all those people?"

Sully looked hard into Michaela's frightened eyes, and pulling her closer he quietly said, "I don't know, Michaela. But one thing I do know; we ain't in Colorado Springs anymore." Pulling her inside, he quickly shut the door behind them. Michaela leaned back against Sully and closed her eyes, taking several deep breaths. Slowly she opened her eyes and lifting up a corner of the lace curtain, she peered outside once again.

"Sully, what's going on? Where are we?" Michaela's voice quivered, "Am I dreaming all of this?" Sully reached out and taking Michaela's hand in his, he spoke softly, "If you are, then I'm having the same dream. I don't know where we are, but we're gonna find out." Sully let go of Michaela's hand and then turning to her he said, "Go get Katie, we're gonna find out what's going on here."

Sully walked over to the mantle and reached for the rifle that hung overhead. Pausing a moment he pulled his hand away from the rifle and instead he reached for his belt with his knife and tomahawk. Putting his belt around his waist he reached out his hand to Michaela. Grabbing her hand he pulled her towards the door and then taking a deep breath, he turned to her and asked, "Ready?" She nodded her head and as Sully opened the door, she quickly grabbed her black bag off the stool and then slowly walked outside, Katie clutched tightly against her chest.

As they walked down the front steps they heard murmurs all around them. There were 10 to 15 people standing around, looking at their house, whispering as they walked down the steps. Michaela leaned closer to Sully and glancing at a young couple standing hand in hand, she said in a soft whisper, "Sully, look at these people, where are they from."

Sully couldn't help but stare at the young couple Michaela was referring to. The young man had blue hair that looked like railroad spikes and he wore a large chain around his neck. He wore black leather pants and a black leather jacket. The young woman looked much the same as he did, but she also wore black rouge on her lips and on her nails. She had numerous earbobs hanging from her ear and, Sully had to look twice at this, she also had an earbob in her nose and several in her eyebrows. They both sported several tatoos on their arms and legs.

Michaela grabbed Sully's arm and squeezed it tight. Sully saw the frightened look in her eyes and he tried to reassure her. Putting his arm around her and Katie, he guided them down the remaining steps and as they reached the bottom they heard a loud boisterous voice exclaim, "What is the meaning of this?"

Approaching them was a tall and lanky man, his shoulders straight and erect, his eyes glinting with anger. He had light colored hair and he was impeccably dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and dark-colored tie. He strutted up to the couple and waving his hand towards their house, he asked again, his voice loud and stern. "What is the meaning of this? Whose house is this?"

For the first time Sully and Michaela turned back to look at their house, and to their surprise it was now sitting on top of what once appeared to be a building. Sully and Michaela glanced at each other in confusion. Sully then turned to the man who was speaking and extending his hand he said, "The name's Sully, and this is my wife Michaela." The man glanced at Sully and then with beady eyes he looked Michaela up and down, a mischievous grin on his face. He did not shake Sully's hand, instead he turned to him and demanded, "Do you know what you have done?"

Sully dropped his hand to his side. He knew instantly that he was not going to like this uppity man, and he sure didn't appreciate the way he looked at his wife. "I'm sorry," Sully began to apologize, "but we really don't know how our house got here, and your name is?"

Shrugging his shoulders back straight and jutting out his chin the man glared at Sully and huffed, "The name is Weston A. Dodge, III. And you, sir, have just demolished my Bentley."

Not liking the tone of this pompous man's voice, Sully gently pushed Michaela behind him. Looking him square in the eye, Sully replied, "And what exactly is a Bentley?"

"Hmmmphf, " Mr. Dodge snorted in disbelief, "as if I'm to believe that you don't know what I'm talking about. And I suppose you wish me to believe that this is a remake of the Wizard of Oz and that a tornado just dropped your house on my garage," he replied sarcastically as he threw back his head in disgust.

Suddenly Michaela's hand flew to her head where for the first time she felt a large knot. "Oh my God, Sully, the tornado." And then she frantically cried, "Where's Brian?" Sully turned to face Michaela and placing his hands gently on her shoulder, he spoke calmly. "Brian's okay, Michaela. I remember now. I made him go into the cellar right before the tornado hit. I was coming inside to get you and Katie."

Michaela was trembling now and sensing the fear in her mother, Katie started to cry. "Sshhh, Katie, it's alright. Mama's got you. Sshhh," Michaela whispered soothingly. Sully reached up and gently touched the knot on Michaela's head. "How's your head?" he asked with concern.

"I'm fine Sully," her voice quivered, "but what's happening here?" and then in a meek voice she whispered, "this has to be a dream."

Mr. Dodge quickly spoke out. "This is definitely not a dream, Ma'am," and then turning once again to Sully he waved an accusing finger at Sully and spoke demandingly, "You will pay for this of course."

Sully stared at Mr. Dodge in disbelief. "I'm not paying for anything until you've answered my question. Now what is a Bentley?" Sully asked in exasperation.

Suddenly Mr. Dodge looked around him and noticed the large crowd of people. "Alright, everyone off of my property now," he ordered sternly. "Security!" he called loudly as several men dressed in uniform came rushing forth. "Remove these people from my premises at once! Except for those two," he shouted as he pointed his finger at Sully and Michaela.

As two uniformed men reached for Michaela and Sully, Sully quickly pulled out his tomahawk. The two men quickly backed off as Sully held up his tomahawk, the sharp blade glistening in the morning sun. He looked the two men straight in the eye and his anger boiling he seethed, "You best keep your hands off of my wife," and then turning to Mr. Dodge he said calmly, "you better call your men off right now."

With a wave of his hand the two security guards stepped back. Sully put his tomahawk back into his belt and then looking at Mr. Dodge he said, "Look, I don't know what's all going on, or how we even got here, and I'm real sorry about your 'Bentley', whatever that is, but..."

Weston A. Dodge, III stepped up to Sully and standing only a few inches from his face, his steely eyes glaring coldly, he spoke sternly. "The fact is Mr. Sully, if indeed that is your name, your house has destroyed my antique car and I demand that you make payment in full." He placed his hands on his hips and continued in a demanding voice, "and if you can't come up with the means to repay me, then I will be forced to confiscate your home as restitution."

"He can't take our home, Sully, can he?" Michaela asked frantically as she continued to try and soothe Katie's crying. "He ain't taking our home, Michaela," Sully stated loudly as he turned his gaze towards Mr. Dodge.

"But that's where your mistaken, Mr. Sully," Mr. Dodge smirked with a devilish grin. Sully's hand instinctively went to his tomahawk again, but Michaela's firm grip on his arm and the fear in her voice stopped him. "Sully," Michaela croaked as she placed her hand on Sully's arm. Sully turned around to see the two security guards now pointing guns at him and Michaela. Sully's hands flew up in the air.

"As I said before, Mr. Sully," Mr. Dodge crackled, "you are on my property and your little house here has destroyed something very valuable to me." With a smug look on his face he added, "So, yes, I am confiscating your house and when I get my money, you can have your little house back."

Michaela took a deep breath and swallowed over the lump in her throat. "Just how much money are we talking about, Mr. Dodge," Michaela spoke up for the first time.

"A half a million dollars," Mr. Dodge answered calmly, as if that were mere pennies to him.

Suddenly Michaela'a legs felt like jelly and her face turned a pasty white. She let out a small gasp as Sully quickly put his arm around her to steady her. "A half million dollars!" Michaela whispered in shock, her voice cracking. "Sully, we couldn't even come up with $2,000.00 when we thought we were going to have to pay for that malpractice suit. How will we ever get a half million dollars?" Michaela was fighting a losing battle as she tried hard to fight back her tears.

Sully tightened his grip around her arms and tried to reassure her. "It will be alright, Michaela. I made a promise to you before, we ain't gonna lose our home." He looked at her and saw the uncertainty in her eyes and leaning over he kissed her cheek. "We won't, alright?" he said with determination.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have things to do," Mr. Dodge stated as he waved them off with his hand. "I suggest you vacate my premises immediately and when you have the money you may return for your house."

"But where will we go?" Michaela whispered in defeat, "we don't even know where we are?"

Mr. Dodge spoke up abruptly, "That is not my concern, ma'am, but I am telling you now that you must vacate my premises at once." He waved for his security men and they once again came rushing forth. Turning to them he waved his hand flippantly and said, "Show these people to the gate at once." As the two security men stepped forth, Sully held up his hand and stated firmly. "No need for that, we're going,"

Sully placed his hand on Michaela's elbow and gently guided her towards the large black gates ahead. As they walked through the gates Sully turned around to hear Mr. Dodge speaking to his guards, "I want this house guarded at all times. And that couple is not to return here unless I am notified first, is that clear?" Glancing over his shoulder he then spoke so that Sully and Michaela could hear, "And they better have all of the money with them, not one penny less." And with that he straightened his tie and tugging at his coat he quickly walked away.

As they walked through the gates Michaela's clutch on Katie tightened and her mouth dropped open in disbelief. Tugging on Sully's sleeve she whispered, "Sully, look at those trees. I've never seen anything like them before." Sully turned to where Michaela was pointing and gazed at a row of trees that were lining the street. The trees had strange looking bark and their leaves branched out only at the top of the tree, almost like a parasol. He shook his head in amazement; indeed, they had never seen anything like it before.

Sully took hold of Michaela's hand and squeezing it lightly, they stepped down onto what appeared to be a type of paved road. Suddenly they heard a loud blasting noise and something swished by them, startling them both to take a quick step backwards. Frightened by the loud noise, Katie began to cry. As she tried to sooth her daughter, Michaela turned to Sully and with a look of astonishment on her face she quietly asked, "What was that?"

"I don't know," Sully answered truthfully, but then pointing to another one he said, "but it looks like some sort of transportation, there are people inside of them."

Michaela was beginning to feel light-headed and a bit overwhelmed by her surroundings and suddenly she began to cry. Sully was at as much of a loss as Michaela was but he knew he had to remain strong for Michaela and Katie. He guided her over to a small grassy area that was partially shaded by one of the large, strange looking trees. Sinking down on the grass, he patted Katie's back. "We'll figure this out Michaela, please don't cry," he tried to sooth her. Sensing her mother's distress, Katie only cried louder.

"Excuse me," came a soft voice from behind. Sully looked up to find a black man and woman standing behind them. "We don't mean to intrude," the woman spoke in a gentle voice, "but you seem... well, you seem out of sorts here." It was the man who spoke up next. "We don't mean to pry, but we couldn't help overhear your conversation with Mr. Dodge. Is there anything we can do?" the man asked sincerely.

Sully quickly stood up, pulling Michaela up with him as Michaela wiped the tears from her eyes. Extending his hand out to the man, he replied, "The name's Sully, and this is my wife Michaela." The man reached out and firmly shook Sully's hand and then nodded his head towards Michaela. "Nice to meet you both," his smile was warm and comforting, "I'm Bob E and this is my wife Grace E."

Sully returned the man's kindness with a smile of his own. "Bobbie, Gracie, glad to meet you both," Sully replied as he reached out and lightly ran his fingers over Katie's hair, "And this is our daughter Katie."

"No, the name is Bob E and Grace E," the man gently corrected but then shaking his head he mumbled, "aw, never mind. Bobbie and Gracie are fine." After all, the man thought to himself, this wasn't the first time people confused their names.

Gracie came over and stood next to Michaela and placing a gentle hand on her arm, she asked, "Are you okay? I mean you look awfully pale and all."

Michaela looked at Gracie and nodding her head she attempted a weak smile. "Yes, I'm fine. Just a little light-headed is all." Gracie looked at Katie who was now only whimpering and said, "Well, hello, little one. Aren't you a cutie." Katie looked up at this strange woman but when she saw her smile, Katie's face perked up and she began to jabber.

Michaela looked at Gracie and through her sniffles she said, "Katie seems to like you very much. She usually doesn't take to strangers very well." Sully placed his hand on Michaela's head and looking at Gracie and Bobbie he said, "My wife got a nasty bump on her head. I think maybe it's still affecting her," and then casting a quick glance at his wife he added, "although she would never admit to that."

"Do you need to see a doctor?" Gracie asked in concern as she watched Michaela cast Sully a disapproving look. "No, no or course not," Michaela quickly spoke up. "I'll be fine really."

It was Bobbie's turn to speak up next. "We really don't mean to pry into your business or anything, but are you two lost or something?"

Sully and Michaela looked at each other, unsure of what to say. But for some unknown reason Sully felt he could trust this couple and after a brief nod from Michaela, he knew she felt the same way. Although he wasn't sure how Bobbie and Gracie would respond, Sully decided to tell them the truth. "I know this will sound really strange to you, but I don't think we belong here," Sully began cautiously.

"What do you mean?" Gracie asked as she looked from Michaela to Sully.

Sully squeezed Michaela's hand and then turning to Gracie he said, "I'm not really sure myself, but I don't think we're in Colorado Springs anymore."

"Heavens no," Gracie exclaimed, "why this is California. Are you sure you both didn't get a knock on your head?" she looked at them suspiciously.

"Hey, listen," Bobbie broke in, "it's obvious that you folks need some help. Our house is only a short distance away. Why don't the three of you come to our house and we can try to figure out what's going on here."

Michaela began to protest but Gracie quickly interrupted. "Bobbie is right. We have plenty of room for everyone and we can't just leave you alone out here with no where to go." She looked at Sully and then back at Michaela and after a few seconds she spouted, "Alright then, it's settled. The three of you will come to our house."

Sully looked at Michaela and leaning close to her ear he whispered, "Is that alright with you?" Michaela nodded her head and then Sully turned to Gracie and replied, "That will be fine, Gracie. We really appreciate your hospitality. I don't know what we would have done if we hadn't met the two of you."

"Ah, it's nothing, really," Bobbie replied as he cast Gracie a warm smile, "come on, let's go find our car and go home."

"Your car?" Michaela asked as she handed Katie to Sully. "What's a car?"

Gracie and Bobbie exchanged a quick glance and then pointing to a parked car Bobbie explained, "A car, you know, an automobile, wheels. Surely you've seen a car before?"

As they started to walk down the street, Sully looked at Bobbie and said, "Actually, no we haven't. Is that how everyone gets around now, in a car?"

"Well, yes, that's one of the ways," Gracie stared at Sully in astonishment. "What do you folks get around in, a horse and buggy?" she laughed teasingly, but one look at their faces and her grin quickly disappeared.

"Yes, we do," Michaela was the one to answer, "but we don't actually own a buggy, we have a wagon, and of course several horses."

Within minutes they had arrived at Bobbie and Gracie's car. Bobbie lifted his key chain and hitting a small button the side door slowly opened. Startled, Michaela jumped back as the door opened on its own. "Well, this isn't actually a car," Bobbie said to the two, "this is a mini-van. With a growing family," he gently touched Gracie's stomach, "we needed a bigger car."

As they traveled the short distance to their home, Bobbie and Gracie answered the never-ending questions that Sully and Michaela rambled forth. "Why is it so hot outside yet inside your car it's nice and cool?" "Why doesn't that car have a top on it like all of the rest of them?" "How tall are those buildings? "Where is that music coming from?" "Why aren't those young girls wearing clothes?" "And I thought Boston was crowded?"

As they were traveling down the road, at an exuberant speed Sully thought to himself, he noticed several large signs. Bobbie called them billboards and said they were used for advertising. One such sign caught Sully's eye. It had a large picture of a man on it and in bold print it said "George Bush - our 41st President". He held his breath momentarily but not wanting to frighten Michaela anymore than she already was, he quickly looked away. But Michaela too had seen the sign and not wanting Sully to see the look of fear on her face she turned her attention to Katie.

Ten minutes later they turned down a paved street lined with palm trees. Set back from the street were several houses, all different shapes and sizes. Bobbie pulled up to a large blue house and stopped his car. "This is our house," Gracie turned to Sully and Michaela in the back seat but as soon as she saw Michaela she stopped. "Are you alright?" Gracie asked with concern after noticing Michaela's pale face.

Overwhelmed by her surroundings and all that had happened that day, Michaela looked at Gracie and forced a weak smile. "Yes, yes, I'm fine," she replied unconvincingly. Sully looked at her in alarm and touching her arm he pleaded, "Maybe you should lie down for awhile. I think Katie's ready for her nap anyway."

Michaela nodded slightly and then as Gracie opened the side door, Sully helped Michaela get out. Gracie reached into the back seat to get Katie out of the car seat. Michaela had worked for five full minutes trying to figure out how to put Katie in her own little seat. Gracie had reached over and with ease had shown Michaela how to strap Katie in. Now as Gracie reached in to get Katie, Sully turned to Bobbie and gingerly asked, "Bobbie, can I ask you something?" "Sure Sully," Bobbie replied. Taking a big gulp, Sully looked Bobbie in the eye and with all sincerity he asked, "What year is it?"

Gracie and Bobbie looked at each other in surprise and then Bobbie looked back at Sully and replied, "It's 1990, why would you ask that?"

"1990...." They both whispered in unison but as Sully turned around to face Michaela she fainted. Sully's quick reaction caught her just as she collapsed and carrying her in his arms he followed Bobbie into the house.

"Michaela, Michaela wake up. It's me, Sully," Sully's worried voice called to her. Turning to Bobbie he pointed to Michaela's medical bag that Gracie had brought in. "Hand me that bag," he spoke rapidly. Bobbie brought over the black bag and setting it down beside Sully, he turned to him and asked, "Are you a doctor or something?" Sully opened the bag and after rummaging through the bottles he pulled out a bottle marked 'smelling salts'. "I'm not, but Michaela is," Sully answered as he uncorked the bottle and slowly ran the bottle under Michaela's nose.

Michaela slowly began to open her eyes but the world around her still looked blurry and her eyes flickered shut once more. Sully passed the bottle under her nose once again. "Michaela, wake up, please?" he whispered urgently as he gently ran his hand over her forehead. Michaela once again opened her eyes to see Sully staring down at her. As her mind slowly came into focus, she suddenly remembered why she had fainted. "Sully!" she called to him, her voice full of fear. "Shh, don't try to get up yet. You fainted," he told her as he gently pushed her back down onto the couch.

As she looked around her she suddenly noticed Bobbie and Gracie, Katie still in Gracie's arms. Her eyes widened in fear and looking around the room she spoke in a mere whisper, "Sully, what's happening here. Tell me this is just a dream."

Gracie walked over to Michaela and knelt down beside her. Laying her hand on her shoulder she spoke in a soft voice, "Honey, you keep saying that but you're not dreaming, see, pinch me, I'm real." Michaela smiled faintly at Gracie but her eyes flew to Sully for reassurance. He gently stroked her cheek and then reaching out to Gracie he took Katie out of her arms. "Everything's gonna be okay, Michaela," he firmly replied as if trying to convince himself as much as Michaela.

Gracie saw the concern in his eyes and then looking from one to the other she asked, "You both seemed shocked when Bobbie told you it was 1990. What year did you think it was?"

Sully glanced at Michaela and then squeezing her hand tightly he looked at Bobbie and Gracie and replied, "When we went to bed last night it was the eve of Thanksgiving, 1871." Bobbie's mouth dropped in disbelief and in a mild state of shock Gracie murmured, "1871? That can't be. How is that possible?" Bobbie looked at Sully and seeing a flicker of fear in his eyes he stated, "You're serious, aren't you?"

"I wish I wasn't," Sully stated as he helped Michaela sit up. Reaching out Michaela took Katie from Sully and hugged her tightly against her chest. Running his hand through his long locks, Sully looked at Bobbie and said, "All I know is that last night a tornado hit our house in Colorado Springs, 1871, and now here we are some hundred years later. It don't make sense to me."

Bobbie scratched his head in wonderment. "This is unbelievable," muttered Bobbie. "I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes."

"So, you do believe us?" Michaela asked meekly, still not sure if she believed it herself.

Bobbie looked at Gracie and then glancing from Sully to Michaela he shook his head, "Yes, we do believe you."

"Why?" Sully asked out of curiosity. Gracie placed a gentle hand on Michaela's shoulder and smiling at her and then at Sully she said, "I don't really know why. For some reason it seems as if we've known the two of you our entire lives. We trust you."

Michaela squeezed Gracie's hand and then returning her smile she said, "I know what you mean. I can't explain it either but I trust the both of you completely. I felt it the minute you came over to us."

"Don't worry, Sully," Bobbie stood behind him and patted him on the back, "we'll figure this out somehow. Somehow we'll get you back home where you belong."

"Thanks, Bobbie," Sully returned with sincerity, "I appreciate any help you can give us. And we really appreciate your hospitality. We don't know what we would have done if you two hadn't come along."

"Well, God was looking out for you, that's for sure," Gracie exclaimed and then giving Sully a slight wink she said light-heartedly, "even a hundred years later."

Sully looked down at his wife who was now rocking a sleeping Katie and flashing her a slight smile, he turned to Bobbie and asked, "So, what do we do now?"

It was Gracie who spoke up next. "Well, I imagine right now everyone is getting pretty hungry. So how about I fix us all some lunch? How does that sound?"

"That would be wonderful," Michaela spoke up, her voice still quivering slightly, "is there anything I can do to help you?"

"No, you just sit and rest," Gracie looked at Michaela's pale form. "You're still looking mighty pale. I'll just throw some sandwiches together. It will only take a few minutes." And then speaking in a low voice Gracie said, "Why don't I put Katie down in the other room. I have a crib and some other baby accessories already set up for when my nephew visits."

Still feeling a little light-headed Michaela nodded her head and let Gracie put Katie down for her nap.

After they had eaten lunch Gracie stood up and began to clear the table. "I'll help clean up," Michaela insisted, "you can wash and I'll dry."

"You just sit down now," Gracie waved her hand at Michaela. "I'll just load the dishwasher and then we'll be done."

"Dishwasher?" Michaela looked to Gracie in confusion.

Gracie looked at Michaela and chuckled, "It's a machine we have that washes and dries the dishes for you. We also have a washing machine and a clothes dryer so you no longer have to wash and dry your clothes by hand. A machine does it all for you."

"We had a washing machine in Boston," Michaela replied.

"Well, we've come a long way since those machines. Now all you have to do is put the clothes in the machine and turn on a button. The machine does everything else for you," Gracie explained.

Michaela looked at Gracie in total amazement. "You're kidding?" Michaela exclaimed. "If machines do everything for you, what do you do all day?"

Gracie's laughter filled the kitchen. "Oh we find plenty to do. Actually, Bobbie and I own a small café not too far from here. It's called Gracie's Café, and next month we're even opening a franchise in another part of town."

"Gracie's a fine cook, always has been," Bobbie said with pride. "It seemed only natural that we should earn our living that way."

Sully looked at Michaela and gently placing his hand atop of hers he spoke lovingly, "If we had all those kinds of machines back in Colorado Springs it sure would leave you with a lot more time for doctoring."

"You really a doctor?" Bobbie asked out of curiosity. "Yes, I really am," Michaela answered in return.

"I didn't think they had women doctors back then," Bobbie stated and then quickly added, "no offense intended."

Michaela smiled at Bobbie and replied softly, "It's alright, Bobbie. No offense taken."

"Fact is," Sully spoke up, his voice full of pride, "Michaela's one of them pioneers. When she came to Colorado Springs everyone wanted to send her straight back to Boston. They had never heard of a woman doctor either and they weren't too keen on the idea." Sully looked at Michaela and with his eyes full of love he continued, "but now we wouldn't know what to do without her. She's saved so many lives in Colorado Springs, including mine." His words spoke volumes and Gracie and Bobbie could see immediately the strong bond that connected these two.

Michaela gently ran her hand through her hair and winced lightly as she touched the knot on her head. Sully noticed immediately and touching her head lightly with his hand he asked, "Your head still hurtin'?"

"Just a little," she confessed as she attempted an encouraging smile, "but I'll be fine Sully, really." She reached for Sully's hand and held it securely in her lap. As her brow creased in consternation she looked at Sully and trying to control the quiver in her voice she asked, "So what do we do now? How do we get back home?"

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Bobbie looked at Gracie and standing up he said, "I'll get it." He walked over to the door and opening it, he was surprised to find his good friend Danny Simmons and his girlfriend Nikki. "Hi, come on in," Bobbie greeted as he opened the door wider. Danny looked somewhat nervous as he peered inside the house and putting his hands inside his pockets he said, "Uh, Bobbie, can I talk to you a minute. Privately," he whispered. Bobbie glanced around the people in the room and then gesturing to the front porch, Bobbie replied, "Sure, Danny. Let's go outside."

A few minutes later Bobbie opened the front door and came inside, followed by Danny and his friend Nikki. Walking over to the kitchen table, Bobbie looked around him and said, "This is my friend Danny Simmons and his girlfriend Nikki Sellars. Danny and Nikki, this is Sully and Michaela..... I'm sorry, I don't even know your last name," he stated sheepishly.

Extending his hand Sully replied, "The name's Sully, and that is my last name and this is my wife Dr. Michaela Quinn." Danny firmly shook Sully's hand and then his eyes lingered on Michaela, a little too long, Sully thought to himself. "Nice to meet you Dr. Quinn," Danny greeted as he quickly turned his eyes away from her.

"Please, everyone, call me Dr. Mike," Michaela smiled warmly as she looked around the room, "everyone at home does."

After all of the greetings were finished Bobbie turned to Sully and Michaela and said, "I think you two better hear what Danny has to say."

"Maybe we should all go into the living room," Gracie suggested, "I'll get us something to drink."

After everyone was seated Danny looked at Sully and said, "Nikki received a phone call last night from..."

Sully and Michaela looked blankly at Danny and then Sully softly asked, "A phone call?" Remembering how they had reacted to the sight of a car and that they had never heard of air conditioning before, Bobbie suddenly realized that they had no idea what a phone was. He walked over to their cordless phone and picking it up he brought it over and placed it in Sully's hand. "This is a telephone. You can talk to someone else through this phone and they can hear you and you can hear them."

"No kidding!" Sully murmured as he held the telephone up to his ear, but hearing nothing he handed it over to Michaela. Michaela looked at the phone quizzacally and began to press the many buttons. She jumped slightly when she suddenly heard a ringing in her ear. Several seconds later her eyes grew wide as she heard a voice inside the phone. Bobbie quickly grabbed the phone and speaking into the receiver he said, "Sorry, wrong number."

Danny looked at Sully like he was crazy but deciding to ignore it he continued, "Anyway, Nikki got a phone call from her Great Grandfather and he told her to come here and that there would be a couple who needed his help. He said he had a vision and that he knew you were coming."

Sully's eyes lit up at the mention of a vision. "It didn't make any sense to me but one thing I have learned since I've known Nikki is that when her Great Grandfather says something, I tend to listen," Danny said with sincerity.

"You said her Great Grandfather had a vision?" Sully's voice was anxious.

It was Nikki who spoke up next. "Yes. I am part Cheyenne and my Great Grandfather is a Cheyenne Medicine Man. His name is Dancing Cloud." Michaela and Sully both sat up abruptly and after casting each other a quick glance, they turned attentive eyes on Nikki. "He told me that you were lost and that you needed to find your way home. I do not know what that means, but he has asked me to bring you to him."

"I sure don't know anything about Cheyenne, but this is too much of a coincidence," Gracie exclaimed as she entered the room and sat the drinks down on the table. "One thing I am sure of, that man definitely knows something. He has your answers," she looked directly at Sully and Michaela.

"Sully," Michaela grabbed Sully's hand and squeezed it tightly. "Can you believe this? A Cheyenne Medicine Man?"

"It's not a coincidence Michaela. It can't be." Sully brought Michaela's hand to his lips and kissed it lightly. Turning to Nikki he said, "Everything you just told us makes perfect sense." He noted the questioning look on their faces. "I know many of the Cheyenne ways," Sully continued, "and I hold your Great Grandfather in great reverence. I," he looked at Michaela lovingly, "we.. believe what you have told us. But if you are to take us to your Great Grandfather, then you must know the truth, the reason we are here."

After a slight nod of approval from Michaela, Sully relayed their story to Danny and Nikki. "I do not know why, but we believe you," Nikki replied. "I know my Great Grandfather speaks the truth, or I would not have come here."

"How do we meet Dancing Cloud?" Sully asked.

"We will take you to him. He lives on a reservation in Montana," Danny turned to Sully, "but there is something else you need to know."

Michaela and Sully exchanged anxious looks and then Sully asked, "What's that?"

"First you must get your house back," Danny spoke directly and then pausing briefly he added, "and you have only one week to do so."

"What happens in one week?" Michaela's voice cracked slightly as she looked anxiously at Danny.

Trying to make light of their situation, Sully added, "Does our house turn into a pumpkin or something?" But after a sharp look from Michaela he knew she did not think this was anything to joke about.

Danny looked at the two of them and then taking a deep breath, he told them the grim news, "If you do not have possession of your house by next Friday at midnight, you cannot return, ever." At seeing their shocked faces, Danny quickly added, "This is what the spirits told Dancing Cloud."

Michaela began to nervously wring her hands. "But Mr. Dodge said we can't get our house back unless we pay him a half a million dollars. We don't have that kind of money," Michaela's voice was apprehensive and Sully could see the worry in her eyes. Grabbing her hands he quickly stilled them. Looking into her eyes he said determinedly, "Don't worry, we'll get the money, Michaela. Somehow we'll get it, we'll get our house back, I promise."

"And we'll do everything we can to help you," Bobbie spoke up. "That's right," Gracie said encouragingly, "We don't know how, but we'll help you get the money."

"Wait, I have an idea," Danny spoke up with a small grin on his face. "Nikki and I were planning to go to Las Vegas on Monday for a business trip. How about we take you with us. It's a gamble, but it's the only way I know of getting a lot of money in a short time. Are either of you any good at poker?"

"Poker?" Michaela was appalled. "Are you suggesting we go somewhere to gamble?"

"Yeah, you know of a better way to get a half a million dollars?" Danny asked and taking a good look at Michaela for the first time, he slowly raked his eyes up and down her body. "How 'bout it?" he grinned mischievously.

Suddenly Gracie piped up, "We'll all go. Bobbie and I have been wanting to go to Las Vegas for some time now. This is the perfect opportunity, right Bobbie," she turned to get her husband's approval.

"Sounds like a good idea to me," Bobbie returned her smile. "I'll make arrangements at the Café and we can leave Monday."

Michaela looked around the room at all of the people. People that before today she had never even known existed, a world she had never known existed. She blinked her eyes several times to clear her mind and then searching Sully's eyes she shrugged her shoulders and replied, "Why not? What do we have to lose?"

"You can stay with us until then," Gracie interrupted, "and on Monday we'll all go to Las Vegas and when we return we'll get your house back," Gracie spoke with certainty.

"Thanks Danny," Sully extended a warm handshake. "We really appreciate all you're doing for us. All of you."

"We'll see you on Monday morning then, alright?" Nikki replied. "But now we must be going. We have a dinner party we must go to."

After the door had closed Bobbie turned to Sully and said, "Now all we have to do is come up with some money for you to take with us." Sully put his hand in his coat pocket and pulled out a few coins. "Sorry, but this is all I have on me and it's probably not worth much of anything now."

"Are those real coins," Bobbie's eyes lit up with an idea.

"Yeah," Sully replied, "why?"

"Do you mind if I take a look at them?" Bobbie asked.

"No, of course not," Sully handed the coins to Bobbie.

Bobbie turned the coins over and over in his hand. "This one's dated 1865 and another one here is dated 1869," his voice was full of excitement. "Gracie, could you get my coin collection book for me, please?" Gracie suddenly knew what Bobbie had in mind and after finding the book she handed it to Bobbie, her voice bubbling with excitement. "Here, Bobbie, do you think they're worth anything?"

"Won't know until I look, now will I?" Bobbie's voice was teasing. "Hurry up, then," Gracie could hardly contain her excitement.

Bobbie's mouth turned up in a wide grin and his eyes sparkled. "Well, I'll be," Bobbie exclaimed as he held a coin tightly in his hand, "this one's worth $10,000. Looks like we just got our money."

Sully and Michaela looked at each other in confusion. "What does all of this mean?" Sully asked.

Gracie couldn't contain herself any longer and bubbling with excitement she blurted, "That little nickel that you said was worthless is now worth $10,000."

Michaela's eyes widened in shock and Sully's mouth dropped open. "$10,000. You're kidding?" he asked unbelievingly.

"No, I'm not," Bobbie assured them. "I do a little coin collecting myself and this coin is a rare piece today. First thing tomorrow we'll go see a friend of mine who I'm sure would be more than willing to pay you that amount for it."

Just then Katie woke up from her nap and Michaela stood up to get her. "I'm sure she's getting hungry by now. Is there somewhere I can feed her?"

"Of course," Gracie smiled, "I'll show you to your room. There's a rocking chair in there."

As Michaela took care of Katie and Gracie did some laundry, Bobbie and Sully sat down in the living room. "Do you like sports," Bobbie asked as he picked up the remote control and turned on the TV. Sully jumped when the TV popped on and he saw live people moving around in a box. "What the heck is that?" Sully exclaimed as he pointed to the box. Bobbie began to laugh as he attempted to explain to Sully what a television was.

"What are they doing?" Sully asked as he watched grown men tackle each other. "That's called football," Bobbie tried to conceal his grin. As Bobbie flipped the channels, Sully continued to be amazed. "Gracie and I are going to the beach tomorrow and then on Sunday we were going to go to a park. Would you and Michaela and Katie like to come along?"

"Sure, sounds like fun," Sully answered and as he glanced towards the bedroom he said, "maybe it will take my wife's mind off of what's happened. I think she's still feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of this."

"I'll tell you what," Bobbie said as he began flipping through the channels on the TV, "how about tonight we rent a couple of movies and we'll pop us some popcorn and we'll all sit down and have a nice relaxing evening."

"Rent a movie?" Sully again had that confused look on his face.

"Ah, never mind, I'll explain later," Bobbie said with a grin.

"Ah, there's nothing like a hot bowl of fresh popped popcorn over an open fire," Sully reminisced. "Michaela and I sometimes like to sit in front of the fireplace in our bedroom and make a late night snack."

Bobbie grinned mischievously at Sully and then said, "Well, that's real romantic and all, but here we just pop a bag in the microwave and it's done in three minutes."

"Microwave?" Sully raised his eyebrow quizzically.

"There you go again with that confused look on your face," Bobbie said shaking his head amusingly. Then standing up he looked at Sully and said, "How about I show you some of our new inventions that you don't have back home?"


Michaela sat at the dressing table brushing her hair deep in thought as Sully prepared for bed. He was so wound up, trying to explain to Michaela all of the things Bobbie had shown him; a television, a microwave, a VCR, an answering machine, a computer. It seemed to him that everything was either ‘automatic’ or needed something called electricity to run. He was so excited about telling her everything that he hadn't noticed her pensive mood.

"Can you believe that, Michaela?" Sully asked excitedly but when he received no answer he turned to his wife and watched her face in the mirror. He could tell she was thousands of miles away. Walking up behind her he placed his one hand on her shoulder and gently took the brush from her with his other hand. As he proceeded to slowly run the brush through her long tresses, he asked, "You're awfully quiet tonight, something wrong?" As he looked at her reflection in the mirror he noticed her eyes well up with tears. Kneeling beside her he set the brush down and took her hands in his. "Hey, it's gonna be alright, Michaela. I know you're scared, so am I. But we gotta make the best of it, right?"

Michaela tried to control her emotions and flashing Sully a slight smile, she returned, "Yes, I know, you're right." Sully leaned in and gave her a light kiss and then turning to the bed he said, "How about we turn in now. Maybe things will look brighter in the morning after you've had a good nights rest." Helping her up he gently guided her over to the bed. As Michaela sat down though, she sunk. "My goodness, Sully, what kind of bed is this?" she asked as she began to sway with the movement of the bed. Sully sat down next to her and they both sunk even further. Quickly Sully stood and pulled Michaela up with him. He lifted the corner of the covers to look at this strange looking bed. "I think it's filled with water," Sully exclaimed as he carefully replaced the covers.

"How am I supposed to sleep on that?" Michaela retorted. She had had enough of these new contraptions and wanted nothing more than to be in her own warm bed back home.

Sully placed his arms around her waist and looking into her eyes, he spoke softly, "I'm sure it must be comfortable or they wouldn't have made it, right? And you'll never know unless we try." He kissed her lips and then he added in a suggestive tone, "come on, we're both tired so let's say we try out this new bed."

Michaela's head was beginning to throb and she was exhausted but she could read the suggestive hint in Sully's voice. Wanting nothing more than go to sleep and wake up and find out that this was all a bad dream, she replied somewhat guiltily, "I'm really tired Sully. I'm sorry," she whispered as she lowered her eyes, "All I want is to go to sleep right now."

Lifting up her chin to look into her eyes, Sully replied softly, "That's alright, I understand," although Michaela could detect a hint of disappointment in his voice. "Come on, let's get some sleep," Sully pulled back the covers and helped Michaela climb into bed. As she did so the bed once again began to move. Sully walked over to the other side and after removing his buckskins, he climbed in beside her and immediately drew her into his arms. Kissing her forehead he replied, "I love you, try to get some sleep."

Michaela shifted and as she did so she rolled with the wave of the bed. "I'm afraid to move on this bed. It feels like I'm riding in a boat," she attempted a slight smile. Sully kissed her temple and then looking down on her, smiling he whispered, "Yeah, but I bet it's real good for other things."

"I'm sure it is," Michaela said between yawns and then closing her eyes, she muttered, "Good night, Sully. I love you."

Michaela awoke to the cries of her daughter but before she could climb out of bed Sully was already lifting Katie out of her crib. Sully walked over to the bed and handed Katie to her ma. "I think she needs a change, but we don't have anymore diapers," Sully replied.

"Yes we do," Michaela spoke up as she laid Katie down on the bed and then walked over to a dresser and opened the top drawer. Throwing something to Sully she said, "Here, try one of these. Gracie said they're called disposable diapers. You just throw them away after they're soiled," Michaela said in amazement. "And you don't even need diaper pins. They have something called velcro instead."

Sully shook his head as he leaned over the bed and began to change Katie's diaper. "Look, Michaela, Katie likes the bed," Sully looked down at his daughter, her smile lighting up his face. Katie was trying to bounce up and down and was laughing as the bed swayed with her light movement.

"So she does," Michaela smiled down at her daughter and leaning down she kissed her daughter's belly. Katie laughed even more.

Sully finished dressing Katie and then picking her up, he kissed her cheek. Turning to Michaela, Sully kissed her good morning and then said, "Come on, I smell coffee. Let's get dressed and go join our hosts."

"Good morning, did you sleep well?" Gracie's cheerful voice greeted them.

"Morning Gracie," Sully replied cheerily, "I did, but I don't think my wife slept too well," he cast a worried look at Michaela, not missing the dark circles under her eyes.

Michaela lightly shrugged her shoulders and replied half-heartedly, "It took we awhile to get used to all the movement and I suppose I had other things on my mind."

Gracie came over to Michaela and placing her hand on her shoulder she guided her over to the table. "How's you head feeling this morning?" Gracie asked as she removed the tray from the highchair. Michaela set Katie in the chair and Gracie replaced the tray. Michaela raised her hand and gently rubbed the bump on her head. "It's feeling somewhat better," she replied.

Just then Bobbie entered the kitchen with a stack of beach towels in his arms. "Morning folks," he greeted as he set the towels down on a chair. "Ready for our big day at the beach?"

Gracie walked over to the table with a pitcher of orange juice in one hand and a plate of muffins in the other. She looked at Sully and Michaela and then replied, "Well the first thing we have to do is get you both some clothes. You can't walk around like that all day."

Michaela and Sully glanced down at their clothing simultaneously and then Michaela looked at Gracie and asked, "What’s wrong with our clothing?"

Bobbie and Gracie burst out laughing. "No offense, but in case you didn't notice yesterday the two of you were definitely out of place," Bobbie picked up a muffin and then poured himself a glass of juice.

"And besides," Gracie chimed in as she set a plate of bagels in front of Michaela, "it’s 90 degrees outside and we're going to go to the beach. You'll both need a swimming suit."

"Don't worry," Bobbie spoke, "I'm sure we can find you both something to wear from our closets. I know Gracie has plenty of clothes that Dr. Mike can wear."

"Thank you," Michaela said as she reached for a muffin. Her eyes glanced quickly around the table. "I had hoped that I would wake up this morning and be back in my own bed, that this was nothing more than a dream," Michaela looked anxiously at Sully and he placed his hand over hers, "but it's not a dream and for some unexplainable reason we're here." Attempting a smile she continued, "So we'll just have to make the best of it as we try to find our way back home." Turning she looked into Sully's eyes and spoke softly, her voice quivering lightly, "I just pray that all of our children are safe."

Sully squeezed her hand and replied softly, "They are Michaela."