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CONTENTS (Revised on 04/01/2004 by listmembers Tiffany M., Marilyn L., Trine T., and Becky W.)

1. Introduction
2. What Happened to Erika Flores?
3. Where Do I Write to the Cast?
4. Does a Fan Club Exist?
5. Can I Post Fan Fiction?
6. What Web Sites Are Out There?
7. Are There Scheduled Online Chats?
8. Where Did The Show Film?
9. What are the Cast Birthdays?
10. What Merchandise is Available? (VHS/DVD, DQMW Books, and Calendars)
11. What Does "SCW" Mean -- and other Acronyms Used On The List


Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions. Here is where you will find answers to common questions asked by List members and various other fans of the show. We've done our best to compile them all together, but there are sure to be others. If you don't find the answer to your question here, feel free to post to the List.

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Erika Flores left the series. CBS says they reached a mutual agreement with Ms. Flores to end her contract so she could pursue other interests. The grapevine says she left because of contract disputes. There is a statement on this on the Official DQMW web site.

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If you want to write to anyone affiliated with the series, you should first try any web sites that might have contact information on them or guest books you can sign. Unfortunately, the production office where you could send letters or photo requests is no longer open. You can visit the official Dr. Quinn Web Site for the latest updates on the cast and crew and links to any web sites pertaining to those actors. They usually provide more information on how to contact someone.

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There is no longer an official DQMW fan club, but there is a fan magazine called The DQ Times, that includes behind-the-scenes articles and in-depth interviews with the cast and crew, as well as special features from various subscribers. They also have cast pages and photo albums.

This news magazine is published once a year by the DQ fanclub in late October. For more information, visit their web site:

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Please note that television programs do not accept scripts from viewers unless you have a writer's agent and it is submitted through that agent. Actors operate under the same policy.

It is okay to post short fan/viewer-written fiction on DQMW-L as long as it is marked "Fan Fiction" in the Subject line (abbreviated "FF"). We have subscribers who do not want to read these messages for various reasons.

A listing of Dr. Quinn Fan Fiction Sites and stories can be found on the Official DQMW site:

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A. Web sites:

The producers of DQMW had an official page during the series run, and that site has been updated (run by List member Tiffany M.), incorporating Barney Jernigan's extensive web site, plus much more:

The official CBS WWW page is located at

Jane Seymour has an official web site (run by Tiffany M.):

Carol M. (who passed away from cancer in August of 2001) created an unofficial Joe Lando Web Page (now official and run by List member Judy A.) at:

Chad Allen has an official web site:

Shawn Toovey's official site is run by Actor's Corner:

List members Pat B. and JoElla C. have an unofficial Henry Sanders WWW page:

They also have an unoffical Jonelle Allen WWW page at:

Another site they have is for Larry Sellers:

William Shockley has an official web site (run by List members Gypsy and Alice) at:

Jim Knobeloch's unofficial site is:

For more links, visit the DQMW site or any of the sites above.

B. Mailing Lists:
Lady Jane is an e-mail discussion list for Jane Seymour fans. Subscribe by sending a blank e-mail to:
Joe's Corner is an e-mail discussion list for Joe Lando fans. Subscribe by sending a blank e-mail to:

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A. Dr. Quinn

There is a chat on Wednesdays at 8pm EST and Saturdays at midnight on the DQMW site:
Visit the message board for announcements on specific chat times.

B. Jane Seymour

There is a chat on Saturdays and Sundays at on Jane Seymour's site:

C. Joe Lando

There is a chat on Sundays at 4pm EST and Fridays at 9pm EST on Joe Lando's Site:

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The series was shot on the Paramount Ranch (fondly called the P-Ranch) in the Santa Monica National Recreational Area, north of Malibu and just south of Agoura Hills, California. To get there, take Highway 101 (Ventura Highway) to Agoura Hills, CA. Exit from 101 onto Kanan Road and turn left off the exit so you are driving south. Just south of 101, turn left onto Cornell Rd (there's a turn sign on Kanan which says Cornell Way). Follow Cornell Road to the entrance for the P-Ranch about 1-1/2 miles on the right. You can also find more information about filming and behind-the-scenes information at the Official Dr. Quinn Web Site:

The National Park Service has a web page at "" which is about the Santa Monica Recreational Area. This site has directions, climate and recommended clothing, visitor hours, facilities and opportunities, etc.

Please observe the rules posted at the P-Ranch and obey the Rangers.

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Jane Seymour: Feb 15, 1951
Joe Lando: Dec 9, 1961
Chad Allen: June 5, 1974
Erika Flores: Nov 2, 1979
Jessica Bowman: Nov 26, 1980
Shawn Toovey: Mar 1, 1983
Orson Bean: July 22, 1928
William Shockley: Sept 17, 1960
Frank Collison: Feb 14
Barbara Babcock: Feb 27
Jim Knobeloch: Mar 18
Geoffrey Lower: Mar 19
Jonelle Allen: July 8
Henry G. Sanders: Aug 18
Jason Leland Adams: Aug 18
Larry Sellers: October 2
Helene Udy: November 1

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Information is also posted on several of the DQ sites listed above. Columbia House offers 30 tapes so far of uncut, commercial-free VHS tapes of Dr. Quinn. The tapes are a random assortment of episodes, with 2 episodes or one 2-hour episode on each tape. Call 1-800-667-0364 and ask for the "Dr. Quinn TV Greats Collection." You can find a complete listing of the 30 tapes on the DQMW Site.

A&E is releasing all of the full seasons on DVD. Orders can be placed through some of the Dr. Quinn sites provided above. Visit any one of them for more information about the series from A&E. Some of them are affiliates with A&E and receive a small commission, so this is your way to show your support for the site of your choice.


Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: New Friends
Author: Colleen O'Shaughnessy McKenna
List price: $3.99
ISBN: 0590603728
Pub. Date: November, 1995

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: Queen of the May
Author: Colleen O'Shaughnessy McKenna
List Price: $3.99
ISBN: 0590603736
Pub. Date: March, 1996

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
(Mass Market Paperback)
Author: Teresa Warfield
List Price: $5.99
ISBN: 1572970367
Pub. Date: December, 1996

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: The Bounty
(Mass Market Paperback)
Author: Teresa Warfield
List Price: $5.99
ISBN: 1572972645
Pub. Date: June, 1997

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: Growing Pains
(Mass Market Paperback)
Author: Teresa Warfield
List Price: $5.99
ISBN: 0425164926
Pub. Date: May, 1998

C. Calendars

Each year, the Dr. Quinn Web Site, Jane Seymour's Web Site, and Joe Lando's Web Site create calendars for sale through the respective sites. Visit each one in the Fall for more information.

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In general, we abbreviate episode titles on the list using the 1st letters of each word in the title. You can find the titles in the Episode Guide ( and a listing of the episodes in the Library ( For example, Return Engagement is abbreviated RE.

TPTB = The Powers That Be (DQMW producers, CBS, or anyone else with control)
GMWABD = Gag Me With A Barney Doll (a TallyHo-ism)
(TallyHo was a list member during the early years)
TVG = TV Guide(s)
TLGITZOHM = The Living God In The Zenith Of His Manhood (description for Sully tha comes from the episode Money Trouble - often abbreviated TLG)
LLA = Lando Lovers Anonymous (created by Kathy B as a mutual admiration society)
SAFROD = Secret Agency For the Removal Of Daniel (see List "History" for description)
YKYAQW = You Know You're A Quinnatic When...
MIA = Missing In Action (refers to characters absent from any given episode)
MMM = Mindless Mob Mentality (used to refer to actions of townsfolk on the show)
SCW = Sucks Canal Water (used when something is distasteful, unpleasant or not liked)

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