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Black Moon (Gregory Norman Cruz) - first appeared in "Matter of Conscience". Sometimes credited as Gregory N. Cruz.
Princess Nizamoff (Natasha Andreichenko) - appeared in "Wave Goodbye". Born in Moscow, Russia in 1956. Sometimes credited as Natasha Andreichenko.
Natalia (Lorna Raver) - appeared in "Wave Goodbye". Sometimes credited as Lorna Raver Johnson.
Eli Clay (Charles Parks) - appeared in "Wave Goodbye"
Major Samuel Morrison (Dan Lauria) - appeared in "Safe Passage" to "handle the Indian problem" but dies from injuries sustained during an explosion, almost eliminating the chance that Sully can be brought home safely. Attended Southern Connecticut State University, where he also played football, served in the US Marines, including a tour in Vietnam. He was a Captain in the USMC for three years in the early 1970s. Dan attended the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut in 1975. He loves to watch James Cagney movies, and frequently had "double picture night" at his house featuring Cagney films, inviting the cast of "The Wonder Years". During the early days, between theatre jobs, he was formerly a substitute teacher and a football and wrestling coach.
Chester Barnes (Zach Galligan) - appeared in "Homecoming". His parents divorced when Zach was 3 years old. His father is a lawyer. Ironically, he and his character Eric Rhodes from Cupid (1997) both had February 14 (Valentine's Day) as their birthday.
Hallie Barnes (Linda Hawkins) - appeared in "Homecoming". She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Sadie (Paige Layne Miller) - appeared in "Homecoming". She is the twin sister of Bree Miller and sister of twins Christian and Payton Miller.
Shooter (Jon Simmons) - appeared in "Point Blank"
Patrick Collins (Michael Trucco) - appeared in "Seeds of Doubt". Born in San Mateo, California in 1970.
Senator Dinston (Granville Van Dusen) - appeared in "Seeds of Doubt". Born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota in 1944, he is sometimes credited as Granville VanDusen.
Oliver Dinston (Zachary Browne) - appeared in "Seeds of Doubt". Born in Sacramento, California in 1985.
Carlos (Carlos Gomez) - appeared in "Happily Ever After".
Doña Verano (Carmen Zapata) - appeared in "Happily Ever After". Born in New York City in 1927.
Martin Von Hoffman (Nick Tate) - appeared in "Birdman". He is the son of players 'Neva Carr-Glyn' and John Tate.
Dr. John Liberti (Rod Britt) - appeared in "Birdman"
Mr. Wu (Robert Ito) - appeared in "Life in the Balance". Canadian-born actor of Japanese descent, Robert Ito was, for many years, a dancer with the National Ballet of Canada before turning to acting in the mid-1960s. Still a busy performer today (2003), he is probably best known for his five-year stint as Dr. Sam Fujiyama on the popular TV series "Quincy", opposite Jack Klugman's title character.
Wu Jing Yang (Yumi Iwama) - appeared in "Life in the Balance"
Zou Lo-Chiang (Leilani Murakami) - appeared in "Life in the Balance"
Mr. Zou (Ron Yuan) - appeared in "Life in the Balance". Born in Manhattan to parents Joseph and Theresa Yuan. Studied with Roy London, Stella Adler, HBStudios and John Lehne. Was only non-black actor to ever play Walter in Raisin in the Sun (in the Park). All the while bartending under-age at the famous Mr. Chow in New York where he later relocated to the Beverly Hills location as Maitre'D in order to pursue a film career. First role was in Street Crimes (1992) playing Jimmy opposite Dennis Farina. Next role came in William Friedkin's Jade (1995). Played an array of characters on TV and film over the years showing great range and versatility. Can be seen in _Art of War, The (2000)_ with Wesley Snipes and soon to be released Cradle 2 the Grave (2003) with Jet Li and DMX, both from Warner Brothers.
Mrs. Zou (Lucy Lin) - appeared in "Life in the Balance"
Judge Barton (Kevin Cooney) - appeared in "Life in the Balance". Born in Houston, Texas in 1945.
Ned Springer (Don McManus) - appeared in "Vengeance"
Judge Blaisdale (Nicolas Coster) - appeared in "Vengeance". Portrayed the U.S. president in unusued footage of the film Contact (1997). This was done to provide a safeguard for the filmmakers should something happen to President Clinton before the release of the film.
Rudy Exner (Robert O'Reilly) - appeared in "Vengeance". Born in New York City in 1950.
Prosecutor Meadows (Steven Ford) - appeared in "Vengeance". He is the son of former US President, Gerald Ford.
Bret Calvert (George "Buck" Flower) - appeared in "Vengeance". Often cast by John Carpenter in movies Carpenter directs and frequently cast as drunk or homeless characters, George has written a Novel with Charles Napier, entitled 'Red Necks In Love' which was published and placed on the market in 2002.
"Barracuda" Jim Barnes (Richard Roundtree) - appeared in "The Fight". He was the Richard Roundtree was a leading man in many Blaxploitation movies in the 1970s. He is best known for his role as John Shaft in the movie Shaft (1971), and starred in two sequels as well. As the seventies and eighties progressed he starred more in low budget movies. He was in a few occasional high profile movies, if not a little off-beat. Among his more notable work in the seventies and eighties were Escape to Athena (1979), City Heat (1984), and the socially conscious but badly received A Game for Vultures (1979). Richard has been active in movies these days. He became popular in the nineties with his role in the movie Se7en (1995), and was well received for his role as the classic hero and Samuel L. Jackon's uncle in the 2000 remake of Shaft (2000).
Clyde P. Hawkins (Gary Grubbs) - appeared in "The Fight". Gary's wife is the former Glenda Meadows of Richton, Mississippi. They have two teen-aged children: Molly and Logan Gary, and the family resides in Burbank, California. He moved from Mississippi to Los Angeles in 1977 to pursue an acting career.

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