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Played by Chaz and Cody

*WOLF*, AKA *THE WOLF* - friend to Sully, and member of the Quinn-Cooper-Sully family, as evidenced by his appearance in the "family" portrait taken at Katie's Christening; citizen of Colorado Springs, as evidenced by his appearance in the Town Photo.


lWOLF - This is the animal Linnaeus, in 1788, called "Canis lupus." It is a member of the Family "Canidae," which also includes the fox and coyote. Wolves are Holarctic. That means, they were once found in most of the Northern Hemisphere, above 30 degrees north latitude. Their range was extensive, and their adaptability was significant when you think of the geography of the areas they roamed.

That, of course, is their past. Today, there are only two species in existence. The red wolf only exists in the US, and is an endangered species. The gray wolf can be found in Europe, Asia, and North America. Grays are extinct in many of their old habitat areas, and in some, their presence is simply not known. It is amazing to realize now, but wolves were not studied in a serious, scientific manner until the early 1940s.

Of the 23 subspecies that taxonomist Edward Goldman identified in North America in 1945, seven are no longer found. Included among these would be the Great Plains wolf (also known as lobo) and the northern and southern Rocky Mountain wolves (which I would speculate, are most likely the ancestors of our *WOLF*].

* {If you would like further information about ongoing efforts to reintroduce wolves into old habitats, such as the successful work in Yellowstone National Park, there are many Web sites to use, including, the Defenders of Wildlife at}


The main reason we do not know the exact subspecies of Sully's WOLF, is because his character has been played by several *Alaskan Malamutes*.

**Cody * * is the original "actor" to play WOLF. However, since he was a lover, not a fighter, he had a "double," just for growling purposes, named Mica. Cody, eventually, had to retire due to age requirements, and was replaced by his son, Chaz. However, for attack scenes, (as in The Legend) Chaz had a "stunt double" by the name of King. {Credit for the amazing performance of these malamutes, goes to Mr. Dennis Grisco, owner and trainer.}

Since the Malamute actors who play WOLF, "dress" for the part in their own "coats," we don't have coloring or distinctive features to go by in order to try and determine WOLF'S subspecies, and no detailed information on him has ever been given to identify his origin.

{BECKY W., has contributed firsthand knowledge about the Alaskan Malamute breed. Becky has been raising and training them for over 25 years so she is able to speak with some authority on how well trained the "cast" of Malamutes playing WOLF have been. According to Becky, "they are not the easiest dog to train, but can learn anything... and have the physical attributes that resemble wolves, such as, size, coloring, coat, ear set and facial shape..."}

The following is a published article on Cody, contributed by MARY ANN: "If a movie or television show calls for a wolf, the animal usually chosen for the role is a breed of dog called a malamute -- and often, the dog that is cast is a ten-year-old malamute named Cody. He has been in many TV shows, commercials, and movies. These days, Cody is playing the role of Wolf one CBS-TV's Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. As the "best friend" of Byron Sully (played by Joe Lando), Wolf strikes an impressive figure as the two battle the forces of nature as well as the bad guys of the Old West.

Real wolves are naturally suspicious and skittish around humans -- even if they have been raised from puppyhood by a trainer. Because these instincts can make wolves unpredictable, it could be dangerous to use them on a film set. That's one reason Cody is so valuable. He looks like a wolf, but he is professional and good-natured. Cody's so lovable and unwolflike, he has to have a malamute double named Mika to do his snarling scenes!"


Real Name: Cody
Breed: Malamute
Gender: Male
Age: Ten years old
Weight: 85 lbs.
Color: White, Silver and Black
First Role: Cody played Nanook, the family pet in the movie The Lost Boys.
Favorite Foods: Kibbles, boiled beef, boiled chicken
Best Friend on Dr. Quinn: Joe Lando
His Grooming: Baths three times a week and daily brushing
Pet Peeves: Cody doesn't like heights and he's uncomfortable when he has to ride in a wagon, because it's unstable
Favorite Trick: Running up a ramp and leaping off about ten feet through the air, landing right in his trainer's arms."

{There are, of course, dozens of books on the subject of wolves, but the main source used is "Of Wolves and Men", by Barry Holstun Lopez, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1978}



We first see WOLF, when we first see Sully, during negotiations with Black Kettle and Gen. Chivington when Dr. Mike walks across the bridge to the church to meet Rev. Johnson. His first "action" is also in the first action scene Sully has, taking place in the Bray Mercantile, with Sully's tomahawk interpretation of "redecorating." Chivington pulls a gun on Sully, and WOLF bares his teeth and growls his displeasure. Chivington puts the offending gun away and exits. WOLF wins.

WOLF is with Sully for the entire episode, and it is in this episode only, that we hear Sully explain the little that we actually know about the relationship that he has with WOLF. As for the rest of what we think of that relationship, we have had to fill in the gaps from our own observations and imaginations.

Mike is never formally introduced to WOLF, but she doesn't seem to fear him. She doesn't even flinch when he takes a sniff at her after she falls from her horse Bear, as she and Sully arrive to inspect the Old Homestead.

Our collective "introduction" to WOLF happens in the Old Homestead, after a wounded Black Kettle has been brought there. As they sit at the table, Dr. Mike asks how Sully became so involved with the Indians and Sully responds by pointing to WOLF and saying...

"You see that wolf over there? Some folks think it's evil. But he's been a friend to me. Same thing with the Indians. Thirty years ago when white men first set foot in this territory, there were thousands of those wolves. Then the government put a bounty on their head, and now there's only a few 100. The way I see it, same things happenin' to the Indians."

So we learn from Sully that he and WOLF are friends. We know they are companions, since they have been together from the very first scene. When you see Sully, most often, somewhere nearby, will be WOLF. Although, throughout the series, there have been times when WOLF has not been around; times when it might have been handy to have WOLF around; times when Sully has deliberately left WOLF behind.


One important aspect about Sully and WOLF, which has never been revealed, or even hinted at, is how they came to be together. {It has, however, been addressed in some DQMW Fan Fiction.} What we do seem to "know," based upon dialog from THE PILOT episode, is about how long WOLF has been with Sully, and perhaps even WOLF'S age (although it is only a guess].

In *The Pilot, when Brian is in Mr. Bray's store, he admires a wooden statue of a wolf, that Mike says looks like Sully's WOLF. The Reverend informs us that... "It is. Sully carved it." Then Maude Bray (Abigail's mother) says, "It belonged to our daughter."

This establishes the fact that WOLF has been with Sully since before Abigail's death (which is either 1863 or 1865 depending on which source you accept - Civil War records or tombstones) But then, if that is the case, what did Sully do with WOLF when he joined the ARMY. It seems, from dialog in *Indian Agent and in *Last Chance, that when Sully left the Old Homestead in despair, after losing Abigail and Hannah, he wandered in the woods, not eating or sleeping, and was half-dead when found by Cloud Dancing.

We don't know for certain if this was Sully's first encounter with the Cheyenne, or if he was already established with them. If Sully had been with the Cheyenne, even for a brief time, after Abigail's death, and before he went to the war, then I could imagine that Sully would have left WOLF in their care. Then when Sully returns, to "start my life over again with the Cheyenne," Sully and WOLF are reunited and remain together from then on.

Given the 1863 time frame for Abigail's death, (which is the logical one, since we heard it stated in *A Washington Affair, and I believe Beth Sullivan herself said it is the accurate year], and given that WOLF was at least a year old then, he would have been around 10 or 11 when the series ended.

In the wild, wolves are expected to live not more than 8 to 9 years. An exceptional animal may live 13 - 14 years. I have to hope it would be a much longer life for our WOLF.


There has never been a scene in which anyone in town, either long time residents or newcomers, has taken much notice of WOLF'S presence, or been the least bit worried about his being around. He seems to be taken for granted. This attitude even extends to the Army! We have no explanation for this, so the assumption must be, that he's been around so long, the regulars don't have any reason to worry, and the newcomers just pick up on that, {or they mistakenly think he's only a dog!}.

The only "newcomer" to show any fear of WOLF, and that was not in town, but at the Homestead, was Miriam, in *Reunion, who recognized him as a wolf right away. But she warms to him eventually, and just before leaving town, ends up rubbing his ears as she saw Michaela do. In the First & Second Season, we have a couple of examples of this townie "acceptance"...

*Bad Water - Hank recognizes WOLF coming along a trail -- "Isn't that Sully's wolf?" and the "rescue team" then follows WOLF in their efforts to track down Dr. Mike and Sully, (since they have been lost for days)!

*Great American Medicine Show - He is being taken care of at the clinic, and no one seems to mind his being there, although Doc Ely does comment to Mike, "Interesting clientele you have."

* Portraits - WOLF is formally recognized as a member of CS, as he is in the "town" picture, although in front of Cloud Dancing, not Sully.

* The Offering - WOLF runs into town, is recognized by several people, and his message is taken from around his neck and read. Again, no one seems concerned that they are dealing with a "wolf."


As mentioned above, in *The Pilot, we see Brian's special affinity for wolves. He defends their intelligence to Mr. Bray, who remarks how pigs are smarter than dogs, "But not wolves" chimes in Brian. And after Dr. Mike buys the carved wolf for him, we see it near his bed. And of course, Sully's Christmas gift to Brian is a wolf puppy. With the exception of Sully & Michaela, Brian seems to have the most interactions with WOLF.

In *The Hostage, Brian comforts the wounded WOLF, and sleeps next to him all night. Also in *The Hostage, Cloud Dancing has several interactions with WOLF. Sully sends WOLF to find Cloud Dancing. The two return to Sully at the Homestead, and it is Cloud Dancing who gestures to WOLF to follow them as they move closer to the house. Sully leaves WOLF in Cloud Dancing's care, and WOLF is with him when Michaela runs out of the Homestead with Katie.

Other than Colleen's rescue in *Heroes and *Cooper VS. Quinn, and Matthew taking charge of WOLF in *Running Ghost, Colleen and Matthew don't seem to have any outstanding WOLF moments. They take for granted he is part of the family.

On two occasions, Michaela is clearly seen showing her affection for WOLF. Once in *Reunion, when she scratches his ear to show Miriam there is nothing to be afraid of, and in *Comfort of Friends, when she pats him on the head.

Katie and WOLF have some unique moments. In *When a Child is Born, Brian introduces Katie to WOLF, assuring her he is a "friend". In *Los Americanos, WOLF rests next to Katie's cradle on the Homestead porch, where by accident she bops him on the nose while playing with her feet. In *Seven Kinds of Lonely, Katie is on the kitchen floor with WOLF. And in *Before The Dawn, in the pre-wedding scene, they are again playing together, until Matthew scoops her up into his arms. Of course, WOLF does eat Katie's piece of birthday cake in *Moment of Truth, Part One, but I think she forgave him!

As expected, Sully has the key role in WOLF'S life. WOLF is his devoted friend. His loyalty to Sully is unquestioned. In the early episodes of the series, WOLF is Sully's constant companion, with the exception of some incidents, which I have chronicled below. Throughout the rest of this Profile, it is primarily Sully and WOLF'S life together that is revealed.


The "sleeping" arrangements for WOLF, up until *For Better Or Worse, were the "envy" of many a female fan, as he took up his spot sleeping next to Sully! Since then, we don't really know where he sleeps all the time. We've only seen him in the Sully/Quinn bedroom, once, in *One Nation (where his "panting" was mistaken for other sounds!). He does seem to spend a good deal of time, resting on the Homestead porch.

Sully has great concern for WOLF, and has left him in someone else's care on several occasions...

*Running Ghost - (which by the way is the only time I'm aware of, besides The Pilot, that Sully refers to him as *THE* WOLF), Sully asks Matthew to look after him.

*Washington Affair - He's left with a Cheyenne.

*Sully's Recovery - Sully asks Michaela to take care of him because his foot isn't healed yet! (As mentioned above, he does stay overnight at the clinic, in Dr. Mike's care, in *GAMS also.)

*Brother's Keeper - WOLF is kept in the house, away from Pup, for fear of rabies.

*The Abduction -In this one WOLF is left behind by himself, because the trail is too steep for him to climb! He puts a paw out to dissuade Sully from leaving him, but Sully has to go. Sully, after all, has to save his "heart song."

*The Hostage -As mentioned above, WOLF is left behind by the barn, with Cloud Dancing, as Sully commands, "You stay here."

As for "feeding," Sully is only one seen feeding WOLF table scraps, and that was one time, in *Change of Heart. In *The Fight, WOLF is at the table hoping to be fed some scraps. (If there are other occasions, they haven't been found.]

But in *The Homecoming, WOLF is fed a nice chunk of deer meat by Chester, and as already mentioned, WOLF takes it upon himself to nab a piece of Katie's birthday cake. We can, however, assume by his healthy state, that WOLF is well fed. We just haven't seen it! He doesn't have a "Wolfie Bowl" set out on the porch or in the barn, but then there is always a creek for drinks of water.

{Wolves are primarily carnivores, but they have been known to eat berries and even carrion, so maybe WOLF fends for himself in that department. Maybe that's where he is on those occasions when we don't see him and wonder where he is!}


WOLF is usually a pretty astute judge of who deserves a growl. Most of the time, it is folks wielding guns. He absolutely hates guns, especially when they are threatening Sully...

*The Pilot - As mentioned, he growls at Gen. Chivington and his gun, drawn against Sully.

*Cowboy's Lullaby - Sully confronts the would-be thief, who draws his gun and asks Sully what he wants. What Sully wants, naturally, is for Mr. McCall to put away the gun, and of course, as Sully points out, so does WOLF! McCall puts away the gun.

*The Prisoner - WOLF is left to guard Sully's weapons belt lying on the ground, when he and Mike go in to see about Cloud Dancing. A rifle toting soldier bends over to take possession of it, and WOLF clearly objects. The belt is safe.

*Saving Souls - WOLF growls and bares his teeth at one of the "outlaw brothers" who is in a fight with Sully and Kid Cole.

*Permanence of Change - WOLF faces down a rifle toting Mr. Daggett. This distraction enables Sully to get the gun away, and deliver his warning to Daggett not to allow any more harm to befall little Maryann.

*The Legend - Also the episode in which WOLF does his first ever, leaping attack, which he directs at one of the Reid gang.

*The Hostage - WOLF growls and runs to attack Huested Currier, who is pointing his gun at Brian and Matthew, but then Currier points his gun toward WOLF and shoots. This is WOLF'S only known gunshot wound, although WOLF was shot at in *Bad Water.

*The Homecoming - WOLF growls at the gun Chester is holding on Sully, after which Sully assures the couple that they don't have to worry about WOLF. Later on in this episode, WOLF also growls at the nearby cougar and is ready to confront it, but Sully tells him to stay put.

As discriminating as he is, WOLF has, on occasion, been known to growl at "non-gun toting" persons. He did so at John in *Halloween II, Miriam in *Reunion, and Martin in *Birdman, as well as, Ethan in *Father's Day, and Hazen in *Indian Agent. In the case of Ethan and Hazen, I think it was WOLF'S innate sense that they were not nice fellows. As for John, Miriam, and Martin, well, extenuating circumstances, I suppose!? John was pretty scary to look at, Miriam was initially afraid of WOLF, and Martin was making his aborted 'flight,' attempt, which might have looked like an attack from above.


This is the primary activity for which WOLF is known:

*The Pilot - His first tracking assignment, was, of course, in *The Pilot, when he finds Brian. A piece of Brian's shirt is found and WOLF is on the scent!

* Bad Water - As mentioned above, he leads the search party toward where Mike and Sully are, but they cross paths and then head back to town together. Also in this episode, WOLF "finds" Happy Walker's body, although it wasn't too taxing of a tracking job!

* Cowboy's Lullaby - WOLF uses a piece of Dr. Mike's clothing to track her down.

* Heroes - He goes with Mike and Sully and tracks Colleen and finds her in the mineshaft.

*The Incident - WOLF helps Sully and the Cheyenne track deer!

*Sully's Choice - Not technically a "tracking" job, but it is WOLF'S barking, and his stationing himself by Sully, who is covered by brush, that alerts Matthew and Robert E to Sully's location so they can help him.

*The Offering - Sully ties a message around WOLF'S neck with a bandage and sends him off to "find Brian." To give him the scent, Sully uses a scrap of material of Brian's that needed mending, and that Dr. Mike had in her bag.

*The Abduction - In this episode he has his longest and most important tracking assignment so far, as he keeps tabs on the Dog Soldiers and where they have taken Michaela. [If that climb hadn't been too steep, he would have completed the job I'm sure!]

* Fathers and Sons - WOLF accompanies Sully and Matthew as they track down Brian.

*Cooper vs. Quinn - WOLF has the double job of tracking both Colleen and Brian, as he accompanies Mike and Sully.

* Brother's Keeper - He has probably his saddest tracking job as he helps locate Brian and the doomed Pup.

*Dead Or Alive - He is there with Sully, although it is Sully who seems to do most of the "tracking" here.

* When A Child Is Born - We don't see it, but Matthew talks about "even WOLF" not even being able to find Sully.

*The Legend - WOLF is along with Michaela and Sully tracking Matthew.

*The Hostage - WOLF is again called upon, as in

*The Offering, to find and deliver a message. This time it is the blood soaked Dream Catcher, that he is to take to Cloud Dancing, its maker. Sully lets WOLF sniff it, so presumably it still carries CD's scent.

*His Father's Son" - We don't see WOLF go off with Sully and the others, but he comes back with them when they bring Brian and Anthony home.

*Reason To Believe - WOLF is first seen returning to town with Michaela, after the pair have been out looking for Sully. WOLF continues searching with the others and is the first to find the broken egg shells that Sully has left behind. As the plot unfolds, WOLF loses Sully's scent in the rain, and he is not the one who discovers Sully's hiding place. Daniel Simon does.

{It is undeniably my own personal bias, but I feel this was an unfortunate plot device. In my opinion, it should have been Michaela and WOLF who located Sully. She has the spiritual connection, and WOLF, the physical }.


There have certainly been times in Sully & Michaela's adventures, when it would have been nice to have had WOLF there, or even when he was present, to have WOLF be able to use his many talents...!

*The Visitor - WOLF does his best to "warn" Robert E. and Sully about that brewing explosion, but to no avail. Of course, this would have been an entirely different episode if he had!

*Cowboy's Lullaby - WOLF should have "known" that bear was around, but then I suppose, Sully wouldn't have been "trapped' in the cabin with Mike!

*Running Ghost - Boy wouldn't it have been great to see WOLF teach Rankin a thing or two!? But then we "definitely" wouldn't have had the episode so many of us have grown to love!

*The Abduction - Already mentioned was WOLF'S great display of tracking skill, but he didn't get to be there for the finale! Of course, if he had been able to make that 'steep' climb, then we wouldn't have had the wonderful "spiritual connection" scene with Sully and Michaela letting their hearts find each other!

*Washita - I'm not sure that WOLF could have made any difference here, even if they could have arrived sooner. I guess I just felt it would have been natural for Sully to take him along, and that he belonged with them in this episode. (Just my own humble opinion!)

*A New Life - WOLF might have been able to alert Sully and Cloud Dancing about those bounty hunters, but again that would have meant a change in the script!

*When A Child Is Born - It would have been satisfying for Sgt. O'Connor to feel WOLF'S justice for his attack on Sully, since no legal justice was forthcoming. But again -- a completely different episode would have ensued! And we did, after all, want Sully and Michaela completely "alone" for the birth of their child!

*Hostage - WOLF is running ahead of Sully towards the house, but then veers away to the back, just before Sully is shot. We don' know where WOLF was headed, or why, but he couldn't have helped Sully anyway, not at that point. Later on, of course, he is a key player in the rescue.

*The Dam - Unexplainably, WOLF does nothing, even though he is there when Sully, Preston and the two thugs hold up the supply wagon. Given his distaste for guns, it is certainly out of character for him not to react. [Must have been off to the side!]

*Moment of Truth 2 - Sully tells WOLF to stay behind as he walks along the edge of the cliff looking for a way out of the canyon. It is here that Sully and O'Connor have their deadly fight. WOLF would have made all the difference -- but sadly that would not be the ending needed for the episodes planned for Season 6. All WOLF can do, at the end of this episode is look down to where Sully fell and whine helplessly, until Michaela, Dorothy and McKay reach him. WOLF then leads the way down to the water, but that is the last we see of him, as Michaela proclaims that Sully has to be alive.

*Lead Me Not - WOLF is there but not given a role to help out, as a drunken Jake takes Katie and frightens her.

*Point Blank - If only WOLF had been in the clinic with Michaela when the fateful knock came at the door. He might not have been able to prevent the shooting, but he most certainly would have taken care of the assailant. Alas, this time he was with Sully on a surveying job. Later, once Michaela had recovered, and she, Sully, and WOLF ride into town for her first day back to work, Sully offers to leave WOLF with her at the clinic, but she declines the offer, saying she'll be fine. Of course, she wasn't, not yet.

*Seeds of Doubt - WOLF accompanies Sully, Brian and the Senator and his son on their outing. But for some unexplained reason, WOLF isn't used to track the lost boys. Once again, the plot dictates that Brian is to use his skills to save the day. WOLF does give them a warm greeting when there are eventually found.


There have been some other moments in WOLF'S life that have not involved heroic deeds, but simply are a part of his being in the lives of Sully, Michaela and family!

*Great American Medicine Show - WOLF'S first and only embarrassing moment! Imagine being a proud wolf, having to lie on a cot, with your head and one ear wrapped in bandages!

*Father's Day - WOLF is jealous! Sully has his focus on his new "horse" and WOLF isn't pleased! He keeps jumping up to get Sully's attention, as Sully is getting acquainted with the horse. But in the end, he does get to sleep with his head on Sully's lap. Lucky animal!

*Bad Water - Sully shows his frustration over Mike's stubborn insistence on going with him, by gesturing this at WOLF'S ear. Friends have to endure a lot!

*For Better Or Worse - WOLF is not in attendance at the Wedding, nor does he go on the honeymoon! Nuff said!

*When A Child Is Born - WOLF'S introduction to Katie. Brian explains to Katie, "Here's WOLF. Don't worry. He's not gonna hurt ya. He's our friend." As if WOLF could be anything but protective of this littlest addition to his "pack"!?

*The Tempest - WOLF exchanges a very fond greeting with Andrew. A seldom seen exchange with non-family members!

*The Hostage - WOLF accompanies Cloud Dancing back to the Homestead as he locates Sully. There are some really nice close-ups of WOLF here, and if you listen carefully, you can hear WOLF barking, off camera, as Sully explains that the outlaws " Michaela, Brian and Katie." WOLF just wanted to put in his two cents!

*All That Matters - While it does seem that WOLF should be left with Sully now, he continues to accompany Michaela on her futile hunt for the presumed dead mountain man. That was probably necessary to keep up the pretense for the town, and avoid suspicion. {Throughout the "fugitive Sully" episodes, WOLF is usually seen with the family. I'd like to think it was Sully's decision for him to be there for their protection!}

*Safe Passage - WOLF is the one to announce Sully's approach to town. He barks and runs to meet him, leading the sad procession to the meadow. WOLF later accompanies Sully, and the others as they escort Black Moon's band north.

*To Have And TO Hold - This one really has to warm the heart of all WOLF fans. Here we have the one and only episode with just Michaela and Sully, and WOLF is included! At first his role is as companion and friend as he tries to comfort Michaela when her headache pain becomes difficult to bear. But he also plays a significant role in her recovery, when he awakens a sleeping Sully, who then turns with alarm to awaken Michaela from what might have been a fatal sleep. In the end of the episode, WOLF is overcome with emotion and plants a kiss on Sully, who takes his friend's show of affection with good humor!


WOLF'S relationship to Pup is a little explored area, and it is too bad, because it would seem natural for there to have been some sort of "hierarchy" established with two "non-alpha" {since Sully is WOLF'S Alfa!} male wolves in the "Sully" pack! But, there is no mention of their relationship. We only see it on occasion.

*Law of the Land - Pup gets into trouble with "Byron" the hurt deer, but WOLF is not in this episode at all!

*Running Ghost - Pup is in Brian's arms. WOLF waits patiently for Sully to be taken care of by Dr. Mike. They are in the scene together, but no interaction.

*Giving Thanks - Brian greets Pup after their long separation, but WOLF, although present, has no interaction with him. Little notice of Pup in Season 2 and 3.

*A New Life - WOLF and Pup are on the Old Homestead porch, side by side, in the opening scenes. Robert E. confuses Pup with WOLF, and Brain explains that Pup just came back a few days before. {I suppose that explains why Pup wasn't seen much for most of Seasons 2 & 3.}

*Traveling All Stars - At the New Homestead, WOLF and Pup chase the ball Sully hits!

*Mothers and Daughters - Pup is fed by Brian at the breakfast table. WOLF is in the room, but not being fed. Doesn't seem bothered by it!

*Brother's Keeper - WOLF is kept away from Pup when it is discovered that Pup might have rabies. But later, WOLF helps Sully and family track Brian, and of course, Pup is killed. There is no discussion of this killing having an effect on Sully, since Pup was his gift to Brian, nor of the possible effect on WOLF.


First Season: *Law of the Land

Second Season: *The Circus

Third Season: *The Cattle Drive *Thanksgiving

Fourth Season: *The Iceman Cometh *Deal With the Devil. It might be fun to try and play "Where's WOLF?" in this season! *Dorothy's Book, *Promises, Promises and *Woman of the Year are excellent tests of WOLF spotting prowess!

Fifth Season: IN ALL THE EPISODES! When Wolf is not trailing along after Sully, he may be at one of his 3 favorite haunts: the Homestead Porch, outside the Clinic, or riding in the wagon. For "Where's Wolf?" try *Runaway Train or *Most Fatal Disease (not at the end, but at the beginning of this episode).

Sixth Season: *A Time To Heal, Part One WOLF and Sully both are absent from three: *Civil Wars *Life In the Balance *Vengeance If you want to play "Where's WOLF?" he is often only in one, possibly two, scenes, such as, *Wave Good-bye or *Time To Heal, Part Two. He does a great deal of 'riding in the wagon' in the first few episodes.


I have speculated a great deal on why WOLF was originally cast as Sully's companion. It seems twofold to me.

1. WOLF is present, so that even the enigmatic mountain man is not totally alone. WOLF is companion, true friend and helper.

2. WOLF ties Sully to the lifestyle and "mythology" that we associate with the "West." With Sully's own words, WOLF is intrinsically linked to the Cheyenne from the Pilot, and in the time frame of the series, his kind will eventually suffer the same fate. At the worst, that fate will be near extinction, and at best, relegation to "selected" areas within their former habitat.

But, the wolf and the Cheyenne both still exist today, whatever the transformations they had to undergo. Change is inevitable, but the 'course of change' is not. That is a matter of choice. And those choices continue to this day.

On a personal note, since I am so very fond of the character of WOLF, I am grateful that the producers/writers of DQMW kept him as part of the series to the end. His fate is left to my imagination, and to yours.

Affectionately written by Anne U.

Photos/Captures expertly compiled by Pat R.

Copyright © 1992-2004 CBS Entertainment Productions and The Sullivan Company