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Horace Bing is the simple and kind telegraph clerk for the town of Colorado Springs. He came from a long line of "dowsers" (people who find water using fork-shaped sticks); however, the line must have ended with him as he could not help the town during a drought.

Horace took a liking to one of Hank's 'girls,' Myra. Plans of a marriage were hindered by the contract that Myra had with Hank. Eventually Hank released Myra and they did marry. Horace and Myra have a little girl, named Samantha. They had a trouble and tension filled marriage which finally ended in divorce, but gave Horace the strength he needed to really find himself.

Telegraph Operator

The telegraph is the first instrument used to send messages by means of wires and electricity. Operators send signals by interrupting the flow of electricity along a wire. They use short and longer bursts of electricity with spaces between them to represent leters. This code is called the Morse code and was created by Amerian inventor, Samuel Morse.

Morse is credited with making the first "practical" telegraph in 1837 and he received a patent in 1840. By 1851, over 50 telegraph companies existed in the United States, the most famous being Western Union, and the telegraph became a vital part of the communication processes in commerce, government, and the military.


Frank Collison News

Frank has an appearance in "The Whole Ten Yards" which debuts on April 9th in theatres nationwide; featuring Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry.

Frank Collison had a part in a movie called "Hope Springs" with Colin Firth, Heather Graham, Minnie Driver and Mary
Steenburgen. A light comedy. "Steenburgen and Collison are perfect as the comedy cupids
that help steer true love on its path." Now available on DVD from

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