The short piece is part of a greater article on Christian 'Hunks and Babes', with among others a Dutch politician and a famous Dutch singer/songwriter. The EO is the broadcasting organisation that broadcasts Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman in the Netherlands.

Dr. Michaela Quinn

Dr. Quinn must be a phenomenon for every regular EO-viewer. This medicine woman, that sadly still has to fight prejudices for being a female doctor, makes a big impression with the way she is always there for other people. She treats everyone, friend or foe, and knows how to make the right decisions in fighting all sorts of injustice. It is no secret that she is inspired in this by the weekly services in the church of Colorado Springs. A firm, faithful woman that stands for justice, and of course looks very good on the side. A true Christian Babe, therefore, Dr. Michaela Quinn is elected as 'Christian Babe 2003/2004'!

Asked for a reaction, Dr. Quinn replied:

"I am truly flattered to be selected for this prestigious honor. To even be considered is advantageous, as it helps to promote the morals and standards by which I live my life. Helping people is what I do, and if my name among the others is beneficial to the overall endeavor to enlighten, encourage and inspire, then I am happy to have done my part. I am grateful for this opportunity to be included in this feature and look forward to seeing the others listed with me. Although 'babe' and 'hunk' are not part of my every day vocabulary, the bartender in town assured me they were complimentary titles, and I will accept mine with pride. Thank you."

The article was placed in the Dutch youth-magazine "Kivive."