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Fan Fiction Corner

Story Ideas

Throughout the years, many visitors to our town have taken the time to write stories involving our residents and our town. However, there are some visitors and residents who aren't able to put their ideas into stories. They rely on other writers to use their ideas.

So, we've decided to feature these plots and story lines in this section of the Gazette. If you have an idea you wish to include on this page, send it to us. If you use one below, let us know, so we can remove it.

Visit the main story page for a listing of stories and helpful sources for anyone wishing to write a story of their own about our town.


  • My idea is Colleen graduates from med. school. Her family comes from CS for the graduation. Andrew and Colleen have to decide if they want to stay in Philidelphia or go back to CS. Also Colleen finds out she's pregnant. Maybe Dr. Mike could tell her. Also add something exciting to the story. I also think you should write this story. Your stories are the best and the easiest to follow. -submitted by 'jneiles' on 6/5/99
  • I suggested this on the message board not that long ago. What would happen if Dr. Mike and Sully were transported to the 20th century. Perhaps by a vision quest. What would they think of our world? How about the car, lights, hospitals, refrig's, computers and TV's. Have them take an airplain ride. What about world history? The ending result of the Native American or Hilter? What about the rights of women and African American's? How things changed. Some for better and some for the worst. -submitted by 'MBrigotti' on 2/24/99
  • My idea is for another Colleen and Andrew story. I can't really write that good, but I think a good author should write a story about Colleen getting pregnant(when she is married of course). To make the story interesting, they could add some difficulties like preganancy complications or something like that. But nothing really bad. Another idea is something where Andrew has to rescue Colleen because no one else can. Like Colleen is held hostage or something. It is romantic I think when the guy rescues the girl. Anyways, if that sounds too stupid I'm sorry. Juse my crazy ideas. Thanks!! -submitted by Renee B. on 2/4/99
  • I would like to see a story written about Colleen and Andrew having a child-finding out about it, making it through the pregnacy, having it and after it is born. I always wondered if, when, etc. it would happen after they got married on the last episode. -submitted by Kevin on 2/19/99
  • The story should deal with Brian's feelings for Sully after Sully comes home from hiding. It was a very difficult time for Brian with Sully in hiding. I mean, think about it: at first he lived with the fear that Sully was dead, then he had to lie and pretend he really was dead, he watched his ma go through a miscarriage, his brother's homestead burned down, his best friend Anthony died, his sister's best friend died in the epidemic, and there was constant danger from the army and the renegade Indians. That is a lot for anybody to go through at once, and Sully really couldn't be there for him for any of it. Sully is back now, but Brian, while glad, still feels angry, betrayed, and hurt. The story could even include Brian's feelings about being abandoned by his "real" pa and then Sully being gone or in hiding during that difficult time. -submitted by 'missy pete' on 2/23/99
  • I would love to see these characters remain the wholesome characters they were created to be, especially Daniel. -submitted by 'bjpat' on 2/20/99
  • I would like to read a story with NO romantic theme whatsoever, but a straight Western story. I know many, if not most, fans enjoy the romantic element but for me, I get tired of it sometimes and just want a god ole fashioned Western! -submitted by Ishani on 1/31/99
  • I have an idea for a story. I would like to read a story (and see a show) about Hank falling in love and having a steamy, scandalist romance with a respectable woman resulting in marriage. Thanks -submitted by Karen C. on 1/27/99
  • I would like to read about Brian in a way that doesn't make him out to be so childish -submitted by Missy P. on 1/15/99
  • What if a woman appeared in CS who looked exactly like Abigail. What effect would it have on Loren and Sully? What if Sully finds himself drawn to this woman because of her resemblance and what would happen if she discovers the reason for his offer to help her get settled (or whatever) and decides to take advantage of it despite the fact she learns he is married. Imagine Michaela's pain at seeing Sully so torn and yet her fear of losing him especially when the woman confronts her and tells her she intends to do all she can to win him from her! How would Michaela compete against an apparition from the past? What insecurities would come to the surface? --submitted by Maryann 11/27/98
  • What if a childhood sweetheart of Mike's arrived to settle in CS without knowing she lived there? Someone after David perhaps. What if he realized he was still in love with her only to discover she is now married with a young baby? To complicate things what if Mike and Sully are having problems at the time or Sully is away a great deal and Mike finds herself in this man's company more and more and to her dismay likeing it? They have much more in common than she and Sully and she enjoys talking with him about Boston etc. but doest realize his feelings for her are much deeper than friendship. What if he is there for some dramatic event like Katie becoming seriously injured or ill and Sully is away and she turns to him for support? They share a moment of mutual affection which terrifies her. Maybe she becomes momentarily confused about her feelings but then something happens, an accident or something which causes her to fear she may lose Sully permanently and she realizes that no matter what their problems or differences, he is the only man she could ever love! -submitted by Maryann on 11/27/98
  • What if Mike's father had a son with a young woman that he met during a war, before marrying Elizabeth? Maybe he hide that event in secret in order to not hurt Elizabeth, first, for being involved with someone else before her, and second, for having the so much wanted son that he always wanted to have.The name of his son could be Michael, and I don´t know, maybe he died a long time ago, by a terrible unknown disease, not dying before having a daughter... Diane Quinn, a young woman with pharmaceutical studies or medicine,too. And what if she and Mike met each other unexpectedly, removing all the past and discovering a side of Mike's father that she never imagined? -submitted by Diana G. on 9/15/98
  • I have always wanted to read an episode were Dr. Mike has become very ill or has even died. Not that I want her to die, I just wonder how the town will go on without her? What is the reaction to her death (how do the towns people react)? Will Sully remarry? I know you may think my ideas are harsh. If nobody would want to write about Dr Mike getting sick or dying I would understand. -submitted by Cathleen on 9/5/98
  • I wish someone would write a closure story for Dr. Quinn. Though I can't believe it has happened, the tv show is over without closure. I would like to see Dr. Mike find out she is pregnant, Matheww to fall in love, and Colleen to go off to medical school and start a life with Andrew. I would like to see Cloud Dancing leave for a vision quest and Dorothy and Loren to get together. I would like to see Jake and his wife find out they are pregnant. Hank should realize he has always been in love with Mike and deal with it. I would also like to see Horace get back together with Myra. I think if someone wrote one story like this, many more would follow and we would continue the story of DR QUINN ourselves. Thanks! -submitted by Jeff M. 9/17/98
  • Sully's "dead" Pa comes to see him and Mike. They soon find out that his pa left his ma, and to protect Sully and William, their ma lied and said he was dead! This also gives Mike a chance to win her inlaw's approval! -submitted by Lisa on 6/6/98
  • Sully & Mike's fealings for each other at her arrival to Colorado. -submitted by Lisa on 6/6/98
  • Mike and Sully get stranded somewhere (You think of that!) and it's when she first came, like a month or so, and they get to know each other better! -submitted by Lisa on 6/6/98
  • Why dont you write a fanfiction where jake drinks and he gets out of countrol and hurts one of Dr. Mike's kids -submitted by mcrandyc on 5/2/98
  • I think someone should write a story where a man from Michaela's past comes to town. He is not a nice man and their families have been fighting for a long time. He has a daughter and she and Matthew fall in love. But Michaela and the mean man forbid their children to see each other. It would be a version Romeo and Juliet, in Colorado Springs! -submitted by Aspen on 2/23/98
  • I love the romantic stories between Mike and Sully as much as anyone but I would really love for someone to write a story just once dealing with problems in the relationship! Perhaps after Sully returns home from being a fugitive he becomes moody and distant trying to deal with it all and starts drawing away from Mike. Things might even escalate to the point where she feels it would help to give them some time apart and she might go to Boston with Katie for a little while. While there she could even meet William again who would still have feelings for her just to complicate things and his admiration for her as a woman and a doctor is balm for her wounded pride. He might even reiterate his offer of a partnership. Of course Elizabeth Quinn would be at her constantly telling her that her life with Sully is a mistake and that even though he is an honorable man he will never be content to be the kind of husband she needs. and that William has never gotten over her and would give her and her children a stable life, one that wouldnt place them in danger constantly. All this would cause tremendous turmoil in Michaela causing her to wonder if possibly her mother could be right and that she is hurting Sully by trying to tie him down to a life he can never be content with. Sully meanwhile could be trying to deal with *his* inner turmoil with the help of Cloud Dancing! I would just like Michaela and Sully's differences explored somehow. This couple NEVER quarrels at least not in any major way. I think it would be interesting to see some real sparks fly between them and of course the passionate *making up* in the end would be worth the strain on the marriage -submitted by Mary ann on 2/28/98
  • What about a story where Michaela is attacked and nearly raped and then by some strange set of circumstances she is forced to try to save the life of the man who attacked her. When he dies and the truth comes out about what he did to her she is accused of murder by the man's wife (or son?) and is torn by the thought that perhaps she really did deliberately let him die. There could be a trial where she would have to tell what happened and lots of tender moments with Sully reassuring her that she could never deliberately do such a thing. Perhaps even as part of the shock of the incident Mike might have difficulty letting Sully touch her and that would add to her emotional stress and even put some strain on the marriage. -submitted by Maryann on 1/31/98
  • We need more stories about Matthew! I wish there were more stories about him and possibly a love interest. On the DQMW all he seems to do is read law books. I guess people feel after Ingrid died and Emma moved on he was destined to never love again. How believable is that? MATTHEW! MATTHEW! MATTHEW! MATHEW! Also I would like to see more romantic stories about Dr. Mike and Sully. There haven't been any lately. -submitted by Jennifer W. on 1/16/98
  • Brian sees Sully with a sore stomach and asks him what's wrong but Sully says he just ate too much of Michaela's apple pie. Sully then says he's off hunting near the indian reservation but will be back for supper. While hunting his pain gets worse, to the point he can't get back on his horse to head for help. He makes bird calls in the hope Cloud Dancing or someone will hear him and come to his aid. Cloud Dancing responds and rides over to help. Night is falling so Cloud Dancing rides to get Dr Mike. She rides back and by now Sully is much worse and she quickly realises he has acute appendicitis and has to operate there and then. The three of them spend the night out in the woods and head back next day for Sully te recuperate. -submitted by Elspeth C. on 1/10/98
  • I would love to see a show where Hank has a love interest. This love interest has been abused in the past by her husband who has died recently. One problem besides the woman's fear of men, is the fact that she has been beaten so badly that she has lost her hearing and ability to speak! Can Hank help her overcome her fears and gain her trust? -submitted by Diane W. on 1/4/98
  • Daniel and Sully in the good ole days--submitted by SNSD on 12/22/97
  • What if Daniel and Mike really did have a one night stand? --submitted by SNSD on 12/22/97
  • Daniel falls in love with another woman. Mike doesn't know why she's a little bit jealous --submitted by 'SNSD' on 12/22/97
  • I think there should be a story about Colleen, Brian, Mathew, and Sully in a family situation when Michaela is away. Like something happens so they can really tell each other how they feel about each other especially how they view Sully as their father. --submitted by 'SRichar130' on 12/3/97
  • I think there should be a story about baby Katie getting kidnapped by outlaws who want a ransom for her return. Sully is forced out of hiding and risks getting caught by the soilders to find Katie. Have Mike and Sully both looking for her. Katie ends up getting hurt by the outlaws and Sully ends up killing them. Make up a good ending! Thanks. --submitted by Kristi on 11/29/97
  • [My favorite] couple is Dorothy and Loren. I really wish on your page someone would write and post a romantic story about them. --submitted by Bella on 11/22/97
  • I think that someone should write a story about Coloardo Springs in the future, and Katie is about 12 years old. She wonders about boys, clothes and such. Her baby brother (Sean) is 10 and always in her way. Then one day something tragic happens that bring the family together like nothing ever has.--submitted by Allison S. on 11/4/97
  • I think Dr. Mike should meet a old friend (boy),who has always been in love with her, and when he finds out she's married he takes drastic measures to try to get rid of Sully. When that fails he tries to kidnap Dr.Mike. Figure out the rest.-submitted by Ids on 11/6/97
  • My idea for a story is something about Brian cause you hardly have any with him as the subject. Or one aboout Collen, Brian, and Mathew before Micheala came.-Submitted by Heather on 10/5/97
  • Sully is injured (somehow) and he slips into a coma. As he awakens, he asked for his wife and child. But he doesn't ask for Michaela, he asks for Abagail. And then the story could go on to see if he will rekindle the romance/love with this "stranger" that he is married to. -Submitted by 'Maguilar22' on 10/1/97
  • Several years in the future and Colorado Springs now has a hospital and it turns out that after David left, he went back to medical school and just graduated and was assigned to the hopital in C.S. I would like to see how Michaela and Sully could get through this situation, and explain the whole thing to Katie -Submitted by Emily W. on 8/24/97
  • I would love to read a story about Mike and Sully and their thoughts at the time of Mike's Abduction by the dog soldiers, told from both points of view. Mike, frightened and not knowing if Sully can save her, and Sully's heart breaking at the thought of Mike and all that could happen to her at the hands of the dog soldiers. We all know how it had a happy ending, but most people would have had to be sedated at the thought of a loved one in peril.-Submitted by Darlene on 8/22/97
  • I would like to see a story wher Mike gets so busy in the clinic and the kids sign up in the clinic on the sick sheet but when she relisesthat they they are not sick she gets mad and they try to run away and someone from the town finds the kids and talks to Mike about it. You can make up your own ending.-Submitted by Allison S. on 7/15/97
  • I think there should be an episode about a beautiful woman stranger coming to town. I'm talking gorgeous! All the men in town want her but she has her eyes set on one man...Sully. Obviously...Sully isn't going to do anything about it. He is just a typical man and he is very flattered. So he is probably very nice to this woman. But Michaela isn't. Michaela is extremely jealous! Sully just gets a kick out of the whole thing. But Michaela is concerned. Michaela thinks the woman is determined to get her man. But Sully thinks its innocent. He doesn't think she is conniving or anything. He thinks its harmless...until....There is a moment when he is alone with this woman and she is not acting so innocent anymore. He can't believe it! He tells her to leave and he goes to Michaela. BUT he doesn't tell Michaela what happened. Michaela is still upset with him and says something like, "Where's your admirer?" And he says something like, "She's on the train. I love it when you're jealous. You know I only have eyes for you." And then....we could have a little love scene. It would be so cute! -Submitted by Jen M. on 7/7/97
  • I think they should have an episode where Michaela's mother and sisters come to Colorado Springs for her birthday and there are like 47 candles on the cake and then Dr. Mike has to explain once the cat is out of the bag that she has lied about her age just to get a husband (Sully)... "Oh, Sully I didn't think you'd want me if you knew my real age since your such a young hunk."-Submitted by Judy on 5/29/97
  • Sully develops amnesia after a secret confrontation with a army soldier at the reservation he cannot remember anything, not even his children or (gasp) his marriage to Michaela! This takes its toll on the family-Submitted by Michelle K. on 5/4/97

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